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Xabulba wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
That's not what the poodles say.
Never trust anything that would hump a cactus.

Oh, like you've never ...!!!

Mac Boyce wrote:


Vic Wertz wrote:
Tarren Dei wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
taig wrote:
Sorry, I was wrong. I'm looking for a kicked puppy. You know where I can get one of those?
3.... 2... 1...
Is that the countdown for a lock?
That was the countdown for a kicked dog. Apparently he got scared away...

Ah, sorry, I found a gold lamé bell-bottomed leg to hump. Got distracted.

Cosmo wrote:
The llamas whose responsibility it was to see that the llamas whose responsibility it was to see that the llamas responsible for this thread have been sacked, have been sacked.

Dammit, they're shaved alpacas not llamas!! Get it right.

Heathansson wrote:
Coyotes are all whores.

Stop staring at my tail, you perv.

James Keegan wrote:

My mother's family is from Vermont and they got coyotes and coydogs. I didn't think coyotes could mate with dogs, but there you go.*

*Please note that my incredulity at the prospect of coydogs does not, repeat, not infer that I have a problem with canine interspecies relations.

Despite your objections, I am offended by the inference that such matings are somehow abnormal. I realize you weren't implying that but I inferred it and now blame you for my misunderstanding!!! How does this flag button work again???!!!

Tarren Dei wrote:
Maybe your cultists would cheer you up?

*humps Tarren's leg*

Heathansson wrote:

I saw a llama at the zoo last week taking a dump.

I knew it was an omen.

True story.

Are you sure it wasn't a shaved alpaca?

Because they're pretty freaky looking.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
It has happened. The Poodle Overlord has returned. I must inform the Lemmings.

What do lemmings taste like? Can we lick them?

Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
Please Courtfool. I beg of you. Take the poodles back. They're on the brink of driving the Jacks to madness.

*Humps Jack's Right Hand Man's leg*


Welcome back CourtFool.

What do we do once we have found him?

Summon the master. Summon the Fool or ye shall know the wrath of a thousand poodles.

Ubermench wrote:

.... poodles do like licking a##. ;)

That's KICKING. Poodles KICK a##.

Dread Lord Poodle wrote:

I'll sell you frogs to the Cajuns if you keep that up

Growls squeakily, then licks his nethers

Yumm, ... spicy frogs.

*runs in and pees on a lilypad*

The Thief wrote:
Ow! Ahem... that hurt

*steals back squeaky toys*

*Bites thief's bum*

Butterfrog wrote:

*Casts Beefup the Froggies*

*The frogs turned into princes....*

Crap!!! Fumble fumble... where's that Remove Curse?

You be gobbled!


As long as frogs are gobbled by a poodle within 2 minutes of posting in this thread, they are considered eaten and cannot repost in this thread for 24 hours ;-).

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I keep telling you poodles, you CAN'T have a raise! Don't make me set the lemmings on you all!

"Do lemmings taste like chicken?"

Butterfrog wrote:

Lets vandalize the poodle thread!!!!

*Lets loose hundres of tiny yapping chihuahas*

WHo let the dogs out...!

*Munch Munch Munch*

"Agggh!! CWM Chihuahua ... what are you doing here?"

"You been chomped! Back to your swamp!!"

*You froggies have very big eyes ... big swirling eyes!!*

Frog Cultist wrote:
Yeah, yeah, so takes dat pooldel!

*Chomp Chomp*

Stop flapping your wings!!


Got him!!


"I got me froggie!!"

*Snap Snap Snap*


Butterfrog wrote:

Hey Poodlehead! You wanted us out of your thread and now you come to invade? Ruuuude...

*Sharpens poodle hairstyle-machine*

"Me wanted bite-sized snacks and threadrules to allow munching. C'mon back for more chomping!"

"C'mon little froggies. I be hungry!"

*flanks froggie and attacks*

Frog Cultist wrote:

*Gobbles up frog*

Proposed Threadrule:


As long as frogs are gobbled by a poodle within 2 minutes of posting in this thread, they are considered eaten and cannot repost in this thread for 24 hours ;-).


