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Full Name

Diu Ligno Spes




Adept/1 Priest/1 AC(12/12/11) HP 15/15 Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +7




1' 8" 30 lbs.








Common, Grippli

Strength 13
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 20
Charisma 13

About Diu Ligno Spes

Physical Description:

He's a frog man what can I say? Just picture a man with froggy hands and feet with a frogs head and you have Spes. I'll Help you out.

Personality & Background:

Spes is a little gripplis. He isn't the brightest crown in the box, but one of the village shamans saw potential in him (he made a good 'apprentice' in that he was great for doing menial tasks like hauling wood for fires, cleaning up and such. Regardless of the lack of care that his teacher took to his training, Spes picked up quite a bit on his own as he was only taught a few spells that would help him to work harder for the old sage. In the end though, fate decided that it was time to move on. A giant toad took the old man by surprise and swallowed him whole. Needless to say, Spes freaked a little bit realizing that he no longer had a master or an occupation in the village. After finally calming his little brain down, Spes realized just how unskilled and helpless he was in the world. If he wanted to survive, this little gripplis had to find a place that might be willing to take him in and maybe give him a little more, and hopefully better, training than he had received from his wrinkly old master.

Init 1+ (+1 Dex),
Senses Perception +5

Speed 30 ft. Climb 20 ft
Melee: MW Quarter Staff +1 (1d4/1d4)
Ranged MW Sling (50 ft) +1 (1d3)
Ranged MW Blowgun (20 ft) +1 (1d2)(

AC 12, Touch 12, Flatfooted 11 (+1 Dex, +1 size)
HP 15
Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +7,


Weapon Familiarity: Spes is proficient with nets.

Toxic Skin: Once per day as a swift action, Spes can create a poison that can be applied to a weapon or delivered as a touch attack. Alternatively, he can smear the poison on his own body as a standard action, affecting the first creature to hit it with an unarmed strike or natural weapon. The poison loses its potency after 1 hour. The grippli is immune to its own poison. Grippli Poison: Skin or weapon—contact or injury; save Fort DC 10 + 1/2 the grippli's Hit Dice plus its Constitution modifier; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Dexterity damage; cure 1 save.

Darkvision: Spes can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

Sacred Touch: As a standard action, Spes may automatically stabilize a dying creature merely by touching it.

Magical Talent: Spes may cast Acid Splash once per day as a spell-like ability. This spell-like ability it functions at his CL.


Toughness: You gain +3 hit points. For every Hit Die you possess beyond 3, you gain an additional +1 hit point. If you have more than 3 Hit Dice, you gain +1 hit points whenever you gain a Hit Die (such as when you gain a level).

Agile Tongue: Spes has a prehensile tongue with a range of 10 feet. he can pick up items weighing no more than 5 pounds, make Sleight of Hand checks, perform the steal or disarm combat maneuvers, or make melee touch attacks with his tongue.

Adept Spells:

Level:Number of Spells per Day
lvl 0: 3 Light (x1), Ghost Sound (x1), Detect Magic (x1)
lvl 1: 1+(2) Obscuring Mist (x1), Sleep (x1), Endure Elements (x1)
Lvl 2:(1)
Lvl 3:(1)
Lvl 4:(1)
Lvl 5:(1)

Priest Spells:

Level:Number of Spells per Day
Lvl 0:3 Spark (x1), Mending (x1), Detect magic (x1)
Lvl 1:1+2+(2) Burning Hands (x1), CLW (x1), Bless (x1), Deadeye’s Lore (x1), Summon Monster I (x1)
Lvl 2:(1)
Lvl 3:(1)
Lvl 4:(1)
Lvl 5:(1)

Priest Domains:

Lore Keeper (Sp): You can touch a creature to learn about its abilities and weaknesses. With a successful touch attack, you gain information as if you made the appropriate Knowledge skill check with a result equal to 15 + your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier.

Remote Viewing (Sp): Starting at 6th level, you can use clairvoyance/clairaudience at will as a spell-like ability using your cleric level as the caster level. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Fire Bolt (Sp): As a standard action, you can unleash a scorching bolt of divine fire from your outstretched hand. You can target any single foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack with this bolt of fire. If you hit the foe, the fire bolt deals 1d6 points of fire damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Fire Resistance (Ex): At 6th level, you gain resist fire 10. This resistance increases to 20 at 12th level. At 20th level, you gain immunity to fire.

Rebuke Death (Sp): You can touch a living creature as a standard action, healing it for 1d4 points of damage plus 1 for every two cleric levels you possess. You can only use this ability on a creature that is below 0 hit points. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Healer's Blessing (Su): At 6th level, all of your cure spells are treated as if they were empowered, increasing the amount of damage healed by half (+50%). This does not apply to damage dealt to undead with a cure spell. This does not stack with the Empower Spell metamagic feat.

Mythic Information:

Bonus Hit Points: Whenever you gain a Hierophant tier, you gain 4 bonus hit points. These hit points stack with themselves, and do not affect your overall Hit Dice or other statistics.

