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Eldritch, The Nova's page

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Danger : +2 Freak : +2 Savior : 0 Superior : 0 Mundane : -1


Kenneth Kaine Potential 2/5 / Conditions: Angry


Deputy Atoms, Tycho, Imagine

About Eldritch, The Nova


Hero Name: Eldritch

Real Name (if different): Kenneth Kaine
Abilities: Sorcery
Look: Male, Caucasian, Marked & Glowing Skin, Dark Clothing, No Costume



Danger : +2
Freak : +2
Savior : 0
Superior : 0
Mundane : -1

Have Influence on: Imagine, Tycho, Deputy Atoms

Demeanor: Locked Down (+1 Influence To One Team Member)

Team Moves

When you share a triumphant celebrations with someone, ask them if there is any fear in their eyes when they look at you. If they say no, take +1 forward and mark down potential. If they say yes, immediately shift your Danger up and Savior down.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them how they could stop you if it came down to it. Give them Influence over you and clear a condition.


+3 Additional Flares (Worship, Elemental Awareness, Move)


Q. When did you first use your powers?

A. My powers first manifested when the Cult of Kktharos tried to kidnap me again. I was walking home when a large group of armed men and women attacked me. When I was thrown into the van, it began to glow an eerie pale blue. I didn’t know it was coming from me and I screamed. The van exploded, many of them were severely harmed and crippled, and I was marked by my new power.

Q. Who was the first person you accidently hurt with your powers?

A. The first person I hurt by accident was my older sister, Elaina. I was bullied a lot in school after going through my initial changes, called a freak because of the way I dressed. She tried to console me, to be the big sister, but I just wanted to be left alone. She was trying to help me understand why they were picking on me. I lashed out and burned her pretty bad with my power. She healed well enough but the power did nerve damage, ending her basketball career.

Q. Who, outside of the team, helps you control your power?

A. I wouldn’t even be able to go outside if it wasn’t for Doctor Albert Needle, a local therapist specializing in PTSD with young people. He is the one who helped me control my emotions more and learn to keep my powers in check. It was him that helped me when no one else could. I owe my life to him, almost more than I owe the Inquisitor.

Q. Why do you continue to use your powers?

A. I used my powers once before I became Eldritch, there was a local convenience store nearby. I was picking up some soda from there and a bite to eat when a few armed men came in to rob the place. I was scared, they threatened me and the guy behind the encounter. It was then that I got tired of being scared. I focused like Dr. Needle said and I fought back, my powers surging once more but this time in control. It didn’t take long for me to defeat the thugs and the look of thanks on the man’s face was amazing. He called me a hero. It was the first time I realized that my power could be more than a burden. It could be a gift.

Q. Why do you care about the team?

A. I care about the team because they’re the ones who get me the most, the ones who’ll understand what I’m going through. Dr. Needle is a good guy but even he has expectations of me, of who I’ll become. Same thing with my family, the Inquisitor, everyone else. The team though, they just let me be me.


Q. When our team first got together, we destroyed our surroundings. Where was it? What was destroyed?

A. When our team got together, we were fighting outside, within, and underneath a medical research center within the heart of the corporate sector of Halcyon City. The real question to ask was what wasn't destroyed? Research projects, some minor and some major, were wrecked by our fight against the clone soldiers and Tectonic's parents. Cures and research has been pushed back by years because of our destruction but a possible threat was also eliminated.

You hang out all the time with Tectonic to blow off steam.

You once hurt Deputy Atoms when you lost control of your powers.

Nova Powers

When you charge up your powers, roll + conditions that you currently have marked. On a hit, hold 3 burn. On a 7-9, mark a condition. On a miss, hold 2 burn and mark three conditions. Spend your burn on your flares. You lose all burn at the end of the scene.

- Reality Storm: You channel a destructive burst with your powers. Spend 1 burn to directly engage a threat using your powers, rolling +Freak instead of +Danger. If you do, you will cause unwanted collateral damage unless you spend another burn.

- Overcharge: You channel the full capacity of your incredible powers to overcome an obstacle, reshape your environment, or extend your senses. Spend 2 burn to take a +10 when you unleash your powers.

- Boost: Spend 1 burn to supercharge a teammate’s efforts with your power, giving them a +1 bonus to their roll as if you had spent Team from the pool.

- Shielding: You call up a fast protective shield to stop a danger. Spend 1 burn to defend someone else from an immediate threat, rolling +Freak instead of +Savior.

- Worship: You put out a tremendous display of your might. Spend 1 burn to awe an audience into silence, respect, and attention when you unleash your powers.

- Elemental awareness: Spend 1 burn and mark a condition to open your mind up to the world around you with your powers. You can ask any one question about the world around you, and the GM will answer honestly

- Move: Spend 1 burn to move to any place you choose within the scene, breaking through or slipping past any barriers or restraints in your way. Spend a second burn to move to any place you’ve previously been