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Ioun Kineticist 4 | HP 36/44 | Force Ward 8/8 | AC: 22, T: 14, FF: 18 | Fort: +8, Ref: +7, Will: +3 | BAB: +2, CMB: +2, CMD: 14, | Init: +3 | Perception: +10 | 5/7 Burn

About Dew in the Dawnlight

Vine Leshy Ioun Kineticist 4
Neutral Good Plant (Leshy)
Initiative; +3 Perception +11


AC 22, touch 14 flat-footed 18 (Base +10, Dex +3, +1 Size, +2 Natural Armour - +4 Armour, +1 Dodge, +1 Automatic Atunement)
hp 44 HP
Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +3 (Base Fort +4 - Ref +4 - Will +1 - Con +4 - Dex +3 - Wis +1 - Resitance +1)
Resistance: None


Speed 20 ft.
Ranged - Kinetic Ioun Blast - +8 To Hit - Ranged 120ft - 2d6+7 Piercing, Bludgeoning or Slashing Damage
(+3 Dex - +1 Size - +2 BAB +1 Point Blank Shot)
- Overflow Kinetic Ioun Blast - +9 To Hit - Ranged 120ft - 2d6+9 Piercing, Bludgeoning or Slashing Damage
(+3 Dex - +1 Size - +2 BAB - +1 Elemental Overflow - +1 Point Blank Shot)


Str 10 (0 point buy)
Dex 16 (10 point buy)
Con 18 (10 point buy - +2 Racial)
Int 12 (5 point buy - -2 Racial)
Wis 12 (0 point buy - +2 Racial)
Cha 10 (0 point buy)
Base Atk +2; CMB +3; CMD 14

Elephant in the Room
Weapon Finesse - Use Dexterity instead of strength for damage with Light and Finessable weapons.
Agile Maneuvers - Use Dexterity instead of Strength with CMB.
Combat Expertise - Gain a penalty to hit in return for a enhanced Dodge bonus.
Power Attack - Reduce the chance to Hit in return for a bonus to damage on melee attacks.
Deadly Aim - Reduce the chance for ranged attacks to hit in return for more damage.
Bonus Feats
Alertness - +2 to Sense Motive and Perception so long as Familiar is bonded.
1st - Precise Shot - Negate the penalty for firing into close combat.
3rd - Point Blank Shot - Add +1 to hit and damage within 30ft.

Threatening Defender (Combat) - Reduce the penalty for Combat Expertise
Blighted Physiology (Regional) - Gain +1 Natural Armour, but being healed magically sickens you for a round.
Witness to Nature's Cruelty (Adopted Trait) - +1 to Heal and Survival and Survival becomes a class skill.
Insatiable - Eat and drink twice as much as normal per day (same as a Medium creature) and services cost 10% more.

Racial Traits
Darkvision - See in perfect darkness up to 60ft.
Low-Light Vision - See twice as far as humans in dim light.
Small - +1 to Hit, AC and +4 to Stealth, -1 to CMB and CMD
Plant-Type - Although Vine Leshy’s are unlike most plants in many ways, they retain the lack of need to sleep.
Grapevine - Once per day cast Goodberry.
Curiosity - Gain +2 to Diplomacy and Linguistics, and both become class skills.
Change Shape - Transform into a small Vine.
Unassuming Foliage - +4 on stealth in forests.
Verdant Burst - On death all plants are healed for 1d8, and the area is covered in vines.

5 per level - 2 Background.
Acrobatics - +3 (+3 Dex - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Appraise - +3 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill )
Bluff - +2 (+2 Cha - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Climb - 0 (0 Str - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill - +2 Racial Trait)
Craft (Food) - +7 (+1 Int - 3 Rank - Class Skill - Background Skill)
Diplomacy - +8 (+0 Cha - 3 Ranks - Class Skill - +2 Race Bonus)
Disable Device - +4 (+3 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Disguise - +0 (+0 Cha - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Escape Artist - +3 (+3 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill )
Fly - +3 (+3 Dex - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Handle Animal - +0 (+0 Cha - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skil)
Heal - +8 (+1 Wis - 2 Ranks - Class Skill - +1 Trait Bonus)
Intimidate - +0 (+0 Cha - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Knowledge (Arcana) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Engineering) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Knowledge (Geography) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (History) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Local) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Nature) - +2 (+1 Int - 1 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Nobility) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Planes) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Knowledge (Religion) - +1 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Linguistics - +7 (+1 Int - 1 Ranks - Class Skill - +2 Racial Trait - Background Skill)
Perception - +10 (+1 Wisdom - 3 Ranks - Class Skill - +2 Feat - +1 Item)
Perform (Dance) - +5 (+3 Dex - 2 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Profession - +1 (+1 Wisdom - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Ride - +3 (+3 Dex - 2 Rank - Non-Class Skill)
Sense Motive - +2 (+0 Wisdom - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill - +2 feat)
Sleight of Hand - +7 (+3 Dex - 1 Rank - Class Skill - Background Skill)
Spellcraft - +7 (+1 Int - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill)
Stealth - +12 (+3 Dex - 2 Rank - Class Skill - +4 size)
Survival - +8 (+1 Wisdom - 3 Ranks - Class Skill - +1 Trait Bonus)
Swim - +0 (+0 Str - 0 Ranks - Non-Class Skill )
Use Magic Device +4 (+0 Cha - 1 Ranks - Class Skill)
Languages Stur, Sylvan, Meridian, Ancient Meridian, Draconic,

