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But --

You gotta come back sometime!! I'll have more aliases to feed to, and songs to revise for, our Bleached Otyugh!! :)

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My lightsaber would be Kaiburr-crystal-crimson!!

*checks quad-chucks*

Hey!! Whaddya know??

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Tacticslion wrote:
Tomato chucks?

*sighs, shaking his head*

I'll say it once again!!



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Jedi, Schmedi.

Everyone knows that the Sith are the cool kids:

1) Feel your feels!
2) Do whatcha want!
3) Force. Lightning.

Case Closed!! lol

Darth Terrigan, Dark Lord of the Sith, Scourge of Borleias, and #1 on CorSec's "Most Wanted" list, is in a difficult position. He and his loyal servants have been stranded on Mandalore for 6 days, repairing his vessel, Dread Mask, after barely evading elements of the Republic's Fifth Fleet. The Republic navy has imposed a blockade of the Mandalore system in the aftermath of that particular battle, and their communications jamming has been without peer.

Dread Mask's sublight and repulsorlift systems are fully operational, as is the navicomputer, but the Class .8 hyperdrive has been jury-rigged since a few critical components were unavailable on Mandalore.

It is imperative that Terrigan break through the blockade and reach Ziost for [redacted].

I have a plan: Attack!

*crushes enemies, sees them driven before him, listens to the lamentation of their women*

To get to Ziost from Mandalore:

Nav data: 6 days old (DC 15, 1d6 hazard)
Route: Expansion Region -> Mid Rim -> Outer Rim (+4 DC)
Navicomputer: yes (-4 DC)
Hyperdrive: jury-rigged, Class .8 (or VIII, since I like Roman numerals for those designations; strikethrough = decimal value of number) (+5 DC)

Hazard: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Final Astrogation DC: 26 = 15 + 4 - 4 + 5 + 6

Need to go pick up my Sith meditation sphere, not my pleasure yacht! (Astrogation): 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (16) + 19 = 35

Success from +5 - 9: roll 1d6

Yup. I'm fast!: 1d6 ⇒ 1

1 / .8 = 1.25

39 (hours of travel for Class I hyperdrive) * .8 = 31.2 hours

End Result: Darth Terrigan successfully computes the jump to Ziost, and with a significantly higher check result and a powerful hyperdrive is able to reduce a flight that would normally require 31.2 hours of hyperflight to 29.95 hours' time.

The Dark Side has its allure, doesn't it?

It's almost a shame I can't let Kairon be swayed by it that much. Yet.

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Darth Yesterday wrote:
Yes! Let your anger flow through you!

The Maw take the rassumfrassum Bad-People-driven reappropriation of quality EU content!!!

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MendedWall12 wrote:

Wanted: Brave adventurers.

Qualifications: Complete inability to make key decisions that are not related to combat.

Solution: Make every decision a combat decision.

Channel Palpatine -- "Wipe them out. All of them."

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Freehold DM wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
Never send a Droid to do an Organic's Job.
that's "meatbag" to you.

Huzzah!! HK-47 reference!!

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captain yesterday wrote:

Waiting in the car for Pea Bear's best friend's birthday party to end (because that's what dads do. Also nice to get outside) and this dad is light saber dueling with his son. And his son says "I'm Master Yoda!" and his dad says "I was thinking more like Jar-Jar Binks"

Is... Is that child abuse?

looks suspiciously for hidden cameras.

That seems like a setup...

Yes. Yes, it is. Abuse, I mean.

channels Force lightning to cap in order to "address" the vile deed

Use it well!

::disdains snooty contempt, counters with mocking comments about pretentious behavior::

::and more Force lightning::

::uses Force lightning to fry the hamster in its wheel, jolt the obnoxious pugwampi to unconsciousness, and apply static repulsion to rid himself of dirt and get some air-freshening ozone scent::

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"General, prepare your troops for surface attack."

Goruck of the Stone wrote:
Syrus Terrigan wrote:
"Goruck: what is good?"
"To crush your enemies, see dem driven before you, and to hear de lamentations of deir vimmen."

FTFY. lol

Everything is proceeding according to my design!


Whumps the pugwampi.

