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Full Name

Baron Dessio "Pumpkinbane", son of Count Justinian Rovissi of Lastwall


Half Orc (Taldan)


Cavalier 6












Common, Orc


Temple Enforcer

Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 15

About Dessio

Born to a 'domesticated' Belkzenian orc serving girl by a lord of Castle Everstand of dubious character, Dessio began his life as an unacknowledged bastard laboring on a pumpkin farm.

His fate changed when his only trueborn brother was slain on the front, and his father's line was left without an heir-apparent. Dessio was publicly recognized, plucked from the fields, and thrust into a world of warfare & courtly intrigue and made to transform into a 'proper Rovissi'.

By the time he mastered lance, sword, and horse his father was usurped by his uncle- citing the 'madness' of naming (not to mention siring) a half-orc bastard to inherit the family title. Dessio fled his kin's reach lest they take further steps to eradicate any claim opposing theirs.

Dessio travelled foreign lands, calling himself a sellsword, a knight-errant, or an adventurer. As he experienced new lands, he found familiar distrust & slights to his honor and always kept on the move. By the time he reached Absolem, he had come to have discovered & favored Calistria over his upbringing in Gorum's teachings just as he has come to favor the intimidating power of a heavy flail or whip to the traditional knightly shield & sword.

Upon joining the Pathfinder Society, he turned his back on the Rovissi name and instead embraced a derisive title earned early in his training: "Pumpkinbane". Despite his sour experiences with the hypocritcal nobles & aristocrats, he has fallen in with the Taldoran faction. He envisions himself one day as a warlord carrying a mighty banner and subjugating entire kingdoms... especially Lastwall. The blazon of Taldor on such a hypothetical banner is almost an afterthought.