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Full Name

Delendir Farnes


Acrobatics+22,Climb+9,C.(traps)+5,Diplomacy-2,Disable dev.+23,Hand. animal+5/+9,Heal+8,Inti+5,K.dung+7,K.geo+5/+9,K.nature+9,Prof.(hunter)+4,Ri de+7,Spellcraft+5,Stealth+13/+17[+18/+22], Surv.+13/+17[+18/+22],Swim+6


Half-elf male Ranger 10 | RoTRL Doc·Treasure | +2 vs goblins, +5 vs giants, +4 vs undead, +4 urban/underground | Ghina +15 HP 67/67 AC 26 TAC 17


HP 94/94 | AC 26 TAC 15 FF 23 | CMD 30 | F +11 R +12 W +8 (evasion; immune to sleep; +2 vs enchantments; 1 Will reroll) | Ini: +3 (+4 terrain) | Senses: low-light +21 (+5 vs traps;+4 terrain) |






Neutral Good




Common, elf, shoanti, sylvan



About Delendir Farnes


The shadows whirled over the docks of Sandpoint. A tall and corpulent figure wobbled from one side of the street to the other. The harbor guards looked at him watchfully. One of them shouted at the figure "Whom is there? This is no place to wander at night, go!"

The figure stepped to the right allowing the light of the street lamps to unveil his face. A middle-aged half-elf of sturdy skin worked by the weather appeared behind the darkness. His eyes were totally lost in the end of the street, and if he listened the guard, he did not give him any importance as his body made no reaction at all.
"Oh! Its that bitter old and tired trapper again. Leave him stay, he is no more than a drunken man".

The first guard stared at the half-elf - "Delendir... isn't he? ...I've heard he killed a boar with his bare hands...".

The drunken figure continued his way into the darkness again - "You mean the boar died from his hell stinking breath. Hahahaha!"

Despite the joke, the first guard did not seam to share the enjoyment of his older workmate while the spoiled bastard got away from them. "He insists his family had been fighting against giant tribes in the wilderness, he established here months ago after one attack finished with his family and house".

Changing his expression to a more serious one, the other watcher said "I acknowledge he might have hunted a couple of goblins with his traps, but... giants!? For Erastil's sake!"

The trapper kneeled close to the water and looked at his unshaved face barely recognising himself, Amira... he hardly listened his own thoughts.

The half-blooded splashed some fresh water over his face without great results. He saw the flames again as reflected in the water. He was coming back home with good prey when he first smelt the burned wood. Running as fast as his feet could take him, he entered in his lands just to see how flames, bright and hot like hell, burned down his home.

Goblins had been always wandering around but this was different. Big feet marks like the ones his family taught him to fear when he was a child. He screamed in pain when he realised he had lost everything; his house, his bow, his bed, but over anything else her. "Amira...", he mumbled the name this time, while remembering the small and lively woman he had learned to love. He was in rage again.

Sunken on his thoughts he did not realise when he felt in the cold waters of the Turandarok. He thought at first the government of Sandpoint would understand and mobilise, but it had rained a lot since he realised they did not care about the advise of a rude northern half-elf.

All that had survived the fire was his old family falchion, which could not be considered anymore a masterwork piece. The Sun was raising in the Eastern horizon when the seasoned ranger started to laugh like crazy. It did not matter when but the menace will eventually hover Sandpoint. He will then have his opportunity for revenge.

"What's going on with him now? He laughs like a pig", said the youngest guardian. "Forget him. He probably just found a silver coin for another ale".

