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Having lost her some of her racial abilities when the Change occurred, Emone has gained others. Unfortunately, she lacked the control she needed to call them at will. Her panic took care of that little detail...

Faced with certain death, and the overpowering need to breathe, Emone's body shifts on its own as a new reflex action takes form. Her skin erupts into hundreds of sharp barbs, each releasing an acidic and venomous dart. Darts similar to those that sprang forth to deal with her recent would be rapists, granting them a painful spreading death. The water churns with the cloud and the darts shred her bindings easily. Free of her bindings, she swims to the surface of the Agarthan Sea as quickly as she can manage. Following her slowly are a few dead fish that were unlucky enough to be curious about the sinking bundle. The poison killed them quickly, and the acid goes to work dissolving their bodies. At least those not shredded by the spines, whose bloated bodies sink. First order of business...


Weakened by the explosion of her own body Emone is happy to be a bit buoyant in the mineral-laced water. Though only yards away her recent captors do not notice her surface, nor the bubbling green cloud of acidic venom that surrounds her. Emone lets them continue on their way, but notes their direction. Their actions would have been humanitarian under normal circumstances.

Emone doesn't even know how she got free. For now she rests and treads water, too tired to worry about how far she must travel to find land. Or to worry about the continued changes her body was undergoing. What had she done to deserve this curse?, she asks herself.

Nothing of the sea comes near the cloud that surrounds the girl.

Emone listens to her captors argue as to what to do with her. Their fear is almost rabid. No one speaks in her defense. She can't help stir in her own fear as they reach a decision. She is rewarded by a boot to the side of her head, the bright light of pain quickly followed by blackness.

The rough handling stirs her to consciousness. She has missed the rude dumping into a longboat and the rocking of the waves as she is rowed far from shore. As her bound body is dumped into the water she is shocked awake.

Her 1st instinct to scream is overridden by her survival instincts. Though her captors don't know it, she can no longer breathe underwater and her bindings won't let her swim to the surface. The weights they added for good measure pull her quickly downward. What irony. A 'Sea Witch' drowning. The irony is lost on her captors as they begin the journey back to land. They are pleased with themselves in their thoughts that they have returned her to her natural home.

Sinking into the blackness, the young girl yet struggles against her doom. Her panic grows.

Emone wakes up to darkness. She is bound tightly. The smell of leather surrounds her. She has been found out again. Rummaging in the alley during daylight had been a risk, but if she had waited until darkness she would have had to compete with the rats for her dinner. Not wanting her captors to know that she has regained consciousness, she stays as still as possible, fighting her growing fear that this time might spell her death.