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I have a wizard among my players and they are wanting to make a few items for the small colony they are part of. My party is only level 3 at the moment. The items they want to make are not for combat but for the NPC's to use. I am running them though the Ruin's of Azlant AP and they do not have access to really anything but the tiny colony they are working on building so my wonderful players are really invested in the colony and I love that.

I have no clue how to price these items but I really love that they are wanting to get this involved so I kind of want them to get to make these things. Please help!

The first is what they are calling 'the hoe of crop rotation'. At the moment it is gonna be fairly simple. She wants spells like Expeditious Excavation and Expeditious Construction. They are wanting it to be able to till the ground for farming. Later when more levels and more money has been gain they want to add some spells like plant growth.

Another one is being called the 'Woodsman Axe'. They want it be able to cut though the hardness of a tree quicker and possibly ease the physical exhaustion that chopping down trees gets you.

The others are gonna be a little later as the spells are not avalible yet. One is carpentry tools with 'Wood Shape'. The goal is to make it easier or faster to build things.

Along with eventually something with Stone Shape to make it easier on the stone masons.
And something for the same thing with the blacksmith. Possibly with spells like crafters fortune

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Shieldwarden Olhondias is the former Herald of the Azlanti moon goddess, Acavna. And I am running a campaign in Azlant that will have a lot of plane hopping from the various planar rifts throughout the Shattered Continent. Acavna is a bit of theme throughout the game and at some point they will be getting to go against her former mount, an ancient Lunar Dragon, who guard the ruins of a city. The Mordant Spire Elves are throughout the area and the Mordant Spire grew from her corpse.

"After her death, her former herald Shieldwarden Olhondias used parts of her planar realm to shore up the refuge for outcast outsiders, Basrakal, in the Maelstrom."

But there is not a lot said about this former herald. I am very certain my party is gonna wanna chat with this guy and I am hopping for some ideas on personality and the mechanics of this character. Feel free to throw some crazy idea as I love crazy and my game is using the mythic stuff.

So I am running a game set in Azlant and I want to, as do all my players, explore the whole shattered continent. There is also going to be plane shifting. There are rifts to various planes all though out the islands. Some obvious and some not.

I don't need every location to be really weird but some of I want to be very strange. I have huge islands that are bigger than some countries and then tiny less than one mile island. There are a lot of islands. Some places have wild magic and there are going to be a few dead magic zones.

Aberrations, Devils, Magical Beasts, and Giants are the more important enemies that tie into the different threads they might attach themselves to.

I have a small island in the south that is made of living metal, as is everything on it.

Another is small island, I am calling it Mirror Isle, has little, hard to notice mirrors floating around. So that at times they will see part of themselves reflected in the air. There may be a rift to the Shadow plane or the Dimension of Dreams here. Not sure yet. But the main predator here are going to be a kind of doppelganger, one that make a closer copy. As in copying class features. But it loses a point or more of con per day so long as the original lives. I love the fight a mirror version of yourself troupe.

Near one of the larger impacts is a place that was turned into crystal.

In the tropical setting I know I am going to have one island that is cold. All the wintry goodness they thought they didn't have to deal with in a tropical setting is gonna be there.

And suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I have a new computer and I am trying to get my account set up. I was able to do so but when I tried to change me email, the one register here is not one I have access to anymore, it now seems to be stuck in transition. It is no sending a message to the new account and I cannot seem to login to my account on chrome. Is there something you can do?

I will be starting a modified Ruins of Azlant game soon where the players will be going much further into the shattered continent. A great many things have survived the 10,000 years following the Earthfall due to the way the Azlanti weaved magic into basically everything they did.

Plenty of items are fine but I wanting some to be poorly affected by the time. Like bags of holding have degraded into bags of devouring. Staves, rods, and wands have odd quirks like altering the visual of the spell or flat out casting different spells or maybe have some chance of acting like a rod of wonder.

Thank you in advance

I have always be intrigued by the Deck of Many Things and I want to include something similar in my custom Ruins of Azlant campaign. But I want to change a few things. I want to base he cards off of the eight schools of magic along with primal magic and maybe alchemy. I am wanting between three to five cards for each suit. I want a bunch of cards.

I have some ideas though not enough. Like one of the Divination cards can give a truthful answer to any one question and I think I will put that it has to asked within a year of the card being drawn. The death card is in Necromancy, of course. One of the Universal magic cards will grant a wish.

But when I have an idea and I am not sure how to execute it I come to the message-boards.

I have always be intrigued by the Deck of Many Things and I want to include something similar in my custom Ruins of Azlant campaign. But I want to change a few things. I want to base he cards off of the eight schools of magic along with primal magic and maybe alchemy. I am wanting between three to five cards for each suit.

I have some ideas though not enough. Like one of the Divination cards can give a truthful answer to any one question and I think I will put that it has to asked within a year of the card being drawn. The death card is in Necromancy, of course. One of the Universal magic cards will grant a wish.

But when I have an idea and I am not sure how to execute it I come to the message-boards.