Background relevant posts
- He has a rebellious daughter that left him time ago with a gipsy. They were angry because of the event and thus he doesn't know anything about her.
- Delendir explains how her mother gave him a dagger to protect from nightmares and other elven children who were bullying him when he was a child
- Most hidden secret in Delendir's life, how he lost his mother and was abandoned by his father Larandel
- Introduction of Yavenee, her Shoanti relation with Delendir, and the ranger's left arm tattoo
- End days at the Shoanti tribe and connection to Yavenee
- Delendir's hawk tattoo in left arm, and scar under chest
- Delendir finds the father of his dead "wife" and fights with him on a mill floor after climbing in the rush of combat through a rope.
- Telling Daud about Elneth Sonia Farnes, lastly known to be at Kaer Maga

Appearance: Delendir's mini

NG Medium humanoid (half-elf)
Ranger (trapper|falconer) 10
Init +3 (+4 Urban/Underground); Senses low-light vision; Perception +21 (+5 vs traps; +4 Urban/Underground; +2 vs goblins, +5 vs giants, +4 vs undead)

AC 26, touch 15, flat-footed 23 (+3 Dex, +7 armor, +2 shield, +1 deflection, +2 natural, +1 insight)
hp 94 (10d10+20+10)
Fort +11 (2 Con, 7 class, 2 item), Ref +12 (3 Dex, 7 class, 2 item), Will +8 (0 Wis, 3 class, 2 item, 2 feat, 1 trait) [evasion; immune to sleep; +2 vs enchantments; 1 Will reroll]

Speed 20 ft. (30 ft. without armor), climb 20 ft. (10 min/day)
Melee +1 longsword (2-handed) +16/+11 (1d8+8+1d6 acid) 19/x2 slashing [power attack +13/+8 (1d8+17+1d6 acid)], or
+1 longsword (1-handed) +16/+11 (1d8+6+1d6 acid) 19/x2 slashing [power attack +13/+8 (1d8+12+1d6 acid)], or
alchemical silver heavy flail +15/+10 (1d10+7+1d6 acid) 19/x2 bludgeoning silver disarm trip [power attack +12/+7 (1d10+16+1d6 acid)], or
cold iron dagger +15/+10 (1d4+5+1d6 acid) 19/x2 slashing 10'
torch +11/+6 (1d3+2+1d6 acid +1 fire) 20/x2 bludgeoning
Ranged sling +13/+8 (1d4+5+1d6 acid) 20/x2, or
+1 adaptative composite (3 Str) longbow +15/+10 (2d8+12+2d6 acid/1d8+6+1d6 acid) 20/x3 110' [rapid shot +13/+13/+8 (2d8+12+2d6 acid/1d8+6+1d6 acid/1d8+6+1d6 acid)]

Attack routines:

MELEE (-1 attack if using buckler)
[dice=+1 longsword (2-handed)]1d20+16[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+acid]1d8+8+1d6[/dice]
[dice=+1 longsword (2-handed)]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+acid]1d8+8+1d6[/dice]

[dice=+1 longsword-PA (2-handed)]1d20+16-3[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+PA+acid]1d8+8+9+1d6[/dice]
[dice=+1 longsword-PA (2-handed)]1d20+11-3[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+PA+acid]1d8+8+9+1d6[/dice]

Tanking: With shield and fighting defensively (AC 28)
[dice=+1 longsword-PA-FDef (1-handed)]1d20+16-3-4[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+PA+acid]1d8+8+9+1d6[/dice]
[dice=+1 longsword-PA-FDef (1-handed)]1d20+11-3-4[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+PA+acid]1d8+8+9+1d6[/dice]

[dice=+1 longsword-PA-FDef+FE (1-handed)]1d20+16-3-4+5[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+PA+FE+acid]1d8+8+9+5+1d6[/dice]
[dice=+1 longsword-PA-FDef+FE (1-handed)]1d20+11-3-4+5[/dice]
[dice=S/Magical damage+PA+FE+acid]1d8+8+9+5+1d6[/dice]

Rapid Shot
[dice=Attack: +1 longbow-RS (IPS)]1d20+15-2[/dice]
[dice=P damage+acid (manyshot 2 arrows)]2d8+12+2d6[/dice]

