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So, unless I've missed something:

Minions can't use reactions.
Feast on the Fallen is a reaction.

RaW I guess you can't use it?

Honestly if this comes up I'd probably just let it have the reaction, at least until I find an official ruling on it. It might come up in organized play if people have Age of Ashes credit.

I just ran an organized play scenario that had a family in it that had three partners in the relationship, so I guess Ulfen / Valenborn culture accepts it?

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This might be four years old, but this came up in our Hell's Rebel's game so I needed to do a little digging.

The confusion really began when Wall of Force was misquoted as "although dimension door, and teleportation effects" can bypass the wall.

But ill be devil's advocate here (pun partially intended) and throw in the argument:

Isn't Teleport essentially summoning yourself to another spot?

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Wait... so the document is supposed to be 1 page and they haven't finished the chronicle sheets or did they just put up the wrong document?

Hasn't someone just asked the designer (whoever designed the summoner class) how they intended it to work?