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I am actually blind in one eye so I can maybe help here.

I used to have 20/20 vision, but when I was 13 (and just learning D&D at the time ironically), I got walloped by a tennis ball during a game. The eye was badly damaged, but healed itself to about 100% effectiveness. However that eye's ability to see has gradually diminished over time. Then around 5 years ago it so, it went completely blind. So I know what it is like to see out both and then, only see out of 1.

You don't lose distance in your vision and you don't lose ability to see small details in things either.

There are three things that effect you most:

Peripheral Vision. It is significantly reduced. So much so, that I bump into things I don't see on my right constantly and I must take a lane change to my right, very, very cautiously and must specifically turn my head to complete the lane change.

Depth perception. This isn't nearly as bad as the loss in peripheral vision. In fact you adapt and although your depth perception is diminished, you do maintain a fairly decent degree of this. I struggle to catch a baseball much more than before, especially if it is thrown fast and comes at me from the right side.

Seeing in the dark. You only have one operating iris, so the amount of light you let in when it is dark is severely limited. So in light that many people only consider "kinda dark", I have a very hard time seeing anything. Also if there is a light shining in from my left side, I can really struggle to see, because the right eye can't compensate or adjust.

It isn't as bad as you would think. I play soccer for example. And playing soccer is just fine (this is an activity similar to combat in some ways in that you must move and strike and must watch a large field to figure out where to position yourself). My only real drawback here is my vision of the field (especially to my right) is diminished. I usually play the wing, where my good eye can stay focused on the field of play. I tend to play much better in natural light than artificial light, because many soccer fields aren't lit that well and like I said, seeing in dimmer light is a strain for me.

I'd house the following rules, as a suggestion:

Perception -4. I think this is fine. I think I'd apply it most, if lighting was low (torch light) or if peripheral vision was required to see the object.

I'd add a penalty to being flanked. If someone is flanking you on both sides (and you can't turn your head to compensate for your lack of peripheral), you're going to have a very bad time defending yourself. I'd increase the penalty to being flanked this way.

You should still be able to fight just fine, and read just fine and even do things like pick locks or find traps. Detail work isn't hard, I can paint miniatures just as well with one eye as I did with two.

And if you ever meet me in a bar and want to take me down, feign with your left, then roundhouse me with your right, from as far an arc from my right eye as possible. I won't see it coming until you are mere inches from my face. :)