Combat Gear: Darkwood Wooden Armour with armoured kilt
Gear:Masterwork Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Compass, Flint and Steel, 50ft Silk Rope, String, 5 x Soul Candles, 3 x Waterskins
Charcoal x 4, Chalk x 2, Chalkboard,Ink, Inkpen, Parchment x10
Healer’s Kit (10 Uses Remaining), Cooking Kit, Fishing Kit, Mess Kit, Desert Kit
Cheese x 5lbs, Chocolate x 3lbs, Candlefish x 3lbs, Jar of Honey, Dried Meat x 3lbs, Powdered Milk x 5lbs, Trail Rations x 10, Wandermeal x 10, Travel Cake x 10.
Oldlaw Whiskey x 1, Sealord Wine x 1
Grey Ioun Stones x 3, Cracked Incadescant Blue Sphere (+1 Perception)
Cash: Platinum: | Gold Pieces: 85 | Silver Pieces: 49 | Copper Pieces: 47
(200gp reserved for Wand)

Special Abilities

Automatic Bonus Progression - Certain abilities advance regardless of items.
- Resitance - Gain +1 to all saves.
- Armour Attunement - Gain +1 AC.
- Weapon Attunement - Add +1 to damage and to hit with a weapon.
Burn - A Kineticist can accept damage in return for activating certain powers. This can total 3+Con. Each point of burn inflicts the Kinetcists level in non-lethal damage.
Elemental Defence (Force Ward) - Gain temporary HP equal to your level. If an attack does not go through these temp HP then the attack does not count as landing. They regenerate at a rate of 1 per minute. By accepting burn an additional number of HP is added equal to half the Kineticist level. Each 2 points of burn increase the regeneration by 1 point per minute.
Elemental Overflow - For every point of Burn add +1 to hit (up to +1 for every 3 levels) and double that in damage. It creates a noticeable effect.
Gather Power - Summon energy to negate burn. A move action reduces Burn by 1, a Full Round action by 2, and a full-round action + Standard by 3.
Infusion Wild Talents - Unique abilities that change or enhance Kinetic Blasts.
- Pushing Infusion (1 Burn) - Kinetic Blast can force a target 5ft back on a successful Bull Rush,using Con instead of Str.
- Extended Range - Increase range to 120ft.
Kinetic Blast (Aether) - Fire a blast inflicting 1d6+1+con, and an additional 1d6+1 at third and every two levels after.
Ioun Focus - Use telekinetic blasts focused on Ioun stones. GM Caveat: Ioun Stones are not destroyed by this.
Ioun Cloud - A Swarm of Ioun Stones surrounds the character, starting at 6 and increasing by 1 for every 6 levels. For each of these stones missing from the cloud the Kineticist suffers a -2 to concentration checks. It takes an hour to switch each Ioun Stone for a new one, or replace a missing one.
Utility Wild Talents - Strange and unusual abilities a Kineticist can do.
- Elemental Whispers - Summon an elemental incarnation that functions as a Familiar. They vanish upon taking damage and return to their owner’s mind.
- Kinetic Healer - Heal a target for the same as a kinetic blast, but either the healed target or healer gains a point of Burn as a Kineticist of there level.

Favoured Class Bonus - +3HP

​There is no mistaking Dawn for a human, or even a normal humanoid. Too small, barely topping three tall. Too green for the average Goblin, a bright leafy green of tiny overlapping leaves that make her skin look almost scaled. Interesting patterns form along her skin in different colours of cold, red and orange as the leaves change colours at various points. Only when wounded does this skin part, showing the vine-esque physique below - but it rapidly grows back.

One unusual feature that many notice is a number of stones buried in the ‘skin’ of her left arm, connected by patterns of red and gold. These are the form of the Elemental Whisper Familiar Hoseki when it is inactive. The leaves here are noticeably less green, with more red and browned edges.

Still, Dawn doesn’t look too much like the Average plant either. Her eyes seem to be light grey iridescent pearls rather than the more traditional nuts that most Leshys have, although there is only the hint of a nose-like bump, and small pine teeth. Long, green tendrils fall from her scalp, tied back neatly with string. She will typically wear odd bits and pieces as jewelry as she feels - polished bones and resin coated leaves, for example.

Dawn typically wears natural materials - her armour is carved darkwood, her clothes are black leather, and the like. Typically these clothes are reasonably loose, and often leave her shoulders and back bare as, like most plants, she rather enjoys the sun. Typically she smells of cherries and, on a bad day, freshly cut grass, and her voice is in the higher end of the Mezzo-Soprano range.