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Bleached Otyugh wrote:
*eats Miss Piggy, then goes back to huddling in the cold under a bush*

to the tune of The Sound of Silence

Hello, Otyugh, my old friend,
It's time for us to dine again
Because there's bacon to be eaten
While the weather is so freezin'
And the banquet's set inside my hall
For one and all
Within the Hall of Dining

In the snow I stalked alone
Embraced the cold into my bones
Through windows I saw warm firelight
And a table stretched out of sight
Covered o'er with gastronomic delight
So by my might
I took the Hall of Dining

And by the leaping flames I saw
Ten thousand plates and maybe more
Plates of high cuisine
None of it at all too lean
And my guts within me roared
To conquer sideboard
Alone in the Hall of Dining

"Friend, give up the frigid hunt
No need for masochistic stunt
For here there's food a-plenty
To feed far more than twenty
So let Miss Piggy take her hike
On through the night
And join me in the Hall of Dining"

Let the fire dim and fade
While through entrees we shall wade
As the winter is so nice
Howling winds and frozen ice
We can feast and await our friends
Until the end
Within our Hall of Dining

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John Napier 698 wrote:

Hey, Everyone!

I just found my D6 (West End Games) Star Wars books, from when I moved in June. To be specific, I've got: The Role Playing rulebook, the Star Wars sourcebook, the Imperial Sourcebook the Death Star manual, Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and the Last Command sourcebooks.

Huzzah!! Thrawn Trilogy Titles!!!

switching to a Nathan Explosion lyrical progression

Go forth / Play Star Wars / Play it tonight! // Preach it / Thrawn's gospel / For Disney has lied!!

proceeds to headbang with lightsaber mohawk and Force lightning pyrotechnics in the foreground

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Is a Sith meditation sphere deep space-y enough?

And, on a side note, my meditation sphere is so 'dark side' it's got Kaiburr-crystal-powered force pike accent lighting. Totally fun to crash through enemy ships.

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. . . . and join *me* on the Dark Side! Together we can rule the galaxy!!

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replaces lightsaber quad-chucks' Kaiburr crystals with polished Whedonite, and ambushes Freehold DM

Political satire is funny! "Episode VII" is the sixth sign of the apocalypse! There's no place I can be / since I found Sith-ity . . . . You can't take no snarks from me . . . .

cues the fiddler

Fergie wrote:
Either way it is a great opportunity to get more stormtrooper outfits and armored vehicles.

. . . a safe, and secure, society!!

cues orchestra ---> "Imperial March"

I find your lack of credulity . . . disturbing.

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TheRedbulljackandCokegamer wrote:

I totally pissed off The Tier Brigade* bro!

It was epic!

* you know the types that insist every class should be categorized like rice fields because math is absolute power! despite the fact that it can't account for real world variances.

You are to be congratulated. Soon you will have earned your Sith name. :D

Finally. His feet smell terrible.

Mmmmm. [Muffled-ese translation: "Troll."]

Detects deadly buttery deliciousness of Morty's slowly-popping popcorn, and Force grasps it to just beyond Troll's reach, waving it about enticingly (Hey, it's popcorn!).

from beneath the oppressively annoying weight of the Oblivious Troll . . . .

Mmmp. MMMMMPPHHHH. Mf. Mmmmm!

*jolt of Force lightning*

The oblivious are obviously no threat at all . . . .

Interrupts the pomp and circumstance of Captain Killjoy and The Masked Pugwampi with dual-wielded Force-lightning-charged lightsaber-quadchucks and a mission for alias jerky.

Hmpf. Amateurs.


Ah. Victory.

Now where did my Bleached Otyugh friend disappear to?

EDIT: For . . . definitiveness' sake.

Darth Yoda wrote:
We all know who's the most powerful bad ass in Star Wars. The only thing that can take out Yoda is plot driven old age, but with Star Trek and X-Men providing alternate dimensions that's not the problem it used to be.

Do note that Master Yoda only fought Palpatine to a draw, Padawans.

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Bleached Otyugh wrote:

*swims around in DTSM's trash compactor*

*is hungries*

Soon. Soon, my friend. All the aliases you can eat.

For now, though, have some rancor.

tosses freshly cut rancor legs into trash compactor

Darth Yesterday wrote:
Darth Terrigan, Sith Marauder wrote:
Darth Yesterday wrote:
Bah, All hail Darth Stewie Vader!

Force Choke


I find your lack of respect . . . disturbing.

I can understand that you would be upset that Seth MacFarlane did a better version of Star Wars.

But it's better if you just accept the truth.

I . . . I can only chuckle . . .laugh . . . guffaw at that sentiment, friend. It may be that nothing is sacred anymore, for most folks, but parody rarely supersedes its inspirational source(s), and MacFarlane simply didn't achieve that.

But, you are, of course, allowed your opinion.

. . . for the moment.

Turns back to workbench, places Kaiburr crystals in both lightsaber-quadchucks.

@greentea --

We have already established that you're Vader to my Palpatine, man. It's on the forums, so it must be true!!

Darth Yesterday wrote:
Bah, All hail Darth Stewie Vader!

Force Choke


I find your lack of respect . . . disturbing.