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Guess who's back
Back again
Shadow's back
Tell your friends

Caught in a Landslide wrote:
No song lyrics?

Nope. But plenty of singers

You don't

Wanna mess with Monkey

{cause why}

Cause Monkey

Will fncking KILL you.

What kinda wack shiznit is this? All my threads is mussed

Treppa wrote:
Great, now Eminem is running through my head.

Yo, I thought the cops were chasing me. My bad

Mentally ill from FAWTLYville!

HI! My name is HI! My name is ...

You don't

wanna mess with Monkey

(why not?)

Cause Monkey

Will F$&&ing KILL you!

This ain't Cape Cod!

This here is AMITYVILLE!

B!tch imma KILL you!

Said you don't
Wanna mess with Spanky
(cause why?)
'Cause Spanky
Will fnckin' KILL you.