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Full Name

Dolelan Callennan




Archivist 5








Knight in Shining Armor

Strength 15
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Dolelan Callennan

Character Sheet:
FORT +1 (+Magic Lore)
REF +6 (+Magic Lore)
WILL +3 (+2 vs enchantment, +2 vs charm/compulsion) (+Magic Lore)
HP 27
AC 22 (+2 dex, +7 armor, +3 shield)
BAB +3
CMB +5
CMD 17

Traits: Armor Expert, Birthmark

Feats: Arcane Strike, Breadth of Experience, Extra Performances

Low-Light Vision
Elven Immunities: Immune to magic sleep, +2 vs enchantment spells/effects
Elven Magic: +2 vs SR, +2 to ID magic items
Keen Senses: +2 PER

Bardic Knowledge: +1/2 Bard lvl to knowledge checks, may be made untrained
Bardic Performance: 10+CHA+2*(lvl-1) rounds/day = 20@5
Countersong: Use perform check as save w/in 30' vs magic that depend on sound
Distraction: Use perform check as save w/in 30' vs magic that depends on sight
Fascinate: Fascinate creature w/in 90'(WILL 14), +1 creature per 3 lvls after 1st
Naturalist (+2): Knowledge check to give +2 AC/attack/saves (30') vs. specific monster
Inspire Competence (+2): Ally w/in 30' receives +2 competence bonus skill check
Lore Master: May take 20 on 1 knowledge check/day
Magic Lore: +1/2 lvl to ID items & read scrolls, may take 10. Can disarm magical traps, +4 vs magical traps, language-dependent effects, and symbols/glyphs/magical writings.
Jack of All Trades (Ex): May use any skill, even if the skill normally may not be used untrained.

Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Draconic, Gnome, Celestial, Aklo, Infernal

Acrobatics +2+1+3=+6*
Appraise +4+1+3=+8
Bluff +2+2+3=+7
Climb +2+1+3=+6*
Craft (any) +4+0+0=+4+2=+6 (may make checks untrained)
Diplomacy +2+5+3=+10
Disable Device +4+5+0=+9* (+2 equipment)
Intimidate +2+1+3=+6
Knowledge (arcana) +4+5+3=+11+2+2=+16
Knowledge (any other) +4+1+3=+8+2+2=+12
Linguistics +4+2+3=+9
Perception -1+5+3=+7+2=+9
Perform (oratory) +2+1+3=+6
Profession (priest) -1+1+3=+3+2=+5
Profession (any) -1+0+2=+1 (may make checks untrained)
Sense Motive -1+1+3=+3
Sleigh of Hand +2+1+3=+6
Spellcraft +4+5+3=+12 (+2+2 to ID magic items)
Stealth +2+5+3=+10*
Use Magic Device +2+1+3=+6

*armor check penalty applies

(1257) Darkwood Heavy Shield +1
Mithral Breastplate +1
(1020) Mithral Rapier (masterwork) (+6/1d6+2/18x2)
(671) Darkwood composite (+2) longbow, 30 arrows (+6/1d8+3/x3/110'), 2 tanglefoot arrows

(117) Backpack, 5 days trail rations, hammock, whetstone, flint+steel, 2 belt pouches, 3 sacks, signal whistle, 50' silk rope, ball of twine, small steel mirror, iron pot, map case, MW thief's tools, cold iron belt knife, lamp and lamp oil

(25) Universal Solvent

(200) Scrolls:
Comprehend Languages
Detect Secret Doors
Obscure Object
Remove Fear
Unseen Servant

(150) Potions:
Pass without Trace
Speak with Animals

Spells Known:

Detect Magic
Ghost Sound
Read Magic

1 (5/day)
Cure Light Wounds
Feather Fall
Hideous Laughter
Silent Image

2 (3/day)
Gallant Inspiration

Proficiencies: Simple weapons, longsword, short sword, rapier, sap, whip, shortbows, longbows

Dolelan trusts his feet and follows them wherever they lead. When he was young they brought him to the Academy, a shining bastion of knowledge in Eastbridge... but one could only spend so many years and decades pouring over musty old tomes and attending pondorous lectures. After a series of nettling dreams he took his leave of the Academy, accepting a role as professor emeritus and venturing far and wide in search of rare books and objects of historical interest. Every few years he returns for a time to give a few guest lectures and renew old friendships. Most recently he helped to clense the Academy of the influence of a potent cursed artifact and was awarded with a legendary set of armor from their collection. As much as he loved his time as an academic, recently Dolelan has found a new calling in life.

The butterfly shaped birthmark on his right hand had always been of note, but until he ventured out from the Academy Dolelan didn't give it much thought. One night just after sunset he was strolling down the road and began to hear heart-wrenchingly perfect music from a harp. He hurried toward the sound and began to notice a glow like moonlight coming from the mark on his hand; by the time he arrived it shone like the full moon. It revealed a beautiful lillend playing before a wayside shrine; she smiled at Dolelan and brought her song to a close then turned to the shrine, placed something at its base, then vanished with a final smile in his direction. Bemused, Dolelan examined the object and found it to be a large scrollcase. He read and reread and memorized the scrolls and in time came to count himself among the faithful.