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Turin the Mad wrote:
Great work Dark Roland. :)

uh, thanks, but it's your vanthus. thanks to you, Turin.

i'll use your stone artefact idea, in fact :)
in my humble opinion, i prefer vanthus as a dervish plus some tempest level. (and some shaswbuckler levels.. maybe)

regardin' the buffs.. i will surely use the scintillating scales spell and a Contingent Harm in the death knight status.
Plus Death Pact but without the Contingent Heal.
I would use a Contingent Polimorph any Object or Draconic Polimorph into.. uh.. some demon thingy monster... from Fiendish Codex, perhaps.
oh well.. i'll have time to think about this build.
we must yet end CoTbI!

to me, played well, S'Sharra is strong. I have 5 optimized players (without cohorts) and i think that, with right tactics, she will give more than a headache to my players. ;)

i think you are right about the vrocks and lemorian golem.
augmenting the monster and/or changing the spells and/or the feats can give a good fight to the player's.

ps: tim, your atmospher is great ;)

selios wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:

Selios: by all means, do what you feel is right for your group - I think the Vanthus above is about as "extreme" as it can go.

The Shadow Demons I put up are perhaps more in line with what you would like?

You're absolutely right !

My goal is to make Vanthus challenging and memorable for my group.

if you ask for a "lesser vanthus" above it's simple.

Delete these archetypes:
Monster of Legend
Major Titan bloodline

Delete these objects
adaptation-sustenance freedom of movement bracers of armor +4 of moderate fortification, made of glass-adamantine
flesh ring of scorn
rhapsody of pain
flesh ring of denial

Modify the contingent Spells:
from "x4" to "x1"

Modify these Object
lenses of socothbenoth (He can see in darkness and sees invisibility while these lenses are worn) - "CE and for adepts of Socothbenoth"

+5 defending unholy glass-adamantine Large scimitar - "medium"

Reflect on these objects, because of your party strengths':
2 rings of greater counterspelling – each “loaded” with greater dispelling – this ring is detailed in the Magic Item Compendium

Reflect on these spells, because of your party strengths'.
Stalwart Pact (once reduced to half or fewer of his maximum hit points, he gains 35 temporary hit points and a +2 luck bonus on all saving throws for 20 rounds)
Death Pact (once destroyed as a death knight, he immediately benefits from a true resurrection).
Renewal Pact (once the death pact has been triggered = 1 round after he is affected by a triggering condition [Spell Compendium page 173], he receives a Panacea, curing 28 hit points in the process.)

change blasphemy, if you consider it too cheap.
give vanthus wraithstrike x3 if your players have gnammygodswafulhigh armor classes and now this vanthus has low attack bonus.

vanthus is done.

now check your vanthus.. and modify if he's too strong or...
a chicken.

the TtM Shadows' are strong, let's modifly slightly, deleting some hit dices. (if i remember well)

Erevis Cale wrote:
Where's Unholy toughness described?

unholy toughness is an ex ability described for the first time in MM3.

look at the boneclaw (page 17).

also, for future reference, look at this link


Turin the Mad wrote:
Par-a-dox wrote:
Wow... that version of Vanthus could probably kill my PC's TWICE!
And yet he still failed to secure any character deaths at all for my group (as I recall) - which should give at least a hint as to just how beastly those characters were ... :)

eheh, i remember you nerfed the AC a little bit.. so to speak..

you are a killer gm, but you have also a great heart :P

Lightningwing wrote:
I'm interested in running this fantastic campaign with my group this fall. While going through my vast collection of stuff I realized I have a small problem. Can anyone tell me which issue of Dungeon magazine this started in? I'm sure I have it, but I can only find the other installments so far. Thank you.

from wikipedia:

"There Is No Honor" by James Jacobs (Dungeon 139, October 2006) – In this opening adventure, the characters are drawn into a murderous family feud. Undead pirates and a powerful thieves' guild feature heavily.


6 succubus racial HD

Lemorian half-fiend template
Monster of Legend template
Augmented Antagonist template
Major Titan bloodline

and so on..


now i understand better the battle described in your campaign..
it's too strong for 5 pcs.

Humble Minion wrote:

Yeah, I think that Kedward's Dire Scythe stuff was designed assuming he'd cast tenser's transformation at first opportunity - that makes him an ok (if hp-deprived) melee combatant.

