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Priest - Steadfast; Hit Points: 30/30; Dodge: 40/20/8; Listen: 50/25/10; Spot Hidden: 59/29/11; Luck: 37; Sanity: 78; Default Reaction: Dodge

About Father Antonio Peña

Character Name: Father Antonio Peña
Photograph of Father Peña
Player: Enchanter Tim
Occupation: Priest
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Archetype: Steadfast

Strength: 70/35/14
Dexterity: 40/20/8
Intelligence: 50/25/10
Constitution: 90/45/18
Appearance: 50/25/10
Power: 80/40/16
Size: 60/30/12
Education: 60/30/12
Movement Rate: 8

Hit Points: 30/30
Sanity: 80/80
Magic: 16/16
Luck: 55/55

Tough Guy: Soaks up damage; may spend 10 Luck points to reduce damage taken in a combat round by 5.
Linguist: Able to determine what language is being spoken (or what is written); gains a bonus die to Language rolls

Damage Bonus: +1d4
Build: +1
Dodge: 40/20/8

- Two rugged outfits, suitable for the expedition, including pants, shirts, hats, gloves, socks, boots and undergarments.
- Catholic Cassock/Robes
- Irish jumper
- Trench coat
- Wooden-frame backpack.
- Personal toiletries
- Signaling mirror
- Machete
- Shotgun w/shells
- cigarettes
- lighter
- Large suitcase
- yerba mate leaves/bombilla

Cash: $80

Brawl: Regular:70 Hard:35 Extreme:14 Damage:1d3+1d4
………………… Range:??? Attacks:??? Ammo:??? Malfunction:???
???: Regular:??? Hard:??? Extreme:??? Damage:???
………………… Range:??? Attacks:??? Ammo:??? Malfunction:???

[ ]Accounting (05%):
[ ]Appraise (05%):
[ ]Archaeology (01%):
[ ]Art/Craft (05%): (specify)
[ X ]Charm (15%): 35/17/7
[ ]Climb (20%): 40/20/8
[ ]Computer Use (00%):
[na]Credit Rating (00%): 40/20/8
[ ]Cthulhu Mythos (00%): 12/06/02
[ ]Demolitions (01%):
[ ]Disguise (05%):
[ ]Diving (01%):
[ ]Dodge (Half Dex): 40/20/8
[ ]Drive Auto (20%): 27/13/5
[ ]Elec. Repair (10%):
[ ]Fast Talk (05%):
[ ]Fighting (Brawl) (25%): 70/35/14
[ ]Firearms (Handguns) (20%):
[ ]Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) (25%): 34/17/6
[ ]Firearms (Submachine Gun) (15%):
[ ]Firearms (Other) (00%):
[ ]First Aid (30%): 50/25/10
[ ]History (05%): 50/25/10
[ ]Intimidate (15%):
[ ]Jump (20%):
[ ]Language (Latin) (01%): 70/35/14
[ ]Language (English) (01%): 60/30/12
[ ]Language (Naccal) (00%): 13/06/02
[ ]Language (Own) (95%): 95/47/19
[ ]Law (05%): 35/12/7
[ ]Library Use (20%): 60/30/12
[ ]Listen (20%): 50/25/10
[ ]Locksmith (01%):
[ ]Mech. Repair (10%):
[ ]Medicine (01%):
[ ]Natural World (10%):
[ ]Navigate (10%):
[ ]Occult (05%):
[ ]Operate Heavy Machinery (01%):
[ X ]Persuade (10%): 70/35/14
[ ]Pilot (01%):
[ ]Psychoanalysis (01%): 55/27/11
[ ]Psychology (10%): 84/42/16
[ ]Read Lips (01%):
[ ]Ride (05%):
[ ]Science (???) (01%):
[ ]Science (???) (01%):
[ ]Science (???) (01%):
[ ]Sleight of Hand (10%):
[ ]Spot Hidden (25%): 59/29/11
[ ]Stealth (20%):
[ ]Survival (10%):
[ ]Swim (20%):
[ ]Throw (20%): 40/20/8
[ ]Track (10%):

Antonio Peña was born in Concepción, Paraguay to a school teacher and his wife. Raised a devout Catholic, Antonio entered seminary in Asunción at the age of 16. During seminary, Antonio discovered a gift for languages as well as a desire to see more than just Paraguay. After being ordained, Antonio was chosen to study in New York, challenging him to have a more worldly perspective on the faith.

In New York, Antonio discovered a completely different life. The city was unlike anything he had ever experienced and forced him to examine his ideas of wealth, power, and privilege. It was a challenging time for Antonio, adjusting to a new culture with different values while forcing him to question his own. The Church remained a bedrock of faith for him, however, and he soon saw that it played a role in the lives of Americans differently, but no less powerfully than in his home country. Despite cultural differences, he found kindness, charity, and sacrifice no less prevalent and in some cases even more necessary.

During his time in New York, Father Peña took up boxing as a hobby as an outlet for stress relief as well as a way to break down cultural barriers. Always a hardy person, Antonio found the sport exhilarating and the image of a Catholic priest being pummeled endeared him to many in the neighborhood. Father Peña found that he took as many confessionals bruised and bloody by the ringside as he did in the church proper.

At the height of the Cristero Rebellion in Mexico, with concerns of anti-Catholic sentiment spreading in Latin America, Father Peña returned home to Paraguay.

Personal Description: Father Antonio Peña is an averaged sized man of Latino descent with dark hair that is beginning to show the first hints of gray despite his young age. Though he has spent most of his life in the Church, Antonio has rough, oversized hands and some scars usually hidden by his clothing. Father Peña is typically a soft-spoken and friendly man, keen on listening and supporting others through life’s troubles. He is at ease in Latin, English, and his native Spanish and easily picks up phrases and from other languages as well, especially as he is well-traveled for someone from his country. When not in the Church or with his parishioners, Father Peña enjoys vigorous physical exercise, especially boxing, a hobby he took up while in New York.

Ideology/Beliefs: Father Peña is a devout Catholic, believing in the salvation of the human spirit through faith, as well as the institution of the Church as a fundamental organization for leading people to salvation. Antonio strongly believes in self-reflection, prayer, and open discussion as a way to guide people to the right choices in life. As a priest, Antonio believes it his duty to help people, especially the poor and troubled. He is willing to put his life and body at risk to help them find redemption.

Significant People:
Sean Mulcahy: Irish-American who ran the Bayside Gym where Antonio learned to box and become a second home to him.
Father Gregory Potter: American Priest in New York who Antonio lived with during his time there and introduced him to American culture. Antonio sees him as an elder brother.
Carlos Flores: Childhood friend who runs a bank in Asunción
Ana Maria Peña: Antonio’s older sister who is a nurse in Concepción and lives with their mother.

Meaningful Locations:
Concepción, Paraguay (birthplace)
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Asunción, Paraguay
Clinton Church, New York, New York
Bayside Gym, New York, New York

Treasured Possessions: (Optional)
Boxing gloves


Injuries & Scars:

Phobias and Manias:

Arcane Tomes, Spells & Artifacts:

Encounters With Strange Entities: