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Just a few notes about my personal gaming style to start things off.
1) I have been involved with Pathfinder for about 4 years, and as a GM for about 3 years. Please keep this in mind when I make mistakes.. they will happen, but I will listen to you, the players, and own the mistakes so that I may learn from them and fix them.

2) Some things I do to speed things up: I will roll for initiative, and will keep an updated tracker for round actions. This way, everyone knows who is up, and what has been done. As a PC, roll your own saves, damage, etc like you would in a tabletop game. The one thing I will not do is roll for your perceptions unless called for (ie a rogue and Trapsense.) If you don't want to be surprised or caught in that pit trap around the corner, roll your perceptions. Likewise for stealth. I will assume that you are tramping around like a herd of plate armored dwarfs unless you say otherwise and the dice back you up.

4) All maps will be hosted in Google Slides. If you have the app, this means that you can view and alter maps from mobile devices. All handouts and non-interactive things will be Google Drawings. All of these links are provided in the game header for easy access and reference.

5)HAVE FUN!! If it is not fun, tell me! Please! The only way that I can learn and grow as a GM is from constant feedback. I not only want and encourage this, but I need this to help improve my games. I am open to suggestions and comments. If you have a problem with something, PM me. Communication from my players is the only way in which I can become a better GM.

Lastly: What I expect from you:
~At least a post a day if applicable.

~More than just a dice roll or a "I do xx" This is called "ROLE" play for a reason.

~Keep up with your own map token. If you can't move it when you post, please ask someone. If something happens and you haven't moved your token, you are stuck with either your last position on the map or wherever I put you. This can affect your companions as well.. if they are the only ones to move their token, they get to deal with what is around the corner until the rest of the team catches up!


A note on player expectations that I wholeheartedly agree with (pop the spoiler)

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