I am soon going to be running Ruins of Azlant and I, and my players, want to explore far more than is presented. I am condensing the adventure path down to 9 or 10 levels and then they will get to do some exploring into the actual Shattered Continent. But I need to keep things interesting and still have a kind of villain.

I thought about Demons and critters from the underdark but it did not call to me for the BBEG. I'm still considering using them but not for myfinal villian.

I want something a little stranger. I am wanting them to have to have to battle the actual land though I am a little uncertain how to go about that since there are not a lot of examples. I have plans for some plane hopping. Quiet a few rifts that have opened and have wrapped the surrounding areas.

One thought I had was using the impact locations from Earthfall be the big thing they have to take care of. Things there are really weird.

Another was them having to figure out how to close the rifts but that seems like it could get monotonous really fast.

I am finally getting run a heavily modified version of The Ruins of Azlant. One of my players, who has been playing for a lot longer than I have, wanted to play an Alienist wizard. I love the thematic's of it so I am all down for either transfuring over the prestige class or as she would prefer making an archetype along that theme. And I am cool with that. Pathfinder was made for archetypes!

So I turn to the wonderful message board for help!

I know she wants the summons to be more aberration or outsider like. We can do that with a template similar to the celestial or fiendish templates though a modified feat. I wanna keep the familiar changing to an outsider. Probably around level seven like with improved familiar. But I am not the best at formatting something that fits in pathfinder without being way over or under powered. That ideal middle ground is hard for me.

I'm not sure what things are a good trade for the wizards core abilities. Please help me! Plus if she plays it I get to make a baddy along the same bent. Those are my rules and we all seem to like the results.

Thank you in advance.

Like the title says I need a good urban module. The level does not matter. I am wanting a module that is good for the Vigilante class. Quiet possibly a whole group of them.

Thank you in advance

We play on Sundays and one of our table has plenty of room and the house is on the boarder of Midwest City and Choctaw.

We have a 5e game, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. That is being run while she and I prep for the games we really want to run. The first up is mine which is a modified Ruins of Azlant with the wonderful Mythic stuff if everyone is down. The other is her which is a modified version of Mage from World of Darkness. She is running it in a Harry Potter inspired style, so we get to be young students who know nothing.

Post here or PM me!

I am going to be running the Pact Stone Pyramid module for some friends. I am supposed to at some point in their first day in the dig site have the tip of the pyramid be reached in the dig. So I am not sure if I missed it in my reading but how long does it take for the pyramid to be dug out? I know they can interfere with it but I need a base time.

Thank you in advance

So I have a few dragon fights coming up in the campaign I am running. I also watch Critical Role, if you haven't you should. Anyways the GM in that had a few dragon fights and the lair had an initiative separate of the dragon. Other critters had these too sometimes.

What these are is that the area or home of a specific creature has been effected by having a dragon live there for so long. A black dragon might have pools of acid that bubble out. Blasts of fire for the red and gold dragon.

What I am wanting is some ideas for various dragons along with some stuff that a necromancers lair might have.

Specifically I have a evil adult undead copper dragon on a well of necromancy.

A mature adult black dragon in a very old manor that it has claimed for the last few centuries. The manors lands have turned into a swamp/bog type area.

A, adult white dragon with the broken soul template who is a manor and has not left in a few years. The inside of the home is its hoard.

A mature adult red dragon. I am using the Blood of Dragonscar module.

Late game I have a ancient green dragon who lives in a massive pit in a forest and has orc and kolbold minions

As to the necromancer I have a lot of necromancers as the baddies. The Whispering Tyrant Tar-Baphon is the final fight and they have his minions to fight along the way. So any ideas for fun things spell casters homes might have absorbed from having them there.

Thank you in advance

So an adult white dragon has a bite and 2 claws, both of which are listed as primary attacks, 2 wings and a tail slap, both of which are listed as a secondary attack. If I give the critter mutiattack. How does this work? In a Full attack do I get to use all of them or is it still in piecemeal? Also is is there a way to attack lots of people at once?

This matters because this dragon is not going to be able to fly very much.

Thank you in advance

I am running a one shot fight for some of my players. There are four of them. They are level 16 and will have 3 mythic tiers so crazy powerful. In know one is an Oracle and she wants to do as much damage as possible. Another is a gunsling, alchemist, wizard mix. The player has plans for a crazy gun and I wanna see how it turns out. He can make very functional characters. Another will be a full caster of some kind, currently wobbling between a wizard or druid. And the last guy is I think going with a alchemist or monk.

They are going to be fighting an evil Ancient Wyrm Brass Dragon in its hoard. I am adding lair actions, meaning the actual lair has an initiative and will have abilities resembling the dragons natural abilities. I was thinking some kind of gout of fire and blasts from the sands.

Beyond that I am changing the spells around as the dragon is cruel and delights is violence and death. Potentially a template but I have not found one I like. I need it to be able to keep up with the mythic action economy.

