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Full Name

Elrik Barrow


|HP: 5/12 AC: 18(+2vGoblinoid)(T:12, FF:16)|CMB +4, CMD: 15|Fort +4; Ref +2; Will +2; (+2 v Fear effects)|Init +2|Percep +2, SM +2, Bluff -1, Diplo -1


|Speed 30ft|Active Conditions: None


M TN Human Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior) 1

About Elrik Barrow

Male Human Fighter (Two-weapon Warrior) 1
TN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +2
AC 18 , touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+4 armour, +2dex, +2shield)(+2dodge v Goblinoid)
hp 12 (1d10 + 2con/level)
Fort +4 (2base + 2con), Ref +2 (0base + 2ref), Will +2 (0base + 2wis)(+2 v Fear effects)
Speed 30 ft.

Melee +4 (1bab + 3str)
Longsword +4 (1bab + 3str), 1d8+3 S (3str)
Shield Bash +4 (1bab + 3str), 1d4+3 P (3str)
Sword and Shield Bash +2/+2 (1bab+3str-2/1bab+3str-2), 1d8+3 S (3str), 1d4+1 (3str/2) P
Gauntlet +4 (1bab + 3str), 1d3+3 B (3str)
Gauntlet/Gauntlet +2/+2 (1bab+3str-2/1bab+3str-2), 1d3+3 B(3str) / 1d3+3 B(3str)

Ranged +3 (1bab + 2dex)
Str 16, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +1; CMB +4 (1bab + 3str); CMD 15 (10 + 3str + 2dex)
1) Ironfang Survivor: +2 Dodge to AC v Goblinoids. 1/day attempt Intim, Sense Motive or Stealth against goblinoid with advantage.
2) Courageous: +2trait v Fear effects
3) Sworn Enemy: Gain +1trait to AoO v Goblinoids.
1) Paranoid: Allies making an Aid Another must pass DC15 instead of 10
RB) Shield Focus: +1 AC from Shields
1) Improved Shield Bash: Keep AC when making Shield Bash
CB) Two-Weapon Fighting: -4/-4 or -2/-2 if off is light
Skills (4 points; 2class, 0int, 2bckgrd*)
*NOTE: Background Skills I picked were Profession Soldier and Farmer
ACP -1 or -3 with Shield

*ACP applies to these skills
Non-Standard Skill Bonuses
*Climb: +7 (3str + 1rank + CS)
Craft: +0 (0int + CS)
Handle Animal: Untrained (-1cha + CS)
Intimidate: -1 (-1cha + CS)
Know (Dungeon): Untrained (0int + CS)
Know (Engineer): Untrained (0int + CS)
Profession (Farmer): +7 (2wis + 1rank + CS + 1racial)
Profession (Soldier): +6 (2wis + 1rank + CS)
*Ride: +2 (2dex + CS)
Survival: +6 (2wis + 1rank+ CS)
*Swim: +3 (3str + CS)

Languages Common

Special Abilities:

R) Heart of the Fields: Racial bonus = 1/2 level to Profession (Farmer). Once per day may ignore an effect that would cause them to become fatigued or exhausted.
R) Bonus Feat

C) Bonus Feat: 1st level

C) Proficiencies: All Simple/Martial, All Armor, All Shields


Carrying Capacity
Light 0-76 lb. Medium 77-153 lb. Heavy 154-230 lb.
Current Load Carried 51.5 lb.

(Worn) Longsword (1d8 S, 19-20x2); 4 lb
(Worn) Light Mace (1d6 B, x2); 4 lb
(Worn) Gauntlets (1d3 B, x2); 1 lb
(Worn) Quickdraw Light Steel Shield w/ Shield Spikes (+1AC, -Dex, -2ACP); 7 lb
(Worn) Parade Armor (+3AC, +5Dex, -1ACP); 20 lb
--- (Worn) Armored Kilt (+1AC, +6Dex, 0ACP); 10 lb
(Worn) Soldier's Uniform; 1 lb
(Worn) Belt Pouch; 0.5 lb
--- 2x Potions of Guidance
--- 1x Smokestick
(Worn) Waterskin; 4 lb

Carried By Villagers
- Fighter's Kit (Backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Iron Pot, Mess Kit, Rope 50ft, Soap, Torches x10, Rations x5); 24.5 lb
- Fishing Kit (Simple Fishing Pole, Small Tackle Box); 3 lb
- Gear Maintenance Kit (Metal Polish, Small File, Leather Paring Knife, Condtioning oil for leather, two soft cloths, extra leather straps, sewing needle and buttons); 2 lb
- Grooming Kit (Toiletries, Comb, Scissors, Nail File, Sponge, Hairbrush, Mini Mirror, Soap, Chewing Stick, Tooth Powder); 2 lb
- Shaving Kit (Straight Razor, Whetstone, Small Mirror, Brush, Cup, 50x shaving powder); 0.5 lb
- 5x Sacks; 0.5 lb/each
- 1x Waterskin; 4 lb (full)

Money 21 GP 0 SP 0 CP


Sir Elric Barrow, Hero of the Eighth Span. Elric feels neither like a knight nor a hero even though he is a celebrated veteran of the war against Molthune. In reality he is a young man shaken to his core by the horrors of war - he left Phaendar, signing up to the Nirmathas army when a recruiter came through town and several of the local lads joined up to serve their country and have an adventure.

He didn't get either of them.

Training camp was tough. Sergeant Torgus thought the reedy looking lad with corn yellow hair and freckles was one of the freshest recruits he had ever seen, and he wasn't wrong. Elric's stumbling failures, inability to keep his shield up while swinging his sword, and his annoying nervous laugh all bought the training cadre more than a few extra punishment duties. When Torgus led Elric and their troop out of training and towards the Front, he figured Elric would be a good man to put on the front line to save a more worthy warrior from a crossbow bolt.

