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Lots of stretch goals already met, including Baba Yaga's hut, docks and water tiles, and dockside buildings.

"Okay, so I confirmed . . . how many hp do you have left?

I think gamers who understand confirming critical attacks will appreciate the story.

I highly recommend these models. They look decent, they're quick to put together, and they're cheap! I'm working on strengthening my builds with foamboard, and I gotta say they hold up pretty well to abuse.

This is coming from someone who is a big-time miniature painter, and holds really high standards for gaming terrain. I'd love to make my own from scratch, but over the course of a month, I've got the start of a nice little village. It'd go faster if I wasn't supplying a skeleton of foamboard.

Link to National Geographic article.

Because real life caves are just plain cool.

From the main page, I hovered over a link to a recently updated messageboard thread, and had the first few words pop up as a preview. It said "Blah blah blah Spoiler: important stuff players shouldn't know."

Going into the message, I could see that the spoiler tag worked properly, it just previewed weird.

Specifically, here's the thread: PG/ultimateMagicPlaytest/round1/changeWordingForMultiArmedCharacters

It just caught my eye since the spoiler stuff was exposed. No big deal, just thought someone should know.

I'm a big fan of not giving the players information, making them earn it. For example, I once GM'd a game and had a merchant say his caravan was attacked by trolls, when the things were ogres. Much fun to be had as the PCs loaded up with oil and torches, only to have a couple ogres come swinging at them. "I thought trolls were green?" "Burn the bodies just in case!"

Anyways, I'm doing the same thing with this AP. Right now, the players have given a new name to one type of creature:

Sinspawn = Clappyface

I had shown the picture of the creature to them, gave a description, and now the players always refer the critter as . . . well, the wrong name.

The best part is that when I'm looking up the stats in my conversion document (I'm running True20), I keep looking under "C" instead of "S."

Hey, everyone. I took a break from gaming to take care of work stuff, but I've been bitten by the bug again. I'm looking for a game in Indianapolis.

Preferably, I'd like to try Pathfinder, but I'm pretty open to new systems.

What's the gamer scene like here in the Circle City?