Any suggestions for things the lair could do on its imitative or things I can do with the Dragon itself. Minions that I could add to make things more dangerous. Fun traps the Dragon would have in the hoard. Anything that sounds fun and deadly

Thank you in advance

So a little backstory on the character in question. He was originally a fighter who belonged to a mercenary type of guild. This guy was purely motivated by money. He was hired by a group of baddies, minions of the BBEG actually. He worked with them for a few months before it all went ass over tea kettle. They wanted him to go into a hamlet and kill everyone simply because he was told to. The PC said no, this was to much. But since he was alone with the four baddies he was overpowered and killed. In his dying moments he begged for someone, anyone to help him.

Sarenrae answered. This was the Deity the player wanted and I had no issue with that. Redemption is a big thing for this character. She brought him back to life and remade him as a cleric. She also gave him visions of the other players and told him if he wanted true redemption and not to burn forever he needed to help them. That was something the player added all on his own, the forever burning and the reason he went to the party, and Sarenrae can be a little hardcore so that happened. In his little oath to her. The player is a weird one. Everything till this point was backstory. Anyways.

So he is with the group and we are getting close to his arc in the tale and he requested a possible love interest and a chance to try and redeem someone. I am happy to oblige.

I want the love interest and the person to be redeemed to be the same person. A fellow member of the mercenary guild. She is a very capricious lady who really doesn't do it for the money more just because she can. I have her built, a personality, and backstory figured out. But I am floundering a little on when I want to bring her in.

So she could spot him in the city and be the one that lets him know about the bounty on his head. The guild figured out he is not dead and they are angry at him for pissing off well paying clients. No they do not know that those clients wanted him to slaughter a hamlet for the lolls. This is a bit more of the easier option, maybe.

I plan for the party to get to fight this group of minions and this lovely lady could be working for them. That will put a lot of tension in that fight. But the likelihood of her dying is high. Though resurrection is a thing and they group has paid to raise NPC's before.

I am sure there are more options but my brain is not thinking of anything, stupid cold affecting my brain. Anyways any suggestions are welcome and heavily requested. Please help!

Thank you in advance,

I am building a Kobold Paladin of Iomedae. This is because he died and was brought back my a priestess of Iomedae. My little blue Kobold needs some structure in his life and this is the route he is going.

I am planning on melee. The campagin is rather undead heavy so the I was planning on taking the undead scourge archetype. His time while dead was spent in Urgathoa's realm. So there is a strong hatred for the undead.

I am needing some feat suggestions. He is level 8. I am not super familiar with the Paladin.

Thank you in advance

Can someone, using the kingdom building and the settlements, please stat out Falcon's Hollow and Fort Thorn. And please explain how it was done.

My reasoning is that I am running the Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale module for my group and modifying it for a trial run for a kingmaker. But I am having some issue figuring out how to build Fort Thorn. I want Falcons Hollow because that is a major location in he game we are in right now in our current game but again the kingdom building stuff is a little confusing to me.

Thank you in advance

So I have a really religious party. They go to temples not the taverns and spend a chunk of their money on donations not mugs of ale. So due to this I am wanting more ideas for stuff that I can due with these temples. The deities that matter the most to them are Pharasma, Iomedae, Torag Cayden Cailean, Sarenrae, Abadar, Gozreh, Shelyn, and Desna. Urgathoa is a big from the baddie side of things.

One of my players is retraining during down time to become a Paladin of Iomedae and that got me thinking on what the initiation ceremony would look like and what it would look like for the other deities.

I have a very devoted Druid of Gozreh and an npc cleric of Gozreh who are shooting for a romantic relationship. So what would a marriage ceremony look like? Gozreh matters here but any of the gods hold my curiosity.

Also another very important one is burial ceremonies for these deities. The previously mentioned Druid has an artifact of Pharasma and made a binding oath to her so he is learning about that faith, specifically burial rites. My game is very undead heavy.

A new Paladin of Iomedea is gonna matter. Also the Cleric of Gozreh and I have a cleric of Sarenrae. Those three with Pharasma are the four most likely Deity specific ceremonies I need to know about.

Thank you in advance.

I am getting to play a Derro in an Underdark game. I do believe we are starting in the city of Telderist. What I need are some conspiracy theories that by little paranoid Derro believes.

Thank you in adavnce

So the Sorcerer in my group took leadership and got a Blue Kolbold who is a Dragon Herald Bard. Because of this I get to make titles little Kibbo would use to introduce the group with, primarily to shame them with. I need some dramatic titles. Silly is more than welcome!

Forgive the wall of text but I have a rather large group because I am insane. And there is a fair bit of flexible rules in my game.

In the group I have the Sorcerer with the Linnorm bloodline. She is the one who took the leadership feat. This character is rather greedy and arrogant. He behavior is rather dragon like, a mix She loves ice magic and blast spells. Her mini is a woman with a chainsaw!

There is her husband a Magus who is a blacksmith and a crafter. He is quiet and calm man. Who has the worse luck in combat and fails most saves. He is the tank and consistent frontliner.

Another Sorcerer with the Arcane bloodline. He is the adopted child of the two listed above. Very sarcastic and Kibbo does not like him, at all. Illusion magic based with some environmental control spells.

A really old Dwarf Wizard who fails in combat alot and likes to summon things. He tends to do some random things like yell "Guy's I hope you have your murder boners ready!" He also tends to forget he has magic, he is a bad wizard.

