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I am going to be running the Pact Stone Pyramid module for some friends. I am supposed to at some point in their first day in the dig site have the tip of the pyramid be reached in the dig. So I am not sure if I missed it in my reading but how long does it take for the pyramid to be dug out? I know they can interfere with it but I need a base time.

Thank you in advance


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According to Ultimate Equipment, a shovel can dig 2 cubic feet of earth in a minute.
Don't know how far down you have to dig, but remember that when digging sand you will need to dig extra sand outward to keep it from collapsing on you.
I would say 2 foot out for every 1 foot down.
So 5 foot down would be 20 foot across.
Using pi r^2 you are talking 1570 cubic feet of sand.
If only 1 person is digging, that would be over 24 hours.

Edit: Forgot to take out the pyramid, and that a 2:1 slope only has half the amount of sand, so figure 8 hours.

Also, for every 5 extra feet down, the volume of sand is 8 times the previous amount.

The Pact Stone Pyramid

Check this thread out, the Pact Stone Pyramid PbP run by the author a number of years ago, sadly we did not finish it :-(

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I'd let this happen at the speed of plot.

Go with whatever makes most sense for the story you want to tell.

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