But seriously, if you want to design an NPC to fight in melee, why not just use a fighter?

probably, i think you are right.

for the question.. well.. because it's a pusher wizard with an imp, and with a taste for a melee combat. so, imho, to me it's a gish. ;)
even if he could be a a good summoner like a malconvoker, because of his "diabolic" flavour ;)

and i second carborundum post. more details please!!!!!!

To me, the kedward's build has many flaws,
the +4 flaming burst dire scythe with the +4 icy burst dire scythe
and the poor +14/+9 to hit, a joke for any party.

so erevis cale gave a good suggestion to replace the level of fighter with another level of wizard.

we must cancel:
the exotic weapon prof scythe
two weapon defense
two weapon fighting
weapon focus (dire scythe)

now.. (imho) we have others useless feats, in ths SoS background
craft magic weapons (i have found a typo in SoS) and armors
craft woundrous item
craft wand
And we know one thing:
Kedward Bone is, roleplaying speakin', a gish
and what is, in this case, the prestige class to gave a right fair of fight to the pcs?
Focused Specialist Wizard: Abjuration
Abjurant Champion and
Master Specialist for one feat: Craft Contingent Spell and Greater Dispel Magic

gave him one flaw, if your players use this rule, take the outsider feat from Fr.
gave him the focus for contingency (a little typo in SoS, i think).
Gave him a Scythe, to use with 2 hands. (and he can normally casts, by the rules)
Now le'ts convert one scythe for gp.. (and maybe the wand of invisibility, the potion of bull's strength, and the wand of dispel magic lol!)
And the xp with gp. (1 - 5 )

it'll be a hard fight. with buffed (see the major school esoterica) legion devils and alchemical golems (as suggested, because i like the concept)

ps: wrack is nasty. the 3.5 version is in the Spell Compendium.

2 Greater Rings of Counterspells and before combat cast Battlemagic Perception

it's a good idea, but i dislike to use them, because..

once kedward bone is dead.. these rings are pc's property.
A pity for the next arcane or divine enemies.

Turin the Mad wrote:
I think that's one thing a lot of people forget (myself included) - when on other planes and you get hit by such things as blasphemy et al, you gotta make that Will save to not get packed off back to the Material. ^_^ Should make things ugly in a hurry in quite a few parts of the latter AP, eh?


very ugly for my players.
The Pcs will be "extraplanar" on the abyss.
And extraplanar means banishment, and dismissal.

oh. and i banned blasphemy, for now, because i'll destroy any party with this spell.
I decided to give the enemies other (cough cough broken) spells.

yeah, you're right. the druid used last breath, not reincarnate. sorry..
yep. they always prepare these spells.
they are maximized. and i'm a dark gm ;)

during these warm months we decided to take a break, but i have another post for this thread...
too many enemies (with some taboo temple kopru.. v. TtM) against the party. a real rat basta** fight...

gratifyin' uh?
It's not over .. turin.
Let's Read it! O_O

DECEASED: Animal Companion, Druid, Cleric
LOCATION: Tlaloc's Crater
CATALYST: Critical Hits by Neh Thalguu Scion (V Turin The Mad, nerfed a little bit).

My Players found the crater.. and they cast some spells.
I've decided to give neh thalguu a little room, so it discovered their presence and began to cast some prep spells, without listen spots because of a silenced little rock blockin' the noises of castin'.
I decided this fight to roll without the screen, after seein' the force of the aberration.

So, without Further ado..
A Neh thalguu with greater invisibility began to blast them.
They haven't no way to mass flight and they feared to fight alone this monster..
They began to cast some protection of.. spells and some intellect fortress to reduce the damage. Inside a simple obscuring mist.
Anyway the monster blasted the earth with maximized fireball..
damagin' some of them for 4 rounds.
The Psion used dispel magic to debuff the neh thalguu, with some success.
And finally the neh thalguu, after usin' all their heads..
come down. And the Fight.. Begins.
The pcs depleted many spells. And the psion lacked so many pps..