A half-orc druid. He is a big talker and very focused on starting a grove of his own. He has a warg named Fluffy who is rather like a mother to him. Fluffy is very mellow and more than willing to scare people if she thinks it is funny.

A Cleric of Gozrah who is the love interest of the half orc druid. She is very quiet and kind. She is only ranged and a healer.

A cleric if Sarenrae. He thinks he is a being of fire and is rather obsessed with fire. He is very helpful to all the party members even when they do not need his help. Kibbo does not like him because his mistress does not like Sarenrae. He is also a little dumb. The party ran into a Green Dragon they knew, but she was in the form of a half elf. He is a smoker, this oddly matters. He asked her is it was true that dragons fire brings out the flavor. He was surprised when the dragon lady spit acid on the cigar, ruining that and badly damaging his hand. Then he asked about the different kinds of breath weapons dragons have and how it affects their food. This is because she says yes it does bring out the flavor.

A gnome ranger named Vagi, the name makes people laugh. He lynx is named Mooch. Vagi is ranged and very quiet and shy. But she steals all the kills.She loves to travel and happened to have had a nice bow at one point but she snapped it in half mid combat due to some bad rolls. Mooch is a shameless ham with a deep love for belly rubs. He had the first title which is Acid Belly. That was earned by him nearly dying fighting some ankhegs.

In the game I am running there is a seal leaking necrotic energy and the players unintentionally let a bad guy know with a few months to plan when to attack it. So while the guard is lessened to guard a different location where other plot stuff is happening I want to have the baddies attack it.

So the seal is being guarded by a group of Fey and a bunch of clerics and paladins of Iomedea. This fight is going to happen off screen but the players intend to head that way, time-wise, after the fight happens.

Most of the baddies leading that attack are necromancy focused Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, Rouges, Barbarians, and Clerics. My campaign has a strong necromancy bent.

I want to steal the soul of the Paladin, cause it sounds like fun. What can the bad guys do with the soul of a Paladin and maybe a few clerics or powerful Fey?

Any suggestions legal and mechanically sound or less legal but fun sounding are welcome and wanted.

Thank you in advance

The campagin I am running started in Falcons Hollow. I ran them through the Hollow's Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, and Hungry Are the Dead. They got their first mythic tier before the boss fight in Hungry are the Dead. From their they met with the Fairy Queen, she is working to stop a necrotic seal from leaking, this is one of the seals that traps the Lich King Tar-Baphon. In exchange the players are working to stop the war between the Fey and the Lumber Consortium.

They have set up a meeting for peace talks between the Fey, the Lumber Consortium, and the government of Andoran. All of which is great! But they want to go back to Falcon's Hollow and I would love some ideas for stuff that I can do with them.

For some other the things that have changed in Falcon's Hollow.

Kabran Bloodeye was called out by the party in the middle of town and he was killed. Payden Teedum was killed. Thuldrin Kreed was hung by the townsfolk.

One of the players took over Savram Vade, an npc from Crown of the Kobold King. That players father is a necromancer and escaped. He will be a reoccurring villain later.

There is currently a large amount of the Diamond Regiment in the town working with the Fairy Queen to contain the necrotic seal. That seal is leaking a lot of necromantic energy so there is a lot of undead in the area.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance, DAA

I am getting to take my players into an area that has a lot of Skin Stealers who has plagued this area for over 30 years.

This place is a collection of small lumber hamlets and villages in a large forests.

So I am wanting some ideas for things I can do with the Skin Stealers. Anything people have used in the past. I have never had the chance to play with these critters before. There is lot to them but I am sadly drawing a blank!

How can I amp up the creepy factor with creatures that wear the skin of people and how would the players notice what they are?

What would be some fun things that would cause normally solitary creatures how like to travel want to stay in a few mile radius for years?

I have a haunt coming up in my homebrew game and I am wondering how the players would be able to figure out how to permanently remove the haunt.

The rough history of the haunt is that there was a man who was attempting to make peace between the local Fey and lumberjacks. But a local lumber baron did not want the peace and restrictions on the harvesting of wood. The lumber baron paid a handful of lumberjacks to kill the hopeful peacemaker.

The Fey found out about it and found his body handing. The Fey slaughtered the whole town. They the men who did it. The peacemaker was given a proper burial and his final resting place has become a bit of legend and bad adventurers do try to loot his tomb. But thus far no one is know to have succeed.

The hired murderers were turned into scarecrows and are now the guardians of the grave of the man they killed. If the scarecrows are all killed the haunt reforms in 1d6 days.

My initial thought for what would kill the haunt is that they need to bring someone with legal authority to pass judgment on these souls. I am not sure how the group would figure that out.

I am also open to suggestions for other ways to kill the haunt forever. This is something they are gonna want to do since they are looking for ways to earn good will in the area and this is very in line with their current quest.

Thank you in advance.

So sorry for the text wall but I need help! My player are getting close to the completion of their first major quest and will be getting rewards. Big ones. The short of it is that they are setting up a meeting to stop what would be a very big, long, and bloody war.

