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ZURNZAL — HP 60/65 | AC 19 CMD 26 | Fort +8 Reflex +11 Will +5 | Perception +11 Initiative +2 pre-gen sheet

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Conditions: Martial Flexibility (Greater Dirty Trick), Fly, Invisibility, Haste (all reflected in stats line)

Daily Resources
Martial Flexibility 2/6 remaining
Knockout 0/1 remaining
Orc Ferocity 1/1 remaining
Consumables Used
Temp Scenario Items
Telandril's clothes
Telandril's dagger
Loshari's Mwk Falchion (+12; 2d4 + 7; 18/x2)

Zurnzal, the Ambitious
Male Half-orc brawler 6/Assassin 1
NE Medium Humanoid (human, orc)

STR 20 DEX 14 CON 12 INT 14 WIS 13 CHA 8

Initiative +2; Senses Darkvision 60ft; Perception +11


HP 65 (6d10 + 1d8 + 7 con + 7 toughness + 6 favored)
AC 18 T 14 FF 15 (+4 armor, +1 deflection, +2 Dex, +1 Dodge)
CMD 25 FF 22 (6 bab, 5 str, 2 dex, 1 dodge, 1 deflection)
—> +3 vs Dirty Trick; +2 vs Disarm; +2 vs Trip

Fort +8 Reflex +10 Will +5


BAB +6
CMB +11
—> +14 Dirty Trick; +13 Disarm; +13 Trip

Melee +11
. . unarmed strike +13/+8 (1d8+6; x2; B)
. . unarmed flurry +11/+11/+6
. . mwk shortsword +12/+7 (1d6+5; 19/x2; P)

Ranged +8
. . mwk composite shortbow +9 (1d6+5; x3; ??ft)


Special Abilities:
Darkvision 60ft
Intimidating +2 to Intimidate checks
Orc Blood
Orc Ferocity Once per day, when a half-orc is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, he can fight on for one more round as if disabled. At the end of his next turn, unless brought to above 0 hit points, he immediately falls unconscious and begins dying.
Weapon Familiarity Half-orcs are proficient with greataxes and falchions and treat any weapon with the word “orc” in its name as a martial weapon.

Weapon & Armor simple weapons plus handaxe, short sword, and weapons from close fighter group. Light armor, no shields.

Brawler’s Cunning (Ex): If the brawler's Intelligence score is less than 13, it counts as 13 for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of combat feats.

Martial Flexibility, 6/day (Ex): A brawler can take a move action to gain the benefit of a combat feat she doesn't possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute. The brawler must meet all the feat's prerequisites. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + 1/2 her brawler level (minimum 1).

The brawler can use this ability again before the duration expires in order to replace the previous combat feat with another choice.

If a combat feat has a daily use limitation (such as Stunning Fist), any uses of that combat feat while using this ability count toward that feat's daily limit.

At 6th level, a brawler can use this ability to gain the benefit of two combat feats at the same time. She may select one feat as a swift action or two feats as a move action. She may use one of these feats to meet a prerequisite of the second feat; doing so means that she cannot replace a feat currently fulfilling another's prerequisite without also replacing those feats that require it. Each individual feat selected counts toward her daily uses of this ability.

Martial Training (Ex): At 1st level, a brawler counts her total brawler levels as both fighter levels and monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats. She also counts as both a fighter and a monk for feats and magic items that have different effects based on whether the character has levels in those classes (such as Stunning Fist and a monk's robe). This ability does not automatically grant feats normally granted to fighters and monks based on class level, namely Stunning Fist.

Unarmed Strike, 1d8: At 1st level, a brawler gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A brawler may attack with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a brawler may make unarmed strikes with her hands full. A brawler applies her full Strength modifier (not half) on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.

Usually, a brawler's unarmed strikes deal lethal damage, but she can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on her attack roll. She has the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.

A brawler's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that modify either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Bonus Combat Feats: 2 of’em

Brawler's Flurry (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a brawler can make a brawler's flurry as a full-attack action. When doing so, a brawler has the Two-Weapon Fighting feat when attacking with any combination of unarmed strikes, weapons from the close fighter weapon group, or weapons with the "monk" special feature. She does not need to use two different weapons to use this ability.

A brawler applies her full Strength modifier to her damage rolls for all attacks made with brawler's flurry, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand weapon or a weapon wielded in both hands. A brawler can substitute disarm, sunder, and trip combat maneuvers for unarmed attacks as part of brawler's flurry. A brawler with natural weapons can't use such weapons as part of brawler's flurry, nor can she make natural weapon attacks in addition to her brawler's flurry attacks.

