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Full Name

Dryten Zyral








5'9" - 132 lbs.



Special Abilities

Sneaky lil' bugger


Witheld per DM request


Fenmarel Mestarine


Elven, Common, Dwarven

Strength 11
Dexterity 17
Constitution 11
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 9

About Dryten Zyral

An excerpt from a journal discovered of unknown origins.

Greetings adventurer-

My name is Dryten Zyral. If you are reading this I have fallen in battle or have given in to the world’s greatest enemy, Time. The pages that follow will document my many adventures and discoveries. It is my hope to assist future generations in their quest for knowledge and adventure.

Before you begin on my journey, I must give you a glimpse into my background. I wish I could fill this page with childhood memories of a loving mother and dedicated father but alas, I cannot. I will share with you what I know and what I was told. My Father was of Elven descent and my Mother, a Human. I have very few memories of being a child.

I can tell you that I was raised by a wandering band of mercenaries. I will not name them for fear that I may eventually put their lives in harm’s way for my future actions. How I came about these mercenaries was that their Captain, as he was called was indebted to my parents. The only thing he has shared with me about my family is that I was disowned by both families and was forced from my parents. The Captain has given me nothing else as to their background and I have not pressed the matter. I was grateful for the training, discipline and life I was given. As a youth I was sent in to complete minor subterfuges and thefts. As I grew, so did my skill set. I have acquired abilities that make me an asset to many and a concern for others.

Upon reading this journal, all I ask of you is that you find another in need and grant them the stories within this journal. My hope is that they may take something from the ramblings of an abandoned half-breed who spent most of his life lost and searching for direction.

Dryten is dressed in non-descript traveler's clothing including a hooded cloak. His physical appearance is that of one that has grown up on the streets, scars and stress line his face and torso. He appears to have lived a life of challenges and has seen more than his age suggests.

Hit Points - 9
Armor Class - 14
Touch AC - 13
Flat Footed - 11

Fortitude - +1
Reflex - +5
Will - +2
+2 against enchantments
Immune - Magic Sleep Effects

Initiative - +5
Melee - +3
Ranged - +3
CMB - +0
CMD - +13

Acrobatics- +7
Disable Device- +8
Escape Artist- +7
Knowledge-Dungeoneering- +4
Knowledge-Local- +4
Perception- +7
Sleight of Hand- +7
Stealth(Skill Focus)- +10
Survival- +3

Sneak Attack-1d6
Trapfinding-+1/2 lvl to Perception and Disable Device to find traps
Low Light Vision
Adaptability-Skill Focus(Stealth)
Keen Senses-+2 Perception

Elven Reflexes - +2 Initiative
Resilient - +1 Fortitude Saves
Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Elven Curved Blade

Elven Curve Blade
Caltrops - 3
Padded Armor - +1 AC
Pickpocket's Outfit (Hidden Pockets) with Hooded Cloak - +2 to conceal small objects

Empty Sack
Winter Blanket
Water Skin
Hemp Rope (50ft)
Ink and ink pen

Gold - 9
Silver - 4
Trail Rations - 10
Caltrops - 3

Campaign Notes:
Travel to Inn and begin exploring Undermountain sewers to gain passage into the dungeons.
Confront Halester.
Obtain as much info as possible.
Find source of Earthquakes and Visions.

Purchase; Thieves Tools, mirror.