So one of my players has a request for what they want but I have no idea what it would cost and I am thinking something like this would be to much for one player even if they want it for everyone. I still want everyone to get something of their own that they specifically want. The thing the player wants will be helpful to everyone as the campaign goes on.

They know the story will have them moving though a few countries so a sedentary location is not so useful. But one that moves is. So this player is wanting is a tower. It is four stories to account for a small prison, crafting spaces, rooms for the six players, a few cohorts, followers, and guests. This I do not have an issue with.

He wants a tower that will shrink down and with a command word resume its full size. Now I have some issues with this option. I have no idea what it would cost and I assume something like would leave some damage where ever they open it.

Another option is a building that they are able to have an item that with a command word can go back to. This would be a tower that is in one place but they can access from anywhere. They would have to find a way to keep it safe but it gives a easily way for people to find them if they need to. This was something one of the players mentioned.

The other option is a mini dimension that they can access and build their home in.

I have no idea how to even begin crafting any of these and no idea what they would cost.

In my group I have three players who have been playing for years longer than me and then I have three newbies. It is one of the more experienced players that wants this, a druid. Of the other two experienced players one is willing to go along with whatever and will happily accept what I give them. This one just wants to get back to the game, a wizard. The other one is having some issues, a sorcerer. They want more of a say in it and are feeling a little left out.

This is something the druid came up with and started designing well before asking for input from anyone. The very last of it was a few comments from the wizard. The three newbies, who will go along with anything currently, had no say and the sorcerer was shown the drawing.

Not only would I like some help figuring out what those options above would cost I need some advice on what to do here.

Do I tell him no? Since I have no idea what I could give the other players that would be on the same level as thing and not break my game.
Reduce what he would be getting?
Ask everyone to draw up an example of what they would want and then hybridize them?
Do I design it and they just get that?
And if they get it what are the three options gonna cost? I need to know that so I know how long it will take for them to get it.
Should I give everyone their own little building? Something smaller, like a house instead?
Are there things I have not considered?

Thank you in advance

I had a player miss a few sessions and I hate to just recap things and have nothing for him to have done while he was gone. The rest of the players are fine with me doing solo stuff with him at the beginning of the session. He is a new player to this type of fantasy game, he tends to play things like robotech and starwars. He is not the most social and tends to be really quiet but he is the first to volunteer to help someone which is great. He is a vanilla cleric of Sarenrae who used to be a mercenary in Taldor till he was killed and given a second chance by Sarenrae. Fun backstory.

So they are in the city of Almas in Andoran and he has six days to do some stuff. The 'quest' the group is on is to stop a war between the Fey and the Lumber Consortium. They have a potential meeting between the Fey Queen, the people who run the Lumber Consortium, and a representative of the People Council. The group is looking for information on all parties and trying not to create bad blood. So if anyone has an ideas on some stuff I could have for this player to do. Either pertaining to the above or just some fun stuff for him to get him more invested in the game.

Thank you in advance,

I need some help with a Orc tribe.This tribe will be found in the Hold of Belkzen I do not have a name for them yet. This tribe is still loyal to Tar-Baphon. I am needing some fluff ideas on how this group functions and how the other tribes view them. The link is to the wiki for the tribes of Belkzen.

The main reason is I have a half orc player who was born in the Hold of Belkzen. He is the son of the tribes leader and a paladin of Iomedea. His mother was a captive. He was taken away as a child, saved by his mothers animal companion. He grew up in Taldor among the druids.

I am wanting this tribe to still keep ties with Tar-Baphon because he is the games BBEG and I think the player will have a blast with it. Besides this is all fated to happen so all of my players have deep ties back to Tar-Baphon they just have not figured them out yet.

Any suggestions on the tribe would be greatly appreciated. Orc tribes are not something I am familiar with.

Thank you in advance

My Order is 4118677. It says that my items were sent to me but I have yet to have them arrive. These are books I was very excited to get and it has been two weeks.

My campaign is currently in Andoran and I have an NPC I am needing help with. I am adjusting the Gallery of Evil module. So I have an art collector who works with adventurers and will buy things off of them from their dungeon delving or occasionally send them out to places he has heard about. I want them to work with him some before I start the modules events.

The main things he collects are paintings and drawings. But he will take statues, should they be beautifully made or of historical value, and yes he will take pieces of statues. For weapons and armor it has to be historically relavant or of a exceptionally beautiful make.

What I need is some suggestions for places he might send my group in Andoran and some ideas for things that they might find.

Thank you in advance,

I have games on my campaigns page that have not had any posts from the gm in over two months and all the players agreed the game was over. I want them off my page so I ask how to do this.

Thank you in advance

My group is in the city of Almas doing plot stuff, which with the way they are doing it is not combat heavy. Something we are fine with as a group. They are liking the challenge and the change of pace. I do want some combat to happen though and they also need ways to make money outside of selling stuff.

So what I am wanting help with is what are some different kinds of combats that I can have happen in a city? Preferably nothing that might get them arrested.

Also what are some things I could have them do that ends in a reward? Fetch quests and the like. I need ideas. I would love to have a murder mystery but I have no clue how to set one up.