[dice=Rapid Shot: +1 longbow-RS (IPS)]1d20+15-2[/dice]
[dice=P damage+acid]1d8+6+1d6[/dice]

[dice=Iterative: +1 longbow-RS (IPS)]1d20+10-2[/dice]
[dice=P damage+acid]1d8+6+1d6[/dice]

Rapid shot+Deadly aim
[dice=Attack: +1 longbow-RS-DA (IPS)]1d20+15-2-3[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+acid (manyshot 2 arrows)]2d8+12+12+2d6[/dice]

[dice=Rapid Shot: +1 longbow-RS-DA (IPS)]1d20+15-2-3[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+acid]1d8+6+6+1d6[/dice]

[dice=Iterative: +1 longbow-RS-DA (IPS)]1d20+10-2-3[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+acid]1d8+6+6+1d6[/dice]

Deadly aim
[dice=Attack: +1 longbow-DA (IPS)]1d20+15-3[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+acid (manyshot 2 arrows)]2d8+12+12+2d6[/dice]

[dice=Iterative: +1 longbow-DA (IPS)]1d20+10-3[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+acid]1d8+6+6+1d6[/dice]

Rapid shot+Deadly aim+Favored enemy
[dice=Attack: +1 longbow-RS-DA+favored enemy (IPS)]1d20+15-2-3+5[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+favored enemy+acid (manyshot 2 arrows)]2d8+12+12+10+2d6[/dice]

[dice=Rapid Shot: +1 longbow-RS-DA+favored enemy (IPS)]1d20+15-2-3+5[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+favored enemy+acid]1d8+6+6+5+1d6[/dice]

[dice=Iterative: +1 longbow-RS-DA+favored enemy (IPS)]1d20+10-2-3+5[/dice]
[dice=P damage+DA+favored enemy+acid]1d8+6+6+5+1d6[/dice]

Str 21, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 7
Ability increases: +2 Str (racial), +1 Str (4th), +2 Str (item), +1 Str (8th)
Base Atk +10; CMB +15; CMD 30 (10+15 CMB+3 Dex+1 deflection+1 insight)
Feats Power attack, Skill focus (Perception) B, Rapid Shot C, Iron Will, Endurance B, Additional traits, Manyshot C, Improved Iron Will, Deadly Aim, Improved Precise Shot C
Skills (6x10 class, 1x10 Int, 1 favoured class, 1 initial knowledge, 1 initial profession = 73; ACP -3 (0 for Climb and Acrobatics)) Acrobatics +22 (3 Dex, 10 rank, 3 class, 1 trait, 5 item, 0 armor), Climb +9 (5 Str, 1 rank, 3 class, 0 armor; spider climbing), Craft (traps) +5 (1 Int, 1 rank, 3 class), Disable device +23 (3 Dex, 10 rank, 3 class, 2 tools, 5 trapper), Handle animal +5 or +9 (-2 Cha, 4 rank, 3 class; +4 with own companion), Heal +8 (0 Wis, 3 rank, 3 class, 2 tools), Intimidate +5 (1 Int, 1 rank, 3 class), K. dungeon +7 (1 Int, 3 rank, 3 class), K. geography +5/+9 (1 Int, 1 rank, 3 class; +4 Urban/Underground), K. nature +9 (1 Int, 5 rank, 3 class), Perception +21/+26/+25/+30 (0 Wis, 10 rank, 3 class, 2 racial, 6 skill focus; +5 vs traps; +4 Urban/Underground), Profession (hunter) +4 (0 Wis, 1 rank, 3 class), Ride +7 (3 Dex, 1 rank, 3 class), Spellcraft +5 (1 Int, 1 rank, 3 class), Swim +6 (5 Str, 1 rank, 3 class, -3 armor), Stealth +13/+17 [+18/+22] (3 Dex, 10 rank, 3 class, -3 armor; +4 Urban/Underground; +5 item available), Survival +13/+18/+17/+22 (0 Wis, 10 rank, 3 class; +5 tracking; +4 Urban/Underground)
Non-trained Craft +1, Diplomacy -1, K. local (goblins) +3, K. local (giants) +6, K. religion (undead) +5