The Battle of the Spans, fought across nine craggy outcroppings crossing a river near the border, raged on and off for eighteen days between the Nirmathans and one of the Molthune monster companies, the Ironfang Legion. Elric's company was part of an early charge across the Third Span and were cut down to half before falling back. Elric watched two of his Phaendran friends sent over the edge, one nearly bisected and the other missing his head. The company was sent to the Ninth span two days later and held there in terrified silence for two days, whistling arrows and bolts bringing silent, sudden death to those foolish enough to allow their heads to lift above the natural rock shelf on the Nirmathan side. Finally, on the seventeenth day, after only hours of recuperation, the Ironfang made a push and all hands were called forward. Elric, one of only ten men remaining in the company, followed Sergeant Torgus (who was by now missing an eye, three fingers and possibly his left kidney), to the Eighth span. Three times they were cycled to the front, and three times Elric somehow managed to survive. Covered in the blood of his friends, his entire body shaking from exhaustion, when he heard the word that he was to move to the front line again he nearly sat down and wept. Torgus wouldn't mind any more since Torgus was dead.

Instead he picked up his shield and turned towards the Span again. He vomited on the way, the stale bread and warm water a medic had shoved at him to eat indecipherable from the gore already there. He waited in the line to rush forward, and suddenly there was space in front of him. He was at the front. He was in front. Ten feet away two Irongfang hobgoblins were charging at him, swinging their wicked steel.

Elric screamed as his soul decided yet again that it didn't want to die, and he fought.

Afterwards, they found Elric beneath the body of a particularly heavily armored Irongfang commander, his feet dangling off the lip of what was left of the Eighth Span. They said, as he recovered in the medical tent, that he was a hero. He fought like a god, or was touched by one. Every blow he struck cleaved through enemy armor and bone, his shield turned every strike. He was a master swordsman, an armored behemoth. Men on the Seventh and Ninth had seen him fighting and thought him a Paladin in red-painted full plate, some avatar of Our Lord in Iron leading the men of Nirmathas to victory. The bodies had begun to pile high, the Ironfang needing to climb their own dead and wounded to try and push the span, then the troll was brought forward. Perhaps it was supposed to clear the bodies, but the stupid beast instead tried to emulate the hobgoblins and climb the pile. The span cracked, and split, and down went the rock, and the bodies, and the troll, and another company or two worth of hobgoblins pushing up behind the troll.

Elric was a hero. They had knighted him. Clerics wanted to speak with him, to find out what god had blessed him so. He was brought before the General and nobles of his court and offered whatever he desired as a reward.

"I just want to go home," he said.

And so he went, honorably discharged from the Nirmathas army. At first they tried to convince him that with him at the head of their armies, Molthune would shudder to encroach on Nirmathan lands again. Then they realized the tired look in his eyes, the soul-deep fatigue. They heard his screams at night, echoing from his chambers as he dreamed.

And so he left, honorably discharged. He asked for no gold, no magics or splendor. He took his standard pay for his time served, along with the small pensions for the lads from Phaendar who had died in the battle. For a long time he didn't speak to anyone about what had happened, and only when a traveler came through asking after 'The Hero from Phaendar' did the people at home find out about him, but they saw the look in his eyes and heard the screams echoing from his small cottage at night as he slept, and they quickly stopped asking.

Sir Elrik works occasionally, taking on odd jobs when nearby farmers need an extra hand. He's stronger than he was when he left, and he still knows how to till a field or seed a crop. It's harder now though since he never leaves home without his sword and shield strapped to his back. "Just in case," he mutters whenever someone questions him, or stares for too long. "It's for just in case."

Killing Blows:

3x Hobgoblin Soldiers

Crunch Progression Thoughts:

2) BFeat: Weapon Focus (Shield), Bravery +1
3) Feat: Missile Shield, Defensive Flurry +1: When Full Attack with both weapons gain +1dodge to AC v Melee
4) Stat: Dex +1, BFeat: Weapon Specialization (Shield)
5) Feat: Power Attack, Twin Blades +1: +1 Atk/Dmg on Full Attack with 2 weapons
6) Bravery +2, BFeat: Shield Specialization (Light)
7) Feat: Shield Slam, Defensive Flurry +2
8) Stat: Dex +1, BFeat: Greater Weapon Focus (Shield)
9) Feat: Greater Shield Focus, Twin Blades +2, Doublestrike: As standard make 1 attack with both weapons (norm penalties apply)
10) Bravery +3, BFeat: Disruptive
11) Feat: Shield Master, Defensive Flurry +3, Improved Balance: Atk penalty to fight with 2 weapons reduced by -1, may alternatively treat a One Hand as a Light in off hand
12) Stat: Dex +1, BFeat: Bashing Finish, Retrain: Shield Spec(Light) to Shield Spec(Heavy)
13) Feat: Greater Weapon Specialization (Shield), Twin Blades +3, Equal Opportunity: When making AoO may attack with each weapon (norm penalties apply)
14) Bravery +4, BFeat: Greater Shield Specialization (Heavy)
15) Feat: Spellbreaker, Defensive Flurry +4, Perfect Balance: Atk penalty with 2 weapons reduced by further -1, if using one-hand in off hand treat as light.
16) Stat: Dex +1, BFeat: Ray Shield
17) Feat: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Twin Blades +4, Deft Doublestrike: When hit with both weapons as immediate action may make a disarm or sunder that does not provoke
18) Bravery +5, BFeat: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Deadly Defense: When full attacking every creature that hits until next turn provokes AoO.
19) Feat: Double Slice, Defensive Flurry +5
20) Stat: Str+1, BFeat: Combat Reflexes