Thank you in advance

I have a player who has taken the Inscribe Magical Tattoo feat. Now I get that this allows for extra buff that can on a player and I am fine with that for my crazy overpowered game. What I am wanting to know is what are the ways that I can either negate them in combat.

How does the spell dispel magic work with this? I am not wanting to break her tattoos constantly. It sucks as a player if you lose all of your stuff. I was in a group that got hit with Mage's Disjunction and the hostility at the table was impressive.

But sometimes things happen and you might lose an item or two, temporarily or permanently. So I am wanting to know how to do so. Is erase, which not a spell every mage is going to know, the only way to permanently remove one tattoo? And is dispel magic the only way to suppress the tattoo?

I acknowledge that I am insane for doing it but my party is really enjoying so I intend to keep up with it. They have fought some odd critters and kept their hides and I am giving different creatures hides special abilities when used.

Drakes give a bonus to saves versus paralysis and sleep effects, +1 to a +5 pending the strength of the creature and the success of the skinning and crafting. Some of them will have very low resistance to elemental damage.

Wyverns gives a bonus on paralysis or sleep (+2 to a +5) and a bonus on saves versus contact poison, +4 to +6. If used to make a face mask a bigger bonus to saves vs poison but prevents casting with verbal components, face mask is a +4 to a +8. The mask happened because I had a player who was very invested in poison use.

Tatzlwyrm face mask (lower face mask made of bright green scales, it gives a +4 vs inhaled poisons, the thickness of the pelt prevents casting spells with verbal components.

A Gorgon would have a higher armor class and some of it might count as natural armor or maybe a bonus to saves versus petrifaction.

Like I said lots of custom stuff since I am insane. So I am humbly asking the lovely people who frequent the boards to help me out. I am wanting suggestions for things I could do with the flesh of various creatures in crafting. I want simple abilities that reflect the kind of creature the hide comes from.

The main baddies in my campaign are the undead and humanoids but there have been a lot of fey and dragon types. Though with this style of crafting there is usually weird hides to be found in markets. The most recent thing they found in a market was the hide of a basilisk. Not sure what I want to do with that one yet.

Thank you in advance,

So my group is now in Almas way ahead of schedule and while that is fine I am a little behind on some of my planning. So I am wanting some help. I have the three books on Andoran but there is limited information in them concerning what I am wanting.

Are there are any pathfinder society modules that take place in the cities of Andoran or Augustana? Or maybe some modules that could easily be altered that fit in either of those cites?

Any information anyone has either found or made up considering the Peoples Council would be greatly appreciated. That is definitely going to be a major focus of my group. They are planning to end up in front of the whole council.

They have said that they are wanting to speak with Talmandor, the avoral who is the spiritual patron of Andoran. I am more than happy to set this up but I am not sure how to do so. They are level eight so they lack the ability to use their own magic to summon him and I doubt Talmandor will just appear when anyone calls him. I assume he is a busy critter. While a patron of Andoran he still has other things he has to do but he would be very interested in what has been going on in Andoran once he learns of it. So what would be some of the ways that he could be called?

What are some fun things that could happen in a marketplace in a metropolis like Almas? My group is finally going to get to spend some of there money and we enjoy roleplaying some of the shopping. This has proved to be a really good way for the group to get a little more invested in the town that they are in and they have, due to some good rolls, gotten some weird and custom items.

Thank you in advance,

The nation of Anodran has a celestial guardian in Talmandor. I am wanting to know if there are other stated celestial guardians for the other countries? I would assume if a fledgling nation has one that the others do too.

I have no idea if these things exist or if I have to come up with them. So if anyone knows about any that exist please let me know.

But if I am having to come up with them I am looking for some advice on how to do so. The specific countries I am needing them for are the Hold of Belkzen, Druma, Five Kings Mountains, Isger, Lastwall, Molthune, Taldor, and Ustalav.

The big ones out of that list that I absolutely need and idea from are the Hold of Belkzen, Lastwall, Taldor, and Ustalav.

I need some sort of outsider creature that embodies and represents each of these nations. Any suggestions or full on creations of these creatures would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

I am wanting some general ideas for different types of guilds that would exist in Golarian. These things would exist but there are not a lot of examples of them. My group is rather insane and so am I, which is why they work well together.

Different types of crafters guilds. From mundane crafting like tanners to magical crafting.
Mage guild. Different styles of guilds for the various magics maybe? I have no clue here by my whole group consists of some kind of magic user.
Martial types of guilds.
Maybe some actual adventuring guilds that are not the Pathfinders.
Mercenary guilds.
Any other kind that I am not thinking of.

Thank you in advance

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I sort of feel like bragging about my group even though it is going to derail some things in my game. They have done some serious charity that I simply did not expect and I want them to get something out of it besides good feelings. Please forgive the wall of text but they did a lot in one session. They are rarely this quick moving.

To give a little context. The party is in Andoran and they a have been charged with stopping a war between the nation of Andoran and the Fey. They were approached by a Fairy Queen and told that she wants peace but the humans are destroying the forests. She wants a meeting with the Lumber Consortium.

The Lumber Consortium is an organization that is responsible for all of the local lumber that Andoran uses. The big issue is that they do not replant. They will strip an area and then move on.