Finally, several Ioun Stones orbit Dawn at any given time. The more Burn she has suffered the more speed these Stones gain, leaving strange trails in the air and snippets of writing in ancient Meridian. What they say, Dawn is not telling.

There are strange things in the Mistwood, and strange things that come from them. Several years ago a number of vines went berserk, their growth uncontrolled. To feed this growth they devoured anything and everything they could - sunlight was simply not enough. While several patches were destroyed it was not until Druids found the source, an ancient Meridian structure almost entirely buried beneath the ground, that the balance of the Mistwood was restored.

The reason for the outburst of plantlife seemed to be a great granite pillar in the centre of the structure, covered for the most part in dead, grey Ioun Stones. Whatever purpose it once served was lost now, and when the tendrils of the vines pierced the stones of the structure it sent into a wild frenzy. When the Druids found the source, the solution was simple - the pillar was shattered, the growth stopped.

Still, there was something odd here. Ancient magics making the plantlife go berserk was not exactly a normal thing, after all. Unung Lanar Dreska, the Druid who had led the exploration of the ruins, decided to take an unusual approach to the investigation. He suggested the vines, of which there was something of an abundance, be used to create Vine Leshy who could be sent to look into the source of these problems. While not all the Druids agreed, several did, and within a month several were created.

Dew in the Dawnlight was the last created, in the heart of the ruins itself. It was clear that something had gone...differently with the little Leshy to normal. Instead of the normal brown nut eyes that most of the others had been created with, but light grey stones instead. Equally odd was her affinity for the remaining Ioun Stones in the ruins. Indeed, several were merged into one arm, but it came with a cost - Dawn was sickly compared to others of her kind, even those created in the Mistwood who were already a little...dehydrated to begin with. Positive energy made her ill, although it didn’t hurt her like the undead.

As Dawn learned and trained to harness her abilities, it became clear that her connection to Ioun Stones was fundamental to her new bodies abilities She could control them with her thoughts, swinging them as weapons and coating them in pure force. Strangely, she also developed a thin layer of ‘skin’ in the form of tiny, closeknit leaves that seemed to protect her and rapidly regrew.

Learning about herself, Dawn also learned about the outside world. She discovered that she ate - a lot - to fuel her abilities, consuming as much as someone twice her size. As a result she picked up the skills to cook - if you are going to eat, you might as well eat things that tasted good. Truly, food was a pleasure.

...at least,until Unung showed her, and several of the other Leshy, the results of starvation in a nearby village when they delivered food to the residents. Dawn had never seen humanoids look so...boney before, their skin looked so palid. She’d seen children before, and they were supposed to be running around, laughing and playing. Not sitting there, languidly. It was very wrong and Dawn didn’t understand why until it was explained.

The nation was drying out as strange magic altered the weather patterns,.and without water food was becoming harder to grow. This village had been hit worse than some - its wells now dry, the people here were reliant on hunting and foraging, and even that wasn’t going well. Unung explained that there was a curse upon the land,and that as long as it spread, more people would suffer like this.

Dew in the Dawnlight did not like that idea. The people here were miserable, and it wasn’t through lack of trying or effort or work - it wasn’t there fault. She learned how to help, with finding food and with healing, but it wasn’t enough. Who could hunt enough for a village? And when the next one had a crop failure, supply them both? One Leshy could not feed a nation.

But maybe one Leshy could help break a curse. With no better plan Dawn headed out, searching and practicing her abilities. When she journeyed to Laria she discovered something new - that the curse was spreading into these lands, causing panic and concern. Still, there was a call for adventurer’s willing to help, and Dawn figured it was the best chance to find something useful, so...


Tiny Ioun Wyrd Familiar 2
Neutral Construct
Initiative; +2 Perception +7


AC 22, touch 14 flat-footed 18 (Base +10, Dex +4, +5 Natural Armour - +3 Armour)
hp 6
Fort -1 (Immune), Ref +4, Will +3 (Base Fort +2 - Ref +2 - Will +0 - Cha-3 - Dex +2 - Wis +1)
Resistance: None


Speed 30ft Fly

Str 4
Dex 15
Con -
Int 6
Wis 14
Cha 5
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 18

Dodge - +1 to AC.

Racial Traits
Blindsight - See 30ft, regardless of visibility.
Construct - Immunity to death effects, disease, mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects), necromancy effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, and any effect that requires a Fortitude save.

Acrobatics - +2 (+2 Dex - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Climb - -3 (-3 Str - 0 Ranks - Class Skill)
Fly - +11 (+2 Dex - +2 Ranks - Class Skill - +4 Size)
Perception - +7 (+2 Wisdom - 2 Ranks - Class Skill)
Stealth - +15 (+2 Dex - 2 Rank - Class Skill - +8 Size)
Swim - -3 (-3 Str - 0 Ranks - Class Skill )

Special Abilities

Ioun Affinity - The Ioun Wyrd can hold it’s HD+1 in Ioun Stones.
Share Iouns - Any Ioun stones in the Wyrd’s possession can be used by the master.