Reckless (combat): You have a tendency for rash behaviour, often disregarding your own safety as you move across the battlefield. You gain a +1 bonus on Acrobatics checks, and Acrobatics is always a class skill for you.
Giant slayer (campaign): +1 against giants like favoured enemy
Bruising Intellect (social): Your sharp intellect and rapier-like wit bruise egos. Intimidate is always a class skill for you, and you may use your Intelligence modifier when making Intimidate checks instead of your Charisma modifier.
Indomitable Faith (faith trait): You were born in a region where your faith was not popular, but you still have never abandoned it. Your constant struggle to maintain your own faith has bolstered your drive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Will saves.
Languages Elf, Common, Shoanti, Sylvan
Deity Erastil
Favoured class (Ranger): 10 x HP

Elf blood Count as both elf and human for any effect related to race.
Elven inmunities Immune to magic sleep effects and +2 racial saving throw against enchantments.
Keen senses +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Trapper modified skills Disable device is a class skill
Trapfinding (Ex) +1/2 level to Perception and Disable device when dealing with traps. Can disable magic traps
Favored enemy (Ex) Bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival, weapon attack and damage against giant (+4), undead +4 and goblins (+2). These Knowledge checks can be made untrained.
Track (Ex) +1/2 level to Survival when following tracks
Wild Empathy (Ex): Replaced by falconer animal companion Distract trick.
Combat Style Feat (Ex): Gain extra Ranged Combat feats while using light, medium or no armor (2th: Rapid Shot, 6th: Manyshot).
EnduranceB (Ex): Bonuses to resist non-lethal damage, holding breath, running and other environmental effects. Can sleep on medium armor without becoming fatigued.
Favored terrain (Ex): +4 initiative, K. geography, Perception, Stealth, and Survival in this terrain. Do not leave trail and cannot be tracked on it. Choices: Urban (buildings, streets, and sewers) and Underground (caves and dungeons).
Hunter's bond (animal companion): This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability (which is part of the Nature Bond class feature), except that the ranger's effective druid level is equal to his ranger level (usually ranger – 3, but the falconer Feathered Companion ability removes the -3 penalty).
Trap (Ex or Su): Full-round, generates AoO. Fills a 5-foot square. DC is 10 + 1/2 level + Wis (DC 15). Can use 1/2 level + Wis per day (5/day). Extraordinary traps have -2 DC and last 1 day/level. Sobrenatural traps are magical and last 1 hour/level. Replaces all spellcasting capabilities of the ranger.
Swift tracker (Ex): A ranger can move at his normal speed while using Survival to follow tracks without taking the normal –5 penalty. He takes only a –10 penalty (instead of the normal –20) when moving at up to twice normal speed while tracking.
Launch Trap (Ex): At 10th level, a trapper can affix a magical ranger trap to an arrow, crossbow bolt, or thrown weapon, allowing her to set the trap remotely or use it as a direct attack. Attaching the trap to the projectile is part of the full-round action of creating a new trap. The trapped projectile is fired or thrown in the normal manner. If fired at a square, the trap is treated as if the ranger had set the trap in that square, except the DC is 5 lower than normal. If fired at a creature, the target takes damage from the ranged weapon and is treated as if it had triggered the trap (saving throw applies, if any). The attack has a maximum range of 60 feet, and range increments apply to the attack roll. The duration of the trapped projectile starts from when it is created, not from when it is used.