The group traveled from Falcons Hollow to the city of Oregent. They did not like what they saw there but the parts that they didn't like was not what I expects. The first made friends with the law and asked ot come in the town. That was the first weird thing.

Next was that when it came to meeting with the people who run the Lumber Consortium they were completely civil. They are actually trying to solve this one with no-violence! And I am so freaking excited. Even though they can see weakness in the unity of this group they are not capitalizing on it. Instead they are playing nice and my group usually does not do that with people they hate. And they hate this group. I have a druid in the party that really wants to just kill them all but is trying to avoid that.

The last thing and this was the on that completely caught me off guard was they want to buy land in Oregent. Now the three players that were there that session each want to do something a little different. The Druid wants to set up a pantheon style temple. The whole group was rather offended that there was no temple in this town. Not even a little shrine. The scorcerer wants to set up a soup kitchen because of how downtrodden the local looked. And then there is my vary ambitious wizard. He wants to add a whole new district to the town. He, and the others, did not like that the vast majority of the locals lived in ramshackle housing in an area known as the squats.

The group did give a lot of money to a baker who sells the left over product a servery reduced price a lot of money so she can easily continue to do so. Maybe even get an actual shop going. This did not surprise me. The group likes to give out money to help people and I love that about them.

It was the next donation and the other one that they have planed that shocked me. There was one Lumber Consortium council seat holder who they really liked. She is trying to fix the policies from the inside. She also works with feeding the poor and adopts orphaned children. They gave her four platinum pieces to help her get the town in a better state. And they plan to give money to the cities Magistrate.

They want to pour money into a town and make it better. And I want to let them do this. Even though this campaign I am running will take them far from this city and I doubt they will return until the game is over, so after level 20 is reached and they have saved the world. But I want this to benefit them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What should buying land cost? I have never heard of this coming up in any game I have ever been in.

Thank you in advance,

My group will be arriving in Almas soon, I am hoping in about and month or month and a half if they do not screw around to much. Though I doubt
I am that lucky. They have been stuck in little town so they have a lot of gold to spend and for level 8 they are rather limited items. I mentioned a auction and they seemed rather interested. So since I like happy players and it could be fun I want to set up an auction house. But I have never done this before so I need some ideas.

What I want is some ideas of the types of items that would be found there. Magical items, art, maps, animals?

Also some of the kinds of people that would go to these events. Other adventures or maybe some merchants. I need some personalities that could be there.

Oh and if anyone has any ideas for some encounters that might happen there that would be greats. Good or bad encounters are very welcome.

What level of security should I have there?

And if there is anything else that might be fun to add please let me know.

Thank you in advance

I am trying to find a map of the city Oregent in Andoran. Can someone please help me out? I know it is the the book Andoran Birthplace of Freedom but I am needing one I can put in a picture manager so I can mark where a few important places are.

Thank you in advance

I am wanting to make an item for the game that I am running though I have no clue how to make it or what it would cost. I know I can, as the GM, say that is simply exists and it does what I am wanting but I would prefer to actually know how it would be made and what it would cost.

So like the title says I am wanting a safe place to dual with magic. That means there is an area, 30 to 100 square feet, that magic is no longer lethal. All spells are as if they were cast with the merciful meta magic feat. This would allow for professional duels and magical training with a much lower risk of killing someone.

I am not wanting to up the caster level for the people in the arena by forcing them to take merciful spell and there are plenty of builds that do not use a rod. Plus that could easily be stolen and I do not want that to be an option.

This item that causes the non lethal magic I do not want to be easy to move.

So I ask the wonderful people of the message boards to please help me out.

Thank you in advance.

I am finally getting to play a Summoner! And I was wondering if there are other ways to summon my eidolon faster. The whole one minutes thing is not helpful at all. I playing a Spiritualist I have figured out how crippling it can be in combat. Poor ghosty never gets to come out and play.

My summoner is rather pathetic at her current level while the eidolon actually looks like a player character do to some really bad rolls for my poor little summoner. So she needs help and if I am limited to the one minute summoning of the eidolon I am left with summons which I am trying to avoid doing to often as per request.

I am getting to start my Mythic game up again and I have a bit of a problem. I have two players who are not coming back. One I know what I am doing with but the other not so sure. I apologize for the text wall but I need some help and part of the wall text is for game for context and the player I have.

The game started out with Hollows last Hope. The I used the modules Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, and Hungry are the dead. The group is now level eight and have their first mythic tier. Which they got before the final fight in the Hungry are the Dead. The undead taint is from a seal of Tar-Bahpon. They will be going to the other seals and the end baddie is the Whispering Tyrant himself.

The other players that are staying are a really old Dwarf wizard, a Half Orc Druid, and a human Sorcerer. The party has a human magus NPC who is married to the Sorcerer and a young human wizard the Sorcerer adopted because I hit her in the feels. The kid is from the Crown of the Kobold King module. The player I have plans for is a Rouge/Ranger human and he has a purpose as an NPC. The one I am not sure about is the Goblin Ranger The player has given me his character sheet and I get to do what I want.