First round haste by neh thalguu.
Second round i rolled two natural 20's.
Druid Killed. (176 hp damage)
Third Round i rolled one natural 20's and one hit.
Animal Companion Killed. (about 130 hp damage)
The rogue decided to make ranged attacks :D
The Gish, fortunately for him, had a Shield Other casted by the Radiant Servant.

During the next rounds the neh thalguu made One Crit "every round"
The Psion used his last pps to make dispel magic (with truee seeing)
The Druid was revenanced, and he decided to blast him some feets away :P
The Cleric continued to cast cure spells for the sake of the players.
Neh thalguu decided to use greater inv plus haste once again.
then..... after some spells casted by the druid.. the druid, cured with cure light mass maximized and empowered.. decided to fight again.
But Neh Thalguu was clever. And targeted Dispel magic him, killin' in the soft way.
The Cleric revivified the druid, but this fact give the neh thalguu a possibility.
After some crits.. again.. the cleric died because of the shield other.
The druid reincarnated the radiant servant into a gnome.

An animal companion. died.
A druid.. revivified. with only 6 hp
A cleric.. reincarnated with only 0 hp.

So.. here's the last round.
The Gish had 23 hp.
Neh thalguu only 30 hp.
It's turn of neh thalguu and i Smell a TPK, for real.
Roll : 4 (missed the gish)
Roll : 1 Critical Miss (again, a critical every round.
just the opposite of 20, this time, for the first time during the fight..)

So the Gish killed the aberration, and it's party time for players.
They Cheer altogether and slap their hands after this Epic fight.

thanks turin. and thanks dices :D

DECEASED: Psion Seer 11
LOCATION: "Roper" Encounter, LD.
CATALYST: Mind Blast + Extract Brain: Urophidion (Lords of Madness)

Mind blasted the entire group, the urophion latched his strands into some pgs.
One rounds later he extracted the brain of the psion.. meanwhile only two pgs could act.. and they killed the monster.

DECEASED: Companion Animal
LOCATION: Encounter with the Bile Gas Rhagodessas (V. Turin the Mad)
CATALYST: Nausea and Bites

They fought the Rhagodessas, but some of the pgs got a nausea.
The monsters killed the Companion Animal some rounds later, and the only survivor tried to escape with the snack.
The PGS rescued the Animal Companion and killed the last rhagodessas.

Erevis Cale wrote:

Thing is, I'm kinda reluctant to kill them off in a situation where they can't do anything except roll high on their Fort saves.

i understand. give them only ability focus and try to attack the paladin or the cleric, even if the legendary ape might help them during this surprise attack.

Erevis Cale wrote:

I'm curious about their Death Attack. It states that the DC is 22, but I don't get it from where?

Death Attack DC is 10 + Assassin levels (7) + Int modifier (2) = 19

the two seventh coil assassins CR 11?

int modifier is +5.

i'll surely change the spells, using SC, Cadv, CScoundrel and maybe Bovd.
Greater Invisibilty is a must for some situations.
Even if i think i'll use disguise them normally to prevent truee seeing, blindsight, scent and other things.
Disguise is +19.. too low.. i'll enhance it, toning down a little all the skills.

i'll change maybe some feats.
Surely ability focus..
the others..
i'd prefer to control some manuals before to answer this question


my pcs began from IoD, so i decided that some of them were olmans prince
(as said in IoD, some olman prince are in temporal stasis.. obviously malcanthet reincarnated or cloned them in some way)

so.. they don't remember exactly their past.
They remember a great fight with demons
and a huge explosion on the isle (the first savage tide)

the amber is a substance that for them represent a mysterious past.
and tears represent their failure during the fight with the demons.

Humble Minion wrote:

I wouldn't go with Improved Natural Armour as a replacement though - level 11ish PCs will hit his AC 20 just as easily as they'll his AC19 - ie, pretty much all the time. I'd maybe go with Improved Flyby Attack or Improved Natural Attack (bite) instead.

yeah. you're right.

But in my case my pcs have had a "Very Hard" fight with a modified neh thalguu.
briefly.. i've made with haste one crit every round.. and the monster was completely buffed (improved inv, protection from energy, resist energy, mage armor, shield, nerveskitter and so on.....)
at the end the rolls decided. i critical missed (omg!) and they killed it.. without the critical miss was a TPK.