Hard to Kill (Ex): Whenever you are below 0 hit points, you automatically stabilize without needing to make a Constitution check. Bleed damage still causes you to lose hit points when below 0 hit points. In addition, you do not die until your total number of negative hit points is equal to or greater than twice your Constitution score.

Mythic Flaw - Dependency: If you do not ingest bread at least once per day, you begin to lose your mythic powers. After the first day of absence, you can no longer regain points of mythic power. After the second day, you lose all the powers and abilities granted by your mythic
paths. After the third day, you lose all of your mythic abilities, with the exception of ability score increases and bonus mythic feats. Your powers and abilities are immediately restored as soon as you consume bread.

Mythic Power [Wisdom] (Su) : You can draw upon your mythic power a number of times per day equal to your mythic tier plus your mythic ability score’s bonus. In addition to abilities gained from your mythic path and overall mythic tier, you can expend one daily use of mythic power to increase any d20 roll you just made by rolling 1d6 and adding it to the results. Using this ability is an immediate action that is taken after the original roll is made and the results are revealed. This can change the outcome of the roll. The bonus gained by using this ability increases by one die size at 4th tier and every 3 tiers thereafter to a maximum bonus of 1d12. [5+1/day, 1d6]

Inspired Spell (Su): You can expend one use of mythic power to cast any one divine spell. This spell must be on one of your divine spell lists and must be of a level that you can cast using that divine spell-casting class. You don’t need to have the spell prepared or on your list of spells known. When casting a spell in this way, treat your caster level as two levels higher for the purpose of any effect dependent on level. You can apply any metamagic feats you know to this spell, but its total adjusted level can’t be greater than the highest-level divine spell you can cast using that spell’s spell-casting class.

Sacred Boons (Su): Add twice your mythic tier to your class level to determine the effects of your domain abilities. This does not grant you access to domain abilities earlier, it simply increases the effect of domain abilities that you have access to. Additionally, once per day you may expend one use of mythic power as a standard action to regain the use of all of your domain abilities as if you had rested for 8 hours.

Mythic Paragon (Mythic)
Your mythic power is greater than even you understand. Prerequisite: 1st mythic tier. Benefit: Your mythic tier is considered two higher for
the purposes of determining the strength and potency of mythic abilities, feats, or spells. This does not grant you early access to mythic abilities or greater versions of mythic spells, nor does it grant you additional uses of mythic power or adjust the dice rolled for mythic power use.


Total=Stat bonus + Ranks + Training + Other bonuses
Climb (Str) 10= 1+1+0+8 (may always take 10 due to climb speed)
Craft() (Int) -1=-1+0+0+0
Handle Animal (Cha) 1= 1+0+0+0
Heal (Wis) 5= 5+0+0+0
Linguistics (Int) 2=-1+0+3+0
Intimidate (Cha) 1= 1+0+0+0
Profession (Wis) 5= 5+0+0+0
Spellcraft (Int) 3=-1+1+3
Survival (Wis) 5= 5+0+0+0
Sense Motive (Wis) 9= 5+1+3+0
K Arcana (Int) 4=-1+1+3+(1 Lore)
K Religion (Int) 4=-1+1+3+(1 Lore)
Prof. Baker (Wis) 9= 5+1+3


Item Value Weight
2 weeks supply of bread materials
MW backpack 50 gp (1 lbs.)
winter blanket .5 gp (.75 lbs.)
map case (.5 lb.)
5 pieces of chalk
fishhook and line
flint and steel
iron pot (4 lbs)
Rations 8(ration lasts a day) (8 lbs)
silk rope (50 ft) (5 lbs)
5 sacks (2.5 lbs)
sewing needle & thread
signal whistle
3 waterskins 3gp (6 lbs full)
whetstone (1 lbs)
MW Quarterstaff 600gp (2 lbs)
MW sling 300gp
Groaning bullets 10 (2.5 lbs)
MW Blowgun 302gp (.5 lbs)
darts 10 (.5 lbs)
Black Finger Paste 3
Greenblood Oil 3 (4 rounds) 1 Con 1 Save DC13
Drow Poison 2 (2 min) unconscious for 1 min/2d4 hr 1 Save DC13
Small Centipede Poison 4 (4 rounds) 1 Dex 1 Save DC 11
Bedroll .1gp (1.25lbs)
Beltpouch(max 2.5lbs) 1 gp (0.125 lbs)
Explorers Outfit - gp (2 lbs)
Wooden Holy Symbol 1 gp
5 gp 8 sp 0 cp
Current Load: 37.625 lbs

Left in Locker:
Hemp Rope (50 ft) 1 gp (10 lbs)
Hammock .1gp (3 lbs)
bell 1 gp
candles 10 (1 lb.)
soap (1 lbs)
5 torches (5 lbs)

Carrying Capacity
Light Load: 37.5 lbs
Medium Load: 75 lbs
Heavy Load: 112.5 lbs

With MW Backpack
Light Load: 43.5 lbs
Medium Load: 87 lbs
Heavy Load: 131.25lbs