Maneuver Training (Ex); +1 Dirty Trick: At 3rd level, a brawler can select one combat maneuver to receive additional training. She gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks when performing that combat maneuver and a +1 bonus to her CMD when defending against that maneuver.

AC Bonus +1 (Ex): At 4th level, when a brawler wears light or no armor, she gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC and CMD. This bonus increases by 1 at 9th, 13th, and 18th levels.

These bonuses to AC apply against touch attacks. She loses these bonuses while immobilized or helpless, wearing medium or heavy armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load.

Knockout (Ex); 1/day; Fort DC 18: At 4th level, once per day a brawler can unleash a devastating attack that can instantly knock a target unconscious. She must announce this intent before making her attack roll. If the brawler hits and the target takes damage from the blow, the target must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 the brawler's level + the higher of the brawler's Strength or Dexterity modifier) or fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Each round on its turn, the unconscious target may attempt a new saving throw to end the effect as a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Creatures immune to critical hits or nonlethal damage are immune to this ability.

Brawler's Strike, magic (Ex): At 5th level, a brawler's unarmed strikes are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 9th level, her unarmed attacks are also treated as cold iron and silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Close Weapon Mastery (Ex): At 5th level, a brawler's damage with close weapons increases. When wielding a close weapon, she uses the unarmed strike damage of a brawler 4 levels lower instead of the base damage for that weapon (for example, a 5th-level Medium brawler wielding a punching dagger deals 1d6 points of damage instead of the weapon's normal 1d4). If the weapon normally deals more damage than this, its damage is unchanged. This ability does not affect any other aspect of the weapon. The brawler can decide to use the weapon's base damage instead of her adjusted unarmed strike damage—this must be declared before the attack roll is made.

Sneak Attack 1d6 (Ex):

Death Attack (Ex); Fort DC 13: If an assassin studies his victim for 3 rounds and then makes a sneak attack with a melee weapon that successfully deals damage, the sneak attack has the additional effect of possibly either paralyzing or killing the target (assassin's choice). Studying the victim is a standard action. The death attack fails if the target detects the assassin or recognizes the assassin as an enemy (although the attack might still be a sneak attack if the target is denied his Dexterity bonus to his Armor Class or is flanked). If the victim of such a death attack fails a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the assassin's class level + the assassin's Int modifier) against the kill effect, she dies. If the saving throw fails against the paralysis effect, the victim is rendered helpless and unable to act for 1d6 rounds plus 1 round per level of the assassin. If the victim's saving throw succeeds, the attack is just a normal sneak attack. Once the assassin has completed the 3 rounds of study, he must make the death attack within the next 3 rounds.

If a death attack is attempted and fails (the victim makes her save) or if the assassin does not launch the attack within 3 rounds of completing the study, 3 new rounds of study are required before he can attempt another death attack.

Poison Use (Ex): Assassins are trained in the use of poison and cannot accidentally poison themselves when applying poison to a blade (see Poison).

FEATS Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike)

SKILLS ACP 0 (42 ranks = 24 brawler + 4 assassin + 14 INT)
Acrobatics +12 (7 rks)
Climb +10 (2 rks)
Disguise +11 (7 rks)
Intimidate +9 (5 rks; +2 racial)
Perception +11 (7 rks)
Sense Motive +11 (7 rks)
Stealth +12 (7 rks)

Languages Common, Giant, Orc, Varisian


Gear +2 leather armor, mwk shortsword, mwk composite shortbow with 40 arrows, amulet of might fists +1, belt of giant strength +2, cloak of resistance +2, ring of protection +1, sandals of quick reaction, disguise kit, 15g

Combat Gear potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of invisibility, antitoxin, tanglefoot bag x2

Possible purchases:

2 daggers (4g)
1 spring-loaded wrist sheaths (5g)
light wooden shield (3g)

Fun Martial Flexibility Options:
Greater Dirty Trick + Quick Dirty Trick: Dirty trick in place of first unarmed attack in flurry; target is affected longer & must remove condition as a standard action (instead of Move).

Combat Reflexes > Greater Trip

Weapon Spec > Dragon Style: more damage

Boar Style > Boar Shred: Demoralize + Bleed + versatile unarmed damage type

Chokehold/Improved Grapple: suffocate, restrict talking and casting

Disruptive > Step Up:

Enforcer > Intimidating Prowess: nonlethal damage for free action demoralize with Strength bonus

Gang Up: gain flank if 2 allies are threatening target

Improved Shield Bash + ??: gain AC and 2-handed flurriable weapon at same time