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About GM Deneve

Hello and welcome to my table! Below you'll find the required table manners while playing with me and others. Please bear in mind that these are requirements, not optional.

Recommended Reading for Pathfinder 2ed. PbP Players: GM Blake's Guide: General Suggestions on Action in Combat

Have fun, but be respectful:
It's important to have fun, after all, it's what we're here for, right? If for some reason you're no longer having fun, please PM and we can figure it out. If you wish to drop out, there'll be no hard feelings, but please let me know so I can contact the people on the waiting list.

As much as having fun is important, being respectful to your fellow players and GM is even more. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated.

Post Frequency:
I expect you to post at least once every 24 hours and once during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday). The main thing is to make sure no one is waiting for your action for more than 24 hours. During Encounter Mode the 24-hour timer begins at the time I tag you on the initiative tracker. Let's be respectful of everyone's time here. Of course, I understand there are real life obligations, but if something prevents you from posting or you know something will prevent you from posting, please PM me here or on Discord. I'll be happy to bot your character until things are back to normal for you if you agree to it when playing scenarios. I won't bot for quests. If you don't post in 24 hours during combat, I will place you on Delay and 24 hours after that remove you from the game. I will only put you on auto-Delay once unless you notify me before that you won't be available. Otherwise you're set on Delay indefinitely.

You can expect me to post at least twice or thrice a day, depending on my real life. If for some reason I'll be unavailable, I'll immediately let you know in the campaign discussion thread. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding any question about the game and mechanics either publicly or privately through forum PM or Discord.

PbP Formatting:
When you post, you'll see under the text box: "How to format your text". I recommend you click on that button to have a general overview of basic formatting.

Make your main stats visible:
Please make sure you make your main stats visible as that speeds things along for me as a GM by not having to go into each character sheet individually except when needed to. By main stats I mean:

  • Active conditions
  • HP
  • AC
  • Saves
  • Perception
  • Class
  • Levels
  • Speed
  • Gender

An example of what I expect would be:
Race: Female Halfling: Twilight |
Classes/Levels: Focus: 1 | Hero Points: 1/3 | Class DC: +15 (T) |
Gender: Champion 1 | AC 17 | HP 17/17 | F: +6, R: +5, W +7;| Percep.+5

Making dice rolls:
You can input dice rolls on forum posts by using the following tag:

[dice=check type]NdT+M[/dice]

Where "check type" is replaced with the roll you're doing (e.g., "Perception" or "Strikes with longsword"), N is the number of dice you're rolling, T is the dice type and M the modifier.

Keep descriptions in the main text (like who you're hitting), in order to keep the game as immersive as possible. Metagame information like Sudden Charge, Performance, etc. can go in dice expression.

For example, [dice=Will save to resist sonic attack]1d20+9[/dice

In order to keep things moving, I'll be rolling initiative for you. I'll make it an open table roll for all to see, just kept under a spoiler tag so it clutters the post the least. I'll either use Perception or the action you were doing previously in Exploration Mode, whichever is your highest.

Secret Checks:
The following Actions, Feats and Skills are rolled by me as they're secret checks. If you wish to use them, please tell me your modifier so I may roll them for you.

Conceal an Object, Create Forgery, Decipher Writing, Gather Information, Hide, Identify Alchemy, Impersonate, Lie, Recall Knowledge, Seek, Sense Direction, Sense Motive, Sneak
Battle Assessment, Educated Assessment, Recognize Spell, Sow Rumor
Conceal an Object, Create Forgery, Decipher Writing, Gather Information, Hide, Identify Alchemy, Impersonate, Lie, Recall Knowledge, Sense Direction, Sneak