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Survivor's Salvation

About GM Elinnea

I see roleplaying games as an exercise in communal storytelling. I bring the setting, some allies, some enemies, and various types of challenges to encounter. You bring your characters, with their backgrounds, personalities, and abilities. I enjoy combat as well as roleplaying, and believe that the more we engage with each other, the more fun will be had all around.

Please have your character sheet info in your alias, and at least basic details in the header as well. The >PbP GM kit< has templates you can use for this purpose, if you're not sure how to set it up. Keep it up to date; this is your character sheet, for the purposes of play-by-post roleplaying.

I expect players to check in once per day on weekdays, and at least once over a weekend. More frequent posting is encouraged as well, as long as you stay courteous to your fellow players. Of course, sometimes things happen that get in the way of posting. I completely understand, but if you expect to be away for more than a day or two, please let me know in advance. I will give you the same courtesy.

Botting policy
I sometimes make rolls for the players to keep the game moving, such as initiative rolls and group perception checks.

Outside of combat, if you have not posted in over 24 hours I reserve the right to move on, and assume your character is staying quiet and not objecting to what others are saying or doing as long as that is consistent with how you have played until that point.

In combat, I prefer not to control a character's actions unless you let me know in advance. If you have a botting policy in your character's profile I will use those instructions if needed. If not, you may be delayed or skipped for a round, to prevent the game from being held up by one absent player.