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Rune Witch (level 7)







Special Abilities

Alchemist multiclass







Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 19
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Eoran

Well, if you are going to take the time to look at my profile, I should at least do you the courtesy of providing relevant and useful information here.

My name is Eoran. Yes, that is my entire name. I have never understood the desire of many cultures to create long and hopefully unique names only to shorten them for typical use. If people really wanted their name to be unique we should use an algorithm based on the coordinate location and time of their birth to generate a unique identifier. But so far, no one that I have suggested that to has thought that it was a good idea.

Being an Android, there are a lot of things about society and culture that I do not understand. I have made a study of society and do well enough to get by. But there are still often misunderstandings. My close allies tell me that I often am seen as aloof, uncaring, and selfish.

Personality: I am generally practical and pragmatic. I don't make friends - well, much at all. I have a small group of allies though, and I am very loyal to them. People who have checked say that my alignment registers as Lawful Neutral, bordering on Evil. I'm not entirely sure why I would register so close to Evil alignment. Perhaps it is because of making decisions on pragmatism instead of on emotional attachments.

Pronouns: Being genderless myself, I only vaguely understand the importance of using the correct gender of pronouns for people. However, in my study of the common language, I find that one of the popular options for resolving the issue without having to ask the person in question - singularizing the word 'they' - is confusing. I would much prefer to humanize the word 'it'. So if I have a choice in the matter, that is my preference for choice of pronoun to use. Refer to me as 'it'. If you happen to not know that or fall into a language habit and use any of the gendered pronouns instead, I will not take offense at it. I have not found any practical purpose for getting offended by such things.

Origin Story: Several years ago, I was working as an accountant for a reasonably large commodities transportation organization. It wasn't the best fit of a job for myself. I found myself getting bored more often than not. So one day I found myself with a bunch of spare time on my hands and decided to organize and categorize the entire archive of receipts that the ledger is based on. I was hoping to be able to automate my job a bit in order to avoid simple errors. Well, I was rather successful in my ambitions - and found several errors. Rather egregious errors in fact. I brought these errors up to my upper managers. That ended up being a mistake on my part. It seems that these errors were rather deliberate and these upper managers were not very happy to have them discovered.

I shortly found myself on the run from both less-savory associates of these managers as well as from several law enforcement officers of the city. These miscreant managers were hedging their bets. Both trying to kill me in an alleyway, as well as framing me for several illegal activities.

So that is how I found myself - hiding in an unsecured storage building and fearing for my life. While there, I had what looked like a stray alley cat walk up to me. And then began speaking to me. While that was a bit surprising, it wasn't a completely foreign concept. The cat told me that he was a representative of a powerful entity. An entity that was offering me knowledge and magical power and the services of this cat. Now, I am not always the best at reading between the lines, but even I wanted to know what the catch is. I was told that the cost to myself would be rather small. My will and decisions would always remain entirely mine. My patron will make requests - via my familiar - but they will always be requests.

Well, I am not stupid. I recognized that this is certainly better treatment and terms than I was getting from my previous employer. So I accepted. And that is how I came to share my journey through life with my first and best ally - Farien, my familiar.

And Farien was not wrong about the knowledge and magical power being offered. Initially it was the knowledge that was the most useful. Farien assisted me in finding representatives and evidence that cleared my name in the eyes of the law. The magical power was also quite useful in evading my less legal pursuers. Though I have not been able yet to exact vengeance for my mistreatment at the hands of those company managers.

Current Activities These days I generally find myself roaming around the land. Sometimes picking up odd jobs as a data analyst, codebreaker, or accountant - though that is usually just a cover story. More often than not I am on some adventure or other. Seeking magical nexus nodes has become a common hobby of mine. As well as delving into forgotten areas searching for lost knowledge.

Patron I do not know who my patron is. Nor do I care. My patron has kept to the bargain. All of the requests have indeed been requests. And most of them have been ones that I was willing to take up.