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Goddess of Life & Divine Protector of Nature

About First Mother Ishalla

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Titles: Prime Matriarch, First Mother, Mother of Beasts
Symbol: Horned tiger head, typically set over a lush, green backdrop.
Sacred Animals: All animals are sacred to Ishalla, but she favors cats, particularly tigers.
Favored Weapon: Javelin

Spread the teachings of the First Mother through word & deed. Explore the untold wonders of the natural world & bring its treasures to the poor souls chained by the unnatural strictures of civilization. Use force, if necessary, to free those creatures bound unwillingly or unknowingly by such societies. Liberate any natural lands corrupted by the forces of civilization. Work to develop & expand Life in all its natural glory. Bask in the ancient wisdom of the natural world; revel in Her profound beauty; & channel Her glorious might to protect & advance the growth of your brothers & sisters.

There is nothing more beautiful or profound than the varied aspect of Life. The proliferation of Life is the single greatest good one can accomplish. As Nature is the most vibrant physical expression of Life itself, the greatest mortal pursuit is then the exploration, understanding, & expansion of Nature.

While Death is certainly an integral part of the life cycle, it remains just that: a part; a mere stopping point in the circle of Life. Thus, reincarnation is a gift given easily & freely to all the most vivacious examples Nature has to offer; the strongest, fastest, smartest & most lustful creatures are to be reborn, so that they may further push the boundaries of Life. Undeath is abhorrent, and should be destroyed whenever it is encountered.

Ishalla is a young deity (in a relative sense, as a being beyond the scope of time). Her creation was actually the result of other deities’ actions - a natural outgrowth of their first experiments with Life. As the early mortal creations of the gods formed the first life outside of godhood, so did those beings give birth to Life itself. As Life grew & prospered (as it will always do, in all its forms), the immutable force connecting its vast existence began to take on a will of its own. This being, gaining awareness & drawing itself from the collective anima of the natural world, became the Goddess Ishalla, the First Mother; Life Incarnate.

On the surface, Ishalla seems hard & mirthless, as an untamed jungle might appear to those unfamiliar with such a wild environment. Yet, beneath her apparent “kill-or-be-killed” demeanor, Ishalla carries unbounded love for the great passion that is Life (birth, death, love, hate, and above all else, growth). While the fierce goddess does respect & reward strength among her followers, she also appreciates the beauty inherent in Nature’s more delicate creations, and sees it as her duty to protect & promote such beauty, as well as the strength needed to protect it.