So now.. I decided to gave him a "normal fight" encounter.
well, normally.. i'd choose the latter: INA (bite) :P

i'm very interested to read your xiureksor.
i have no idea for him, but i have time for now.. and xiureksor must be a RBDM dragon :P

thanks for sharing your monsters humbleminion.
All your monsters (and npcs) are flavourful, and capable to give a right share of fight.

(except for rakis ka, i think, one or two rounds and he's dead, and the leapers, but i consider them "minions"
I'll use for rakis Ka the simple flat Advanced Devourer (cr 15, i think) on the Ecology of the Devourer, Dragon Magazine. His image is sooo scary..)

I suggest benign transposition 3/day and dimensional door 1/day, for the thrall giant. Gave them a little surprise to your players, also ;)
(even if i prefer the Giant Koprus;
de gustibus non disputandum est. eh)

The Deep Screamer is a pure gem in the LD.
In fact LD lack some flying monsters (except for the fly potion trick)
My players defeated Neh Thalguu during the last session, and they have the intention to break the "Tear" and escape as soon as possible.
I think that i'll steal your monster to fight them "while" they're trying to destroy the artifact.
I look at briefly the stats, and i noted that the monster has good fly.
So there's no need for Hover, I'll give him Improved Natural Armor.

Burbalarg is not so good, maybe, and i suggest you my version, if you want to use him:
Advanced Elite Huge DarkTentacles (MM 2)
Huge Magical Beast
CR 7 + 4 Advanced + 1 Elite Array (18,16,14,12,12,10 = elite for my pcs) = 12

27d8+(8x27=135) = 351 hp (75% hp)
Init: +2

Mov: Spd 5+30=35 (with the wand), Swim 20 ft

AC: 23 (-2 size, +2 Dex, +13 NA), T 10, FF 21

Grapple: +21 bab +16 racial bonus + 12 Huge check + 10 Str = 59

Atk: 12 slams +28 Melee, Weapon (counting the PA) +26/21/16 and 11
"light" weapons +26 melee

Full Attack:
Primary Weapon, Harpoon
Harpoon +1 MW, 4d8+21(2 tentacles) (See Stormwrack)
Secondary Weapons:
Composite Longbow +8, +1 MW, 3d6+8 x2 (4 tentacles)
Two Handed Sword, +1 MW, 3d6+16 (2 tentacles)
Longsword, +1 MW, 2d6+8 (1 tentacle)
Club, 2d6+8, +1 MW (1 tentacle)
Spiked Chain, 3d6+16 (2 tentacle)
(=12 tentacles used)

F/R: BASE 10/15 ft (remember to see the reach for every weapon used)

SA: Constrict 3d6+15, Improved Grab, SP

SQ: Darkvision 60 ft, Enhanced Multiweapon Fighting, Tentacle Regeneration, Tremorsense, Weapon Use

Sv: +19,+13,+21

31,14,26,14,14,14 (4 abilities upped, 1 strength and 3 cos)(+8,-2,+4 huge)[+9,-2,+7]

Conc 11, Hide +30, Listen 25, Move Silently 27, Spot 26

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Multidexterity, Multiweapon Fighting, Greater Fortitude, Lightining Reflexes, Iron Will, Power Attack*(3 points), INA +4, Quicken Spell like Ability (Hold Monster)

SP: 5 hold monster, 3 charm monster, 1 wall of force, DC 11+Spell Level.
Tremorsense, anything within 60 ft on terrain
Weapon Use: see the monster

Skills: +4 hide bonus racial.

Wand of Expeditious Retreat (23 charge)
The Weapons.
Treasure by the Dmg, Standard, Random, CR 12.
Thanks HM and keep the good work, i'll try to share some monsters with you in this post, if you want.

DECEASED: Rogue5/Swasbuckler5
LOCATION: ToD - Tar Pits
CATALYST: Infamous TRex - Half Fiend Tyrannosaurux Rex (T-Vrock for friends) - Bite and Claw attacks.