5/day (1/2 level + Wis), Perception DC 15, Disable Device DC 15 (10 + 1/2 level + Wis)
Snare trap (Ex or Su): Cannot move from the square on a failed Ref save. Escape artist DC is the same as for the save (full-round action). Can be damaged and destroyed with a Strength DC 25 check and have 1/2 level hp. Maximum hold size is Medium, and can be increased one level for each extra daily use.
Sleet trap (Su): On detonation a 20-foot burst of sleet obscures sight within it during 1 round like sleet storm spell. The ground remains icy during 1 round/level after the sleet disappears. A DC 10 acrobatics check is required to move through at half-speed. Failure means you do not move (or fall prone if fail by 5 or more). Stinguishes torches and small fires.
Alarm trap (Su): This is an effect that can be added to other traps. When the trap is triggered, it also creates a momentary loud noise equivalent to the audible alarm version of alarm.
Freezing Trap (Su): The trap creates a burst of ice that damages and encases the triggering creature. The creature takes 1d3 points of cold damage + 1/4 the ranger's level and is entangled and stuck to the ground, similar to the effect of a tanglefoot bag. A successful Reflex save halves the damage and means the creature is not stuck to the floor by the ice. The ice is 1 inch thick per 2 Hit Dice of the ranger (minimum 1), has hardness 0 and 3 hit points per inch of thickness, and melts in 2d4 rounds.


+1 longsword [p], 2315 gp
+1 adaptative composite longbow (+3 Str), 3700 gp
alchemical silver heavy flail, 105 gp 10 lbs
cold iron dagger, 4 gp 1 lbs

(armor) +1 agile breastplate, 1550 gp (+7 AC, +3 max. Dex, 0 ACP)
(shield) buckler +1 [p], 1158 gp
(belt) belt of strength +2 [p], 4000 gp
(body) peasants clothing (peasants), 0.1gp 2 lbs
(feet) slippers of spider climbing, 4800 gp (20’ climb speed 10 min/day in 1 min increments)
(hands) deliquescent gloves, 8000 gp (gives corrosive quality to held weapons, hand is protected from ooze’s acid)
(ring 1) ring of jumping [p], 2500gp
(ring 2) ring of protection +1 [p], 2000 gp
(neck) amulet of natural armor +2 [p], 8000 gp, golembane scarab, 2500 gp (bypass golem’s DR and detect them as a standard action)
(shoulders) cloak of resistance +2, 4000 gp
(wrist) lesser bracers of archery, 5000 gp (+1 competence to hit with bows)
(other) efficient quiver, 1800 gp
(other) backpack, 2gp 2 lbs
(other) bandolier (x2)
(other) dusty rose prism ioun stone, 5000 gp (+1 insight AC)

Efficient quiver
composite shortbow (+0 Str), 75 gp [p] (Tsuto’s bow)
arrows (x71), 0.05 gp
arrows (x18) [p] (restocked in Fort Ranick)
cold iron arrows (x20), 0.1 gp 3 lbs
alchemical silver arrows (x20), 2.05 gp (deal 1d8-1 damage)
adamantine arrows (x20), 60.05 gp
+1 giant bane arrow (x12), 166 gp [p]
(4) 0x shocking burst arrow +2, ?gp [p]

Bandolier 1 (8/8)
potion cure light wounds [p], 50 gp
potion of cure moderate wounds x4, 300 gp [p]
potion cure serious wounds x2/3, 750 gp [p]
war horn, 1 gp [p] (Teraktinus Horn)

potion cure light wounds [p], 50 gp
potion cure moderate wounds [p], 300 gp

Bandolier 2 (5/8)
alchemist's fire flask, 20 gp 1 lbs
potion of gaseous form, 750 gp
scroll of flame arrow x2, 325 gp
solar rod, 2 gp

Belt pouch
flint and steel, 1gp
caltrops x2, 2gp 4 lbs
Aldern's small key

waterskin, 1 gp 4 lbs
thief's tools, 30 gp 1 lbs
mwk Thief tools (+2 disable device) [p], 100 gp
healer's kit (x10), 50 gp
cloak of elvenkind [p], 2500 gp (+5 stealth)
silk rope 50', 10 gp

