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HP 56/56 | AC 22 | F +11 R +13 W +7 | Perc +7 | Stealth +13 |


speed 25 | Active Conditions: ---


"Fumbus" CN male charhide goblin alchemist 5 |

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Male Charhide Goblin Alchemist 5
Pathfinder Hopeful
CN Small Goblinoid
Senses Darkvision 60ft Perception: +7 [T]
Languages: Common, Draconic, Goblin, Jotun, Orcish, Osiriani

Hit Points: 56
AC: 22 [T]
Fort: +11 [E] Ref: +13 [E] Will: +7 [T]; Fire Resist 2

Class DC: ## (10 + (key stat) + (prof) + (item)) [T/E/M/L]
Speed: 25

Melee +1 striking dogslicer +11 [T] 2d6+1 [S] (agile, finesse, backstabber, goblin)
Ranged bomb +11 [T] varies (thrown 30ft)

Weapon Proficiencies
Simple: [T], Bombs: [T]

Ancestry Abilities
Burn It! 1/4 the item's level as bonus fire damage; +1 to persistent fire damage
Darkvision Darvision 60ft
Charhide Goblin Your flat check to remove any persistent fire damage is DC 10 instead of DC 15, which is reduced to DC 5 if another creature uses a particularly appropriate action to help.
Goblin Weapon Familiarity You are trained with the dogslicer and horsechopper

Class Feats
Calculated Splash Deal splash damage equal to Int bonus
Far Lobber Throw items at 30ft range rather than 20ft
Quick Bomber You keep your bombs in easy-to-reach pouches and have
learned to draw them without thinking. You Interact to draw a bomb then
Strike with it.

Skill Feats
Additional Lore Become trained in an additional Lore Skill; Gain skill increases later
Alchemical Crafting Able to craft alchemical items; Add 4 formulas to a Formula Book
Streetwise You can use your Society modifier instead of your Diplomacy modifier to Gather Information. In any settlement you frequent regularly, you can use the Recall Knowledge action with Society to know the same sorts of information you could discover with Gather Information (without spending the time to gather it), though the DC is typically higher.
Quiet Allies When you are using the Avoid Notice exploration tactic and your allies use the Follow the Expert tactic, you and those allies can roll a single Stealth check, using the lowest modifier, instead of rolling separately. This doesn’t apply to initiative rolls.

Class Abilities
Infused Reagents Each day, gain a number of reagents equal to your level+Int mod (9)
Advanced Alchemy (5th) Create infused alchemical items. For each use of infused reagents, create two items.
Quick Alchemy (1 action) Cost: 1 batch of infused reagents; Requirements: You have a free hand; Effect: You create a single alchemical item of your level or lower that’s in your formula book without having to spend the normal monetary cost in alchemical reagents or needing to attempt a Crafting check. This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only until the start of your next turn.
Research Field (bomber) Start with alchemical bomb formulas; Deal splash damage to only primary target in the splash area
Field Discovery (bomber) When using Advanced Alchemy to make bombs, make 3 of an item rather than 2.

Acrobatics +11 [T], Arcana +4, Athletics +8 [T], Crafting +14 [T], Deception +1, Diplomacy +8 [T], Intimidation +1, Lore (Cooking) +11 [T], Lore (PFS) +11 [T], Medicine +7 [T], Nature +0, Occultism +4, Performance +1, Religion +0, Society +11 [T], Stealth +13 [E], Survival +7 [T], Thievery +11 [T]

Equipment (Bulk 6, 3L)
Worn backpack, bracers of missile deflection, crafter’s eyepiece, Drovan’s wayfinder, leather armor
Weapon +1 striking dogslicer
Stowedalchemist’s tools, bedroll, flint and steel, formula book, hooded lantern, infiltrator’s elixir (2), lesser bomber’s eye elixir (2), lesser elixir of life (2), moderate acid flask (3), moderate alchemist’s fire (3), moderate frost vial (3), oil (5 pints), rations (3 weeks), repair kit, sheath, waterskin
Coin 18 gp, 9 sp, 5 cp