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I have always be intrigued by the Deck of Many Things and I want to include something similar in my custom Ruins of Azlant campaign. But I want to change a few things. I want to base he cards off of the eight schools of magic along with primal magic and maybe alchemy. I am wanting between three to five cards for each suit.

I have some ideas though not enough. Like one of the Divination cards can give a truthful answer to any one question and I think I will put that it has to asked within a year of the card being drawn. The death card is in Necromancy, of course. One of the Universal magic cards will grant a wish.

But when I have an idea and I am not sure how to execute it I come to the message-boards.

*Rubs chin* Hmm... well, it definitely helps to have a theme for the cards in each suit. If you don't want to make as many cards as the traditional deck, you could just do Good/Evil/Law/Chaos/Neutral for five cards in each school. I believe they only went for seven schools of magic, though - for consistency, you'd need to remove the extra.

As an alternative, cards could be ranked by power. "Novice, Apprentice, Wizard, Archmage, Runelord", perhaps? Having a 1/3/5/7/9th level effect, good or bad...

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If you really want to double-down on the themes, you can link the schools to the virtues - charity, generosity, humility, kindness, love, temperance, and zeal - and have effects based on those *and* the school. Shattered Star #1 notes the Azlanti empire supported these virtues in its rulers, so a deck with schools of magic as a theme would probably use those. .....The Runelords were Thassilonian, so maybe go Novice/Apprentice/Wizard/Sage/Archwizard instead.

Also, Thassilon was the 'sin' place, really, but you could still adapt it backwards as an "early" version. Any card in its normal position has a virtue and a positive effect, while any card in reversed position gets the sinful interpretation (and negative effect) instead.

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This is a neat idea, did any work get done on it?

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