Waterproof bag
silver hip flask, -
torch x1, 0.01gp 1 lbs
6x powder bags, 0.6gp 3 lbs

Total gp: 129.35
Total lbs: 100 lbs
Gold remaining: 9.65gp -0.1+1+0.1+10(Foxglove reward)+71.5 -4.6-8 (donkey and saddlebags)-50 (healer kit)+11 (profession)= 40.55gp
+11316.73 (book 2)-3350(Nualia's bow claiming [350] and improvement [3000])-1550 (+1 agile breastplate)+25 (scale mail)-4000 (cloak of resistance +2 belt of strength +2 <- there was one free in the team) = 2482.28

(obsolete gold count see treasure sheet for current numbers)

Party pot: 11,316.73gp + 350 gp + 1319.2 gp = 12,985.93 gp

Light encumbrance: 116 lbs
Medium encumbrance: 233 lbs


Treasure sheet
End of book 2 selling
End of book 3 selling (final share: 26,740 gp and 1319.2 for party funds)

Donkey (Mosey Patiente):

Saddlebags (given by Daviren)
Sling, 0 gp 2 lbs
Sling bullets (10) x2, 1sp 5 lbs
Torch x4, 0.01gp 1 lbs
Rations x4, 0.5gp 1 lbs
Shovel, 2gp 8 lbs
Rope (hemp), 1gp 10 lbs
Grappling hook, 1gp 4 lbs
Bedroll, 0.1gp 5 lbs
Family Falchion (totally ruined), 0gp

Animal companion (Ghina - Hawk 9):

Level 10 ranger (Level 9 Hawk animal companion):
Size Small;
Speed 10 ft., fly 80 ft (average);
HP 67 (9d8+18+9)
AC 26 t. 17 ff. 20 (+5 dex, +9 natural armor, +1 size, +1 dodge;)
Fort +8 Ref +10 Will +5 (+4 Will vs enchantments)
Attack bite +12 (1d4+2) S/B/P primary 20/x2, 2 talons +12 (1d4+2) S primary 20/x2; (+5 Dex, +6 BAB, +1 size)
Str 15, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 14, Cha 6;
Ability increase +1 Dex 4th, +2 Str/Con 4th bird advance, +3 Str/Dex 9th bonus, +1 Dex 9th
BAB +6 CMB +8 CMD 24 (6 BAB, 5 Dex, 2 Str, 1 dodge)
Feats Weapon finesse, Improved natural armor (x2), Dodge, Toughness, Multiattack
Skills (1x9 = 9) Acrobatics* +11 (3 Dex, 5 rank, 3 class), Climb* +2 (2 Str), Escape Artist +3, Fly* +9 (3 Dex, 1 rank, 3 class, 2 size, 0 maneuverability), Intimidate -2, Perception* +15 (2 Wis, 2 rank, 3 class, 8 racial), Stealth* +11 (3 Dex, 1 rank, 3 class, 4 size), Survival +2, and Swim* +2 (2 Str)
* Class skill

Normal (flank)
[dice=S/B/P damage]1d4+2[/dice]

[dice=S damage]1d4+2[/dice]