So he started out as quiet the team player and shortly after the Revenge of the Kobold King when the Rouge/ranger and the Druid were added his behavior changed. He was more isolated and developed a habit of jumping on to the other PC and using them as springboards in combat. He did it to the child and knocked him prone in one fight and the Sorcerer threatened his life. All and all the Goblin became anti-social and the player was not enjoying gaming anymore but did not tell anyone.

For another example. They were in the town of Olfden he basically refused to fight and help the his allies and the town itself because why would he. The town was being attacked from the outside. Most other issues were the actual player and not the character.

So in the Revenge of the Kobold King module there was a trap that if you failed the save you turned into a bodak in three days that I did not use. My thoughts is to have had something slowly taking over him. I do not want the bodak and I want it to be something that cannot be gotten rid of. Something that is slowly corrupting him. He could have picked it up at any point while near Falcons Hollow and that necrotic taint.

He did go off by himself more than once and did not explain anything to the other characters. So this seems like a interesting way to have a PC leave the party without them just vanishing. Plus I like to make my players paranoid. They are hilarious. And they all really want to kill the Goblin. They have asked to get to. So this is how I can give them what they want.

Thank you in advance.

I am finally getting to play a bard. She is a Lotus Geisha so my main spells are going to be of the enchantment variety. What I need help with is figuring out real world songs for the spells and the bardic abilities. Please help me figure these out.

So far I am thinking the 'I need a Hero'' song for Inspire Courage. Maybe 'I will Make a Man Out of You' for the Inspire Competence or the spell Gallant Inspiration.

Thank you in advance

I need some advice, which is why I came here, on building a smaller orc tribe. They are in the Hold of Belkzen and will be encountered when my group is around level 17 or 18 when the PCs have three or four mythic tiers.

For some background on this group. They are a small tribe that are still loyal to Tar-Baphon. They have connections to the Whispering Way. I am wanting them to be a small group who typically avoid all the other tribes since they have a higher mission, releasing Tar-Baphon.

This group captured a Paladin of Iomedae around 19 years ago and kept her for five years. In that time a Half-Orc was born from the unwilling union between the Paladin and the leader of the small tribe. This Half-Orc is one of my players and is wanting to eventually meet this tribe and fight with papa. The Paladin was rescued and the group getting her out missed the child. He has yet to meet either of his parents again.

So here is my list of questions.

I have never had to do anything with Orcs before so I am a little lost on this. I need a name for the small tribe and I have failed to come up with a name I like.

As to the mechanics they are Orcs so most of them will be melee classes but due to their connections to the Whispering Way some of them should be casters right? What classes would work best?

How would a small clan be built?

Should I make most of the tribe some form of Undead?

What are some fun items that I could have the tribe have that the party will get assuming they defeat the tribe?

This is at a high level so what would be some fun environmental encounters that they have to deal with?

How could I make sure the actual fight between father and son is dramatic and emotional?

Thank you in advance

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I want to make a fairy tale inspired game. It is not so much the plot I am needing help with but the extra stuff I am wanting to give for the fairy tale character my PCs will pick to be their theme. In the end the gender is not going to matter. I do know that some of the abilities I have come up with would make the PCs a little over powered and I am ok with that. I want a big pool of options for my group to pick though. I do want to keep the abilities light hearted. These are all needing to be abilities that heroes would have. Though if anyone has some ideas on villains I would be more than willing to read what you come up with. Bad guys are just easier.

Elsa from Frozen would get an icy blast that scales as she levels. Later the ability to cast snow/ice shape, like the wood/stone shapes spells. Maybe animate object on snow/ice things. Or a familiar that is basically a ice elemental.

While Anna would get a bonus to strength and some spell like abilities replicating enlarge person, bulls strength, haste, force punch. Her fists could scale in damage dice or begin counting a magical/silver to overcome DR and well as count as if she was always armed.

Rapunzel from Tangled would get the cure spells as she leveled but it has to be cast though her hair. Somehow be able to use her hair for some crazy acrobatics like in the movie.

Aladdin would get an animal companion monkey. Be able to summon a flying carpet that works like the fly spell using their level as their caster level. Bonuses to bluff and acrobatics. Spells like abilities spider climb, vanish, knock, and mad monkey's.

Mulan would get bonuses to disguise and bluff. A familiar pseudo-dragon. Spells like abilities would be alter self, snap-dragon fireworks. An exotic weapon proficiency or weapon focus.

Ariel would be able to swim and breath underwater. This one would be able to speak to animals but only aquatic or amphibious animals. Spells like abilities along the line of charm person, alter self and I am sure there are more.

For Alice all I can think of is two spells that fit so spell like abilities would be reduce person, enlarge person, and I am certain there are other ones that would fit.

Snow White would be able to talk to animals I know that.

I cannot think of anything for Belle, Gaston, Beast, Aurora, Cinderella, Jack of the Beanstalk, Anastasia, anyone from the Princess and the Frog since I have not seen that movie, Pocahontas, Merida from Brave. I would like a Red Riding Hood option but I cannot think of anything fun. What the PC's do not pick I can use as NPCs.

Thank you in advance

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