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No this is not bashing, this is needed! I can see now how I can improve in the future.

GrinningBuddha wrote:

Circlet of Takasi

As others have mentioned, the +10 bonus seems large. The side effect and general cursedness of the item may have hurt it as well.

Blessed Bracers

Bracers don't really qualify as a Wondrous Item. It's also exceeding difficult to find Paladins that have Craft Wondrous Item as well; only they can cast the required spell.

Vudran Cups

Perhaps a little gimmicky for the judges? An exceeding handy item for a con artist, yes, but other than that I can't see much use for it when compared items like a Bag of Holding.

Lok's Own Coin

An interesting item, but very corner-case (the +10 bonus) and unusually broad (dodge bonus) at the same time. I suspect it may have lost points given the hodge-podge feel.

Gauntlets of Elvenkind

I don't know if Gauntlets qualify as Wondrous Items or armor; I suspect the latter. You don't give creation requirements for the lesser version and greater version separately, which would likely be an auto-reject. They have potential, however.

Lantern of Light Long Lost

It's creative, but strikes me more as a story device rather than a normal Wondrous Item. A party that has one of these lanterns puts a lot of pressure on a DM to either have histories prepared for almost everything in the game, or be able to improvise very well. It's well done, nice work.

Comments on Quill of secrets?

Any comments for my quill of secrets?

I also add my voice to the under whelmed decention of the top 32's greatness. Which was not all that great, IMO.

My top favorite tho was, The Lamp of perception. That was a superstar item.

Quill of secrets

This dull ordinary looking quill holds within it powerful magic. When used to write, the user can instruct the quill on command to create illusory script, as per the spell, with the quill holding 50 charges. While it has charges, the quill never runs out of ink and can be used if flipped over as an erase spell with 50 charges with another command word. Additionally the user can use the quill to read magic, or place an arcane mark with a command word at will with the quill. Finally the quill has one last feature, which is upon a special command word the quill creates a secret page, which the quill then inserts an explosive runes spell on. This is one-time use ability. The item continues to retain its ability to create illusory script afterwards until it runs out of charges. It functions as a ordinary quill once it’s charges have been used. Etched into the quills shaft are the command words used to activate it’s features.

Moderate Illusion; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item, Read Magic, Arcane Mark, Erase, Explosive Runes, Illusory Script, Secret Page; 27,250 gp; Weight .1 lb

My errors in this one: Should of turned uses of illusionary scropt to x per day. This pen intened purpose was for a parinod baron for my country :P That way the characters couldn't read his diary..

AKA_Bait wrote:
faxcelestis wrote:
The problem I'm having is that nothing like mine is presented as a winner.
I'm having that same problem. The only reason I can come up with for possible rejection other than 'it's just not cool enough' is a potential pricing issue (they could have thought it was too expensive). If it's the former, which I strongly suspect, I'd like to see what, if any, commentary there was so I can better know my target audience.

I really dont think its the price. While some may have had a nickpit about price i don't think it was the determining factor, instead perhaps it should of been "Cooler" (To them) which means to me it should of had either a draw back or some combat element to it. Our target demo seems to be young Dragon Ball Z kiddos. <Rolls eyes>

I would like to see how I did as well, but realize now that My item was more than likely "too swiss army" for them (Even though it focuses only on writing). However, after reading the "top 32" I was more than unimpressed with the judges final selections, and their reasons for picking them was more or less how they felt that day, or how it struck them at that moment, which leaves a bland taste in my mouth.

Secondly, most of the items had some sort of combat element accociated with them, or tied into weapons somehow, its a shame that pure non combat stuff couldn't make into to the list save for the lamp of perception, which I thought was truley a superstar item. That and the shawl were the only 2 items on that list that I really cared for.

Anyways, now its in the hands of the voters, and not so much the judges, so I will be wittling down the posers, and making sure that the winner is going to be truely a superstar, not some combat monkey wannabee, which is where most of these items fell into. This doesn't mean the top 32 are, its just the way the judges picked, and gives you some idea what you should of sumbitted in the first place. Bleh.

fray wrote:
cappadocius wrote:
How many of us are there, anyway? How many have to be cut so that 32 may pass on?
3,776,342.07 by last count.

That many sumbissions? daaaaaaaaaang.

cappadocius wrote:
Eric Carltock wrote:
Yes and my stomach is cramping while we wait.

I can't believe we've got to wait until after Thanksgiving to see who the contestants are! It's killing me.

Well, I am actually thinking about the next task on that list so that's the only thing from keeping me from exploding, since I have to do it anyways for some homebrew stuff im doing for my next game, so two birds, and all that jazz.

Yes and my stomach is cramping while we wait. Talk about presure! Still, I wouldn't want to be the one to make the final cut, no sir. I can almost envision a 12 angry men jurior's senario on the last day as the judges hash out who's who on the 32.

Just got mine in, at 197 words... hope they like it!
I would be super stoaked to get the top 32!