Joey Lafyatis wrote:
Is that all cults represented? Speak now or forever hold your peace!

The Eastern Branch of the Poodle Overlord would like to secede from the Poodle Cult and be considered. There have been some schisms in our interpretation of the Great Poodle's doctrine.



Also, we are currently recruiting new members. If you would like to be our b#&~%, please let us know.

Frog Cultist wrote:
Heeeheeehee, ye hads a froggy ina ye' throat!

Tastes like chicken.

Frog Cultist wrote:
*runs into the room, and throws a smoke bomb* Amphibian Supremacy!!! *quickly running out*

"Not fast enough!"

*eats cute little froggy. ... gags*

I am being Darren Al-Tei of the Eastern Branch of the Greater Poodle Lords.

And it pays proper dues to the Poodle Overlord. You are permitted.

Sharoth wrote:

From this moment on, no one with the following in their name or on their avatar shall ever get a raise...

Llama, Poodle, Frog, Sebastian, Heath, Court, Fool, Cultist.

You are assuming they have jobs ...

David Wickham wrote:
David Wickham wrote:
I am both intrigued and disturbed by this Poodle Revolution...tell me more.
Not going to reveal the secret workings of your hero worship/death cult?

*hands David a poodle head, dripping in blood*

"Not until you enter into our fold, initiate-b@&+@."

David Wickham wrote:

considering the semi-humerous nature of my posts, i dont htink my Red Mantis avatar quite fits me any more...

any suggestions for a new (not the poodle) one?

Have you considered a poodle?

CourtFool wrote:

Rise my minions and poodle all edition war threads. Those knuckleheads brought this on themselves.

Yap! Yap! Yap!

If it be they will, Poodle Overlord, it shall be done!

Okay, well, that is not strictly true. I don't have all that many friends. But if I did, and if they played 4e, I wouldn't insult them.

On another thread it was said that Paizo has become an unfriendly place for players of 4e. I hope that isn't true, but in case it has, I'd like to ask all Paizonians ... or, at least the important ones ... in taking the pledge below:

I pledge not to attack you for your choice in editions or, for that matter, role-playing games. If I criticize your game, it is not a criticism of you. If I criticize you, it is for things you have done and said, not because of the game you play. Unless you play Hero System. Or are a poodle. Or both.

Yum. $mur[/b]fs. Poodles love $mur[b]fs.

Callous Jack wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
kessukoofah wrote:

And I second the shock collar avatar. or one of a dogcatcher!

I want a Chihuahua avatar myself.
That may be worse than the poodle...

*humps Callous Jack's leg*


Oooh, look, a leg to hump.

Make elementals interesting. Don't make them seem like T-Shirts that can be ordered in any size from Small to Huge but are otherwise the same.

Delver? No.
Tojanida? Not as drawn.
Tendriculos? Stupid name.

Poodle Overlords? Definitely.

Heathansson wrote:
I watched it again, and it still wasn't funny. It's unfunnier than The Donny and Marie Show. Purple socks.....ahahahaha!

I don't want to ever ... EVER hear you insult Donny or Marie EVER again! Got that puppy?

Llamafrog wrote:
kessukoofah wrote:

PÜ-dul (Noun)
1) Infuriating, small creature of the canine family, known for yapping and peeing on upholstery.
2)Infuriating, small ego-ed internet creature of the canine family, known for yapping and peeing on message boards.

3) Member of the Poodlevolution who seeks to praise those Web dinosaurs whoe deserve it and bother the rest not-so-funny guys who don't want to let their inner poodle out

) Yap Yap Grrrr... psssssssssst (pissing on this post).

I thought we were still in the secret phase of the revolution. No one tells me anything!

All hail the Poodle Overlord! CourtFool is in the house.

EileenProphetofIstus wrote:
I slap a leash around the poodle and take him for a walk around the block. If he misteps, barks, yaps, or pulls away, well......lets just say we divert our path and go straight to the pound.

*whimpers and licks Eileen's feet*

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