[dice=S damage]1d4+2[/dice]
67/67 AC 26 TAC 17

Listing all trainable skills
Special Qualities
Low-light vision (Ex)
Link (Ex): Can be handled by his ranger as a free action, or pushed as a move action. +4 circumstance bonus on Handle Animal with his animal companion. As per the Hunter's bond ability, a ranger shares with the ranger the Favoured Enemy and Favoured Terrain abilities.
Favored enemy (Ex) +2 on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival, weapon attack and damage against Goblins. These Knowledge checks can be made untrained.
Favored terrain (Ex): +2 initiative, K. geography, Perception, Stealth, and Survival in this terrain. Do not leave trail and cannot be tracked on it. Choices: Urban (buildings, streets, and sewers)
Evasion (Ex): If succeeding the Ref save, evades all the damage.
Devotion (Ex): +4 morale bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.
Tricks (8 known tricks+1 extra falconer trick)
Free) Roam: The falconer can let his animal companion loose to roam and forage. He must let it roam for no more than a week. When the falconer lets it roam, it agrees to return to the place he let it loose within the time period he designates.
1) Distract: The animal companion flutters wildly around any enemy it would normally attack with the attack trick. It makes an attack roll against that enemy. On a hit, the enemy is shaken for 1 round. This ability replaces wild empathy.
2-3) Attack (x2): The animal attacks apparent enemies. You may point to a particular creature that you wish the animal to attack, and it will comply if able. Normally, an animal will attack only humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals. Teaching an animal to attack all creatures (including such unnatural creatures as undead and aberrations) counts as two tricks.
4) Heel: The animal follows you closely, even to places where it normally wouldn't go.
5) Down: The animal breaks off from combat or otherwise backs down. An animal that doesn't know this trick continues to fight until it must flee (due to injury, a fear effect, or the like) or its opponent is defeated.
6) Fetch: The animal goes and gets something. If you do not point out a specific item, the animal fetches a random object.
7) Seek: The animal moves into an area and looks around for anything that is obviously alive or animate.
8) Defend: The animal defends a specific character or readies to defend if no threat is present.
9) Guard: The animal stays in place and prevents others from approaching.
10) --

Next levels ideas:

Cloak of resistance +1, 1000gp !!!!
Magical breastplate!!!
Get an adaptive bow to profit the strength bonus (+1000gp, for a minimum price of 3400gp).

(eyes) lenses of situational sight 5000 gp | Pirate Lord's Patch 8500 gp
(head) Hunter's Nose Ring 10000 gp (scent and +4 Perception/Tracking) | Cat's Eye Crown 18000 gp (darkvision, 1/day clariaudience/voyance)
Bane Baldric 10000 gp (5 rounds/day bane)

Possible feats depending the role Delendir has to fill in the party:
- Cleave (deal with large groups of mobs easier)
- Improved Bull Rush/Overrun (open combat space)
- Heavy armor proficienty (improve the AC by +3) <--- mithral full plate to keep Evasion and Combat feats
- Dodge (improve AC, open wind stance option)
- Step Up (help disrupt casters)
- Death or glory
- Pushing assault (hand wave power attack damage for pushing the enemy)

- Deadly aim (+2 ranged damage for every 4 levels)
- Quick Draw (more easily change between ranged and melee weapons, throw weapons with all attacks)
- Opening volley (if a ranged attack hits, next melee attack gets a +4 to hit)
- Extra traits for Deadeye Bowman and Will bonus

- Disruptive Companion for Ghina
- Iron Will (cover a rather weak save)
- Toughness (always good to have more hp, not that important for ranged though)
- Dodge/Mobility/Spring attack (easily approach the melee from range position, move through and attack on packed corridors, avoid the reach attack of giants and dragons)


Welcome to any potential GMs! I think this is a great opportunity for anyone looking for an active and reliable group who enjoys character interactions in addition to advancing through the story.

Delendir is a stout middle-aged half-elf ranger looking for redemption. The taint of murder darkens his past and when he thought to have obtained the peace he was struck by the violence of the wilderness (his home was raided by giants, he believes, while he was hunting). He is a determined, traditional man without manners, but nonetheless he is very caring and seeks to defend Sandpoint and the party members for some reason feeling he is responsible for them.

So far he has been the main explorer through the whole adventures, worked as the group quartermaster and tried hard to find things to keep following the clues and duties when the party was struck by dark events. He is the only one who has no one in the party very close, although he has some interesting relationship with Tal and Daud. He covers that close friendship needs with Ghina, his hawk animal companion.

Mechanically he is the eyes and trapper of the party. Competent but not specialized either in ranged or melee combat, he complements the party as it better fits the situation, either from afar or close combat joining Kiley and Daud when needed.

Memorable moments: