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Full Name

Desidera Myridai Tahn

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 16
Charisma 13

About Desidera Tahn

Desidera Tahn
NG Female (Cosmopolitan)Human Medic 1

AC: 15
WP: 32
Vigor: 8
BAB: +0(+2 ranged)
F/R/W: +5/+2/+4

Racial: Focused Study, Heart of the Streets
SQ: Medic's training, Triage/3 encounter, Medic's Expertise(2)
• Medic's Expertise: First Responder, Invigorating Touch

Traits: Mental Discipline, Protectorate Educated(Religion, History)
Feat: Dodge

Maneuvers Known (5), Readied(3), Stances(1)
(B)oost, (S)trike, (C)ounter
Broken Blade: Brawler's Attitude(B), Shards of Iron Strike(S)
Steel Serpent: Poisoner's Stance, Sting of the Rattler(S), Dizzying Venom Prana(B)

Acrobatics +6 =[2+1+3]
Diplomacy +4 =[1+1+3]
Heal{FC} +9 =[2+1+3+3]
K.(Martial) +7 =[3+1+3]
Perception +7 =[3+1+3]
Sense Motive +7 =[3+1+3]
Appraise, Bluff, K.(Nature), K.(Religion)™

P.(Medic) +7 =[3+1+3]
Sleight of Hand +6 =[2+1+3]
Craft, K.(Nobility), K.(History)


Brass Knuckles(x2)

Healer's Kit
Belt pouch(x4)
Mess Kit

Leather armor
Filter Scarf

"Stand, and others stand with you."
Those were the words written over the door to the training hall in which the company that she had signed onto. Strong... Inspiring... and vague. The confusion at something so general made her wonder what she had signed on for.

That they were undergoing a "reorganization" was something that was not mentioned to her at signing.

"Oh. Joy."

Training was an undertaking. From what she could gather, something about the previous contract was something ill-considered, and a complete overhaul of the higher-ups included many of the ranking members leaving with them. So she was left to train where she could, with who she could, and a lot of headaches trying to figure out the training left behind in books and personal journals.