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Witch 1










Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan, Goblin, Orc

Strength 8
Dexterity 15
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Emalea

AC: 12
AC Touch/unarmored: 12
AC Flat-Footed: 10

Fort: +1
Ref : +2
Will: +4

Base Attack Bonus (BAB): +0
Melee: -1
Ranged: +2

CMB: -1
CMD: +11

HP: 7/7
Speed: 30 ft

Senses: Perception +8; low-light vision

Attack: -1
Damage: 1d4, slashing/pierching
Crit: 19-20, x2
Reach: 5 ft
Special: -

Brew Potion (Cauldron Hex)
Extra Hex

Pioneer (horse, +1 Ride)
Child of the Forest (+1 Knowledge (nature) and Perception, one of them (perception) is class skill)

Special Qualities:
Cantrips, Cauldron, Elven Immunities, Elven Magic, Evil Eye, Familiar, Keen Senses, Weapon Familiarity

DC (10 + 1/2 level + Int): 15

Evil Eye (Duration: 3+Int = 8 round ; -2 AC, Attack, Ability Check, saving throw or Skill check; Will 1 round)

Craft: Alchemy 13
Heal 6
Knowledge: Arcana 9
Knowledge: Nature 10
Perception 8
Ride* 4
Spellcraft^ 9
Use Magic Device^ 4

Acrobatics* 2
Appraise 5
Bluff 0
Climb* -1
Craft:_____ 5
Diplomacy 3
Disable Device^* -
Disguise 0
Escape Artist* 2
Fly* 2
Handle Animal^ -
Intimidate 0
Knowledge:____^ -
Linguistics 5
Perform: untrained 0
Profession:_____^ -
Sense Motive 2
Sleight of Hand^* -
Stealth* 2
Survival 2
Swim* -1

^Trained only
*Armor Check Penalty

0: All
1: Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds, Diagnose Disease, Ear Piercing Scream, Fumbletongue, Ill Omen, Obscuring Mist, Sleep

Spells prepared/DC:
0: 3 / DC 15: Daze, Detect Magic, Light
1: 3 / DC 16: Charm Person, Ill Omen, Sleep
Scrolls: Cure Light Wounds (1), Enlarge Person (1)

Deception/Spirits/shadow/Ancestors? - not sure yet (doesn't become important till level 2)

Equipment (weight):
Dagger (1)
Sling (-)
Bullets x10 (5)
Clothing, Explorer (8)
Pouch, spell components (2)

Pouch, belt (0.5):
-- Chalk x2 (-)
-- Flint and Steel (-)

Saddle, riding (25)
Saddlebags (8):
-- Animal Feed x3 (30)
-- Backpack (2)
-- Bedroll (5)
-- Blanket, common (1)
-- Cauldron (5)
-- Flask, empty x5 (-)
-- Grappling Hook (4)
-- Hammock (3)
-- Ink
-- Inkpen
-- Kit, Cooking (2)
-- Lamp, common (1)
-- Mirror, small steel (0.5)
-- Oil, lamp x2 (2)
-- Parchment x10 (-)
-- Rations x5 (5)
-- Rope, hemp 50ft. (10)
-- Scroll Case x2 (1)
-- Shovel (3)
-- Soap x2 (1)
-- Tent, small (15)
-- Waterskin (4)
-- Whistle, silent (-)

Scrolls: Cure Light Wounds (1), Enlarge Person (1)

TOTAL WEIGHT: 16.5 (heavy stuff in saddlebags)

Carrying Capacity:
Light: 26
Medium (-3): 53
Heavy (-6): 80
Lift: 160
Push/Drag: 400
Horse: 228/459/690 (Pull: 3.450)

Starting Money: 105 gp
Starting Equip: 103.55 gp

Current Money: 1.45 gp

Magic Items:

Name: Ath'eni
Race: Thrush
Bonus: +3 Diplomacy
HD: 1
HP: 3
Speed: 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Attack: +2 (1d2-5) ?
AC: 16 (T: 16, FF: 14)
F/R/W: 0/4/4
Skills: Fly +12, Perception +9 (low light vision)
Known Language: Elven

Physical Description:
The elven woman looks to be relatively young, but considering how long elves live that might not say too much about her actual age. She stands slightly taller than the average female elf, which is about the size of an average human man. When worn open her wavy long hair, colored in a mix of red and brown like a leaf in autumn, falls down well below her shoulders and halfway down her back. Her eyes seem to shine in a deep violet or pink color depending how the light hits them.
Often one sees a little, colorful bird perched on her shoulder or flying around her, tweeting beautiful songs. Sometimes Emalea is feeding the little things small pieces of fruit.
On her belt she carries a long, slightly curved dagger, apperently of elvish origin.

Emalea was born in a small village in Kyonin, the elven Kingdom, somewhere in the Fierani Forest. She quickly showed some talent for the arcane arts as well as healing magic, not rare in the nature grounded race. So the local witch and healer Suchuranee took her in as her apprentice and taught her about magic, the secrets of herbs and plants of the wild and how to brew potent tinctures to cure even the most persistent ills or produce the most spectacular effects.

Now, having just recently completed her first century of apprenticeship, she decided that she wanted to see more of the world, and the wonders it holds. She had heard stories about the kingdoms of men, the giant stone halls of the dwarves and mischivious nature of the halflings of course, from those few elves that had visited them long ago, or from the few travellers that sometimes made a stop at her village. She intented to see as much as she can, and maybe learn things about magic even unknown to her teacher.

Against the advice of Suchuranee, who believed that Emalea was not yet ready and had much more to learn, she left in search for adventure and knowledge foreign to her people. She travelled north at first, through the River Kingdom, avoiding the dangerous Razmiran, and into Numeria, till eventually she ended up in Brevoy, often following rumors of ancient ruins and the like when deciding which direction to take next.

When she heard the Swordlords were putting together a group to explore the wilds of the so called Stolen Lands she couldn't resists. She had heard the stories of the fey folk that were said to inhabit that area, magical creatures closely tied to the natural world itself, and she was dying to meet them. However she had also heard that those lands were extremely dangerous due to bandits, thiefs and all other sorts of criminals, so she had avoided going there alone so far.