The rogue enter the melee combat after some rounds of vicious biting and clawing.
The T-Vrock full power attacked him. 93 pts of damage.
Revivified after one round.
DECEASED: Companion Animal - Fleshraker Dinosaur
LOCATION: Htbm (ToD for me) Jungle
CATALYST: Olangru and abduction

I began STAP with tides of dread.
And the temple of the rakastas is the temple of Demogorgon with olangru (i disliked the coautl's idea)
Olangru and his mates plus some apes stalked the pcs and he abducted the companion animal. Some rounds later the connection between the druid and the companion broke.
In the meantime they fought for their lives with some summoning barl- gura and alpha huge apes from MM2 (i didn't remember their name), giving the time to olangru to kill the animal.
DECEASED: Rogue and Cleric5/Radiant Servant of Pelor5
LOCATION: Htbm (ToD for me) Jungle
CATALYST: Olangru , Thrall of Demogorgon, natural attacks

They entered without buffs the olangru's residence.
Olangru, buffed with some potions and spells, pounced them and after this he used dual action for only 2 rounds..
Killin' the two pcs (90-100 hp every round) with some power attack.
last breathed, revenance and revivified later, they killed olangru.
DECEASED: 6 Kills + 1 companion animal
LOCATION: Tod. Jungle. Random Encounter
CATALYST: 4 Hezrou. plus other 3 hezrou summoned.

I changed the table of the random encounters. my fault, yeah.
1d4 hezrou. 4 hezrou. and i summoned 3 hezrou
After some Spammin' Blasphemy and unholy Blight.. and Last Breathed, revenance and revivified later..
they were alive and obliged to find some informations... for a certain dark powerful demon..
DECEASED: Sorcerer Incantatrix
LOCATION: Tod. The Docks of Farshore during the Crimson Fleet Invasion
CATALYST: Kopru Druid and Elasmosaurus

They didn't the quest to take the ship on the isle of dread.
So Vanthus asked him to join the invasion.. and to buy time for the invasion itself.
The Elasmosaurus, alone, try to destroy the little defences of the dock. After 2 round, the elasmosaurus escaped into the water, submerged..
The kopru waited, hidin', to heal his animal.
The sorcerer.. not seeing them.. dimensional doored into the water and it was killed with melee attacks. last breathed.. the round later.

greetings all and thanks you for some much evil ideas.
My Crimson Fleet invasion has been really epic!!!!!!!!!

my humble contributions:
My pcs made so-so the defences, because they feared some evil twist by me and concentrated only on the walls and the tower guards.
The dock was impossible for them to upgrade, such as others defenses.. due to their skills.
They really knows me well :P
And Meravanchi Won the elections day! No contributions by my pcs for my poor Lavinia..
They spoke with the Tanaroa Clan, while Lavinia spoke with the clan of the shadows and the Marine Clan (i don't remember exactly the names of the tribe, see Dragon Magazine). to give some Assistance obviously.
Twenty Four Phanatons try to use their shortbow on the walls.

The crimson fleet was about to begin the invasion at 24,00 o' clock.
Half demoniac pirates (cr 0 with only darkvsion and a feat..) and human pirates of course.
In the Meantime outside of the Farshore some scattered people of the tribes (dominated by the kopru of the Sea Wyvern.. ) tried to burn the city itself with incendiary arrows.
Some Skeletons pirates (alas Pirates of the Caribbean Movie) entered the city burrowing after some hours..
Half Golem Half Human Barbarian Fighters, equipped with an axe.. tried to destroy the walls.
The Gargantuan Elasmosaurus (overbuffed) tries to destroy the defenses of the dock.
The alarm resounded over the city.
The PCS divided their force.
Briefly the half golems are destroyed within 10+ rounds...
and my radiant cleric saved the day. too much criticals with an AXE and an epic fight.

The gargantuan golem fought my druid and my casters.
The druid was flying on his natural form.
After 2 rounds it submerged into the water. and so the druid..
the kopru in the meantime used his control water to beat the control water of my exalted druid.
My crazy blaster went into the water to destroy him and i blinding spittled him. He escaped.
He return. i killed him
The druid last breathed him and cured him.

