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Summoner 2

CN Medium Human Skilled Heritage Humanoid
Perception +6;
Languages Common, Sylvan
Skills: Acrobatics +2, Athletics +0, Deception +8, Diplomacy +8, Intimidation +8, Lore: Forest +4, Nature +6, Occultism +5, Performance +8, Society +5, Survival +6
Str +0, Dex +2, Con +0, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +4
Items Adventurer’s PackAC 16; Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +8
HP 28Speed 25 feet
Melee Sickle +6 (Agile, Finesse, Trip), Damage 1d4 S
Ranged Crossbow +6 (Crossbow), Damage 1d8 P
Glider Form (1 action) (Eidolon, Evolution, Move, Summoner) Your eidolon evolves wings, a buoyant body, or some other means to control descent. It glides slowly toward the ground, 5 feet down and up to 25 feet forward through the air. As long as it spends at least 1 action gliding each round and has not yet reached the ground, it remains in the air at the end of your turn.
Manifest Eidolon (3 actions) (Concentrate, Conjuration, Manipulate, Summoner, Teleportation) Your eidolon appears in an open space adjacent to you, and can then take a single action. If your eidolon was already manifested, you unmanifest it instead. The conduit that allows your eidolon to manifest is also a tether between you. Your eidolon must remain within 100 feet of you at all times and can’t willingly go beyond that limit. If forced beyond this distance, or if you are reduced to 0 Hit Points, your eidolon’s physical form dissolves: your eidolon unmanifests, and you need to use Manifest Eidolon to manifest it again. Special This activity has the trait matching your eidolon’s tradition (arcane, divine, occult, or primal).
Act Together (1-3 actions) (Summoner, Tandem) Frequency: once per round You and your eidolon act as one. Either you or your eidolon takes an action or activity using the same number of actions as Act Together, and the other takes a single action. For example, if you spent 2 actions to Act Together, you could cast burning hands (2 actions) and your eidolon could Strike (1 action), or your eidolon could use its Breath Weapon (2 actions) and you could Stride (1 action). This lets you each use separate exploration activities like Avoid Notice as you travel (Core Rulebook 496).
Share Senses (1 action) (Concentrate, Divination, Scrying, Summoner) Requirements: Your eidolon is manifested. You project your senses into your eidolon, allowing you to perceive through it. When you do, you lose all sensory information from your own body, but can sense through your eidolon’s body for up to 1 minute. You can Dismiss this effect. Special This action has the trait matching your eidolon’s tradition (arcane, divine, occult, or primal). Your eidolon can also use this ability. When it does, it projects its senses into your body.
Spin Tale 1 action (auditory, linguistic) Frequency once every 10 minutes; Effect You tell a story, designating one of your allies (but not yourself) as the hero of the story, and one enemy as the villain; both must be within 60 feet. The hero gains a +1 status bonus to attack rolls and saving throws against the villain until the start of your next turn. If you Spin a Tale on your next turn, the story continues for another round, for a maximum of 10 rounds. While the tale continues, minor, crude illusions spring into being in your space; these are arcane illusion effects that have no mechanical impact other than illustrating your tale.
Primal Known Spells DC 17, attack +7; 1st Elysian Whimsy, Magic Fang, Command (2 slots); Cantrips Protect Companion, Gale Blast, Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Produce Flame
Focus Spells (2 points)
Boost Eidolon (1 action cantrip) Range: 100 feet; Targets: your eidolon Duration: 1 round You focus deeply on the link between you and your eidolon and boost the power of your eidolon's attacks. Your eidolon gains a +2 status bonus to damage rolls with its unarmed attacks. If your eidolon's Strikes deal more than one weapon damage die, the status bonus increases to 2 per weapon damage die, to a maximum of +8 with four weapon damage dice.
Evolution Surge (2 actions) Range 100 feet; Targets your eidolon Duration 1 minute You flood your eidolon with power, creating a temporary evolution in your eidolon's capabilities. Choose one of the following effects:
Your eidolon gains low-light vision and darkvision.; Your eidolon gains scent as an imprecise sense up to 30 feet. .; Your eidolon can breathe underwater and gains a swim Speed equal to its land Speed or 30 feet, whichever is less. Alternatively, if your eidolon is normally aquatic, it can breathe air and gains a land Speed equal to its swim Speed or 30 feet, whichever is less. Either way, it gains the amphibious trait. .; Your eidolon gains a +20-foot status bonus to its Speed. .;
Extend Boost (free action) You focus on the intricacies of the magic binding you to your eidolon to extend the duration of your boost eidolon or reinforce eidolon spell. If your next action is to cast boost eidolon or reinforce eidolon, attempt a skill check with the skill associated with the tradition of magic you gain from your eidolon (such as Nature for a primal eidolon). The DC is usually a standard-difficulty DC of your level, but the GM can assign a different DC based on the circumstances. The effect depends on the result of your check. Critical Success The spell lasts 4 rounds. Success The spell lasts 3 rounds. Failure The spell lasts 1 round, but you don't spend the Focus Point for casting this spell.
Reinforce Eidolon (1 action cantrip) Range 100 feet; Targets your eidolon Duration 1 round You focus deeply on the link between you and your eidolon and reinforce your eidolon's defenses. Your eidolon gains a +1 status bonus to AC and saving throws, plus resistance to all damage equal to half the spell's level. Your eidolon can benefit from either boost eidolon or reinforce eidolon, but not both; if you cast one of these spells during the other's duration, the newer spell replaces the older one.
Reinforce Eidolon
Additional Feats Extend Boost, Folklorist Dedication, Magical Understudy, Skilled Heritage, Train Animal, Lie to Me
Additional Specials Eidolon (Fey Eidolon), Evolution Feat, Fey Gift Spells, Link Spells, Skilled Heritage (Nature)

[i]Skirmisher Fey 1[/b]

Medium Eidolon Skirmisher Fey Eidolon
Perception +4; Low-Light Vision
Languages Common, Sylvan
Skills Acrobatics +4, Athletics +2, Deception +5, Diplomacy +5, Intimidation +5, Nature +3, Occultism +4, Performance +5, Society +4, Survival +4
Str +2, Dex +4, Con +2, Int +0, Wis +0, Cha +1
Items UnarmoredAC 19; Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +6
HP 28Speed 25 feet
Melee Primary Attack +8 (Deadly d8, Finesse), Damage 1d6+2 S
Melee Secondary Attack +8 (Agile, Finesse), Damage 1d6+2 S
Fey Gift Spells Your eidolon expands your primal magic with enchantment and illusion magic, allowing both of you to wield the power of fey charm and glamour. When you add spells to your repertoire, you can choose from the primal list as well as from enchantment and illusion spells that appear on the arcane spell list. As usual for when you add spells of a different tradition to your spell list, you're still a primal spellcaster, so all of your spells are primal spells. Your eidolon gains the Magical Understudy summoner feat, despite not meeting the prerequisite level, and it can choose fey gift cantrips in addition to primal cantrips. As usual for a feat you are granted by name, you can't retrain Magical Understudy into another feat.