in the meantime.. My kopru healed the animal companion and it emerges over the dock, destroyin' it.
my druid, his companion and the blaster felt in the water.
my crazy blaster flies away.
the druid escapes :p and give the order to his companion to flee for his live...
The animal gargantuan elasmosaurs receveid the order to destroy the druid. the druid withdraw'd more and more..
The blasters killed the elasmosaurus.. and the kopru Begun to FIGHT.
with his polar bear form! (yeah 10 levels)
flamestrike to the shadowcaster and Spirit jaws sudden quickened to the shadocaster. the shadowcaster is pinned.
My druid tried to blinding him, for 2 rounds. unsuccessfully.
in the meantime my koprus cast arc of lightning
Target: Him (protected by lightning) and Druid.
The Shadowcaster escaped from grapple thanks by a conc spells and a sort of dimensional door (yeah.. sort of..)
My Crazy Blaster is away.. but it asks for revenge... (half elf reincarnated revenge.. NOW.. ) and orbed him!
The koprus had many hp to fight.. but his plans were others.. and the shadow pearls are more important...

He escaped.. and my pcs reunited themselves with the others to heal their wounds.
The ships was near, elementals of water transportin' them.
The Blue Nixie approached him with the other party and the dwarf druid attacked the yuan-ties (i hate the concept of "i blast, i win. it's a good day to blast.. everyday in fact")
while the armadas are compacted to fight.. and the pcs are ready to rumble...
My little twist arrived..
A necromancer.. flying.. the real crafter of the golems and obviously who has animated the undeads. with a dagger (+1 cold..) and
with a poor cryin' baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the time is frozen..... deborah and the pcs didn't know what measures took..
My Shadowcaster tried the impossible
Command (spell like ability)
but the enemy didn't failed the save.
Another epic fight begun.. and lasted only 1 1/2 round...
The child fall from the evil embrace.
The rogue took the child tumbling and jumping.. and saved him!
Finally the Necromancer Acted:
Sudden Quicken Grim Revenge on the Two Handed broken Gish and enervation empowered!
and well.. epic failure.. His right hand became a wight and attack him!
The blasters killed the necro without too much problems and the cleric advise the gish not to destroy the wight hand!!!!!
finally (i ruled so.. i didn't want to pun my gish that rpged very well over ToD) he can fight the victory.

The pirates began to arrive with his ships
the pirates surfed the sea...
The druid made control winds.. and obviously the kopru counterspelled.
the kopru escape.
they killed some pirates (alas fight like 300).. as written.. and..
the session ended.

with the teleportin' vrock and rollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

thanks to paizo. thanks to all the contributors.
Best. Adventure. Ever.

evil ideas, thanks!

even if i like focused fire..
this monster is not stupid.

2 Composite Longbows (+8 i think....), 2 clubs (so funny..) 1 Spiked Chain, 1 2-handed large sword and 1 Swords are perfect, plus One wand with expeditious retreat and quicken spell like ability.

when i'll have time i'll post the monster on the right post regarding the infamous seven.

Turin the Mad wrote:

You will probably want to identify in the subject line to get past spam filtration though. ^_^

uh, where and how? i'm a newbie... -_-

however, here's my second humble creation for this campaign
(the alpha beta monster was the half-fiend t-rex with 25 HD;
the first Olangru The Thrall of Demogorgon):
Advanced Elite Huge DarkTentacles (MM 2, 3.5 version)
Huge Magical Beast
CR 7 + 4 Advanced + 1 Elite Array (18,16,14,12,12,10 = elite for my pcs, right payback for them) =

i DON'T like the shambling mound, the plant type (my poor friend rogue is bashed every time..)
and the various immunities. Let's get a chance to my pgs. and Some bashing, of course.

I need a little boost to improve my SLOW movements. some template to suggest?
or.. is CR +1 for a +35 mov acceptable? lol :P

27d8+(8x27=135) = 351 hp (75% hp)
Init: +2

Mov: Spd 5, Swim 20 ft

AC: 23 (-2 size, +2 Dex, +13 NA), T 10, FF 21

Grapple: +21 bab +16 racial bonus + 12 Huge check + 10 Str = 59
(no swallowh whole sigh..)

Atk: 12 slams +28 Melee, Weapon (not counting the PA) +32/27/22

(i counted the iterative attacks, 3 or 4? i'm not sure. I'm good on the NPCs creation, not so much monsters creations) and 11 light weapons +32 melee

Dam: 1d6+13 Slam, by weapon* (+13, +8) (work in progress for a rule)

F/R: 10/15 ft

SA: Constrict 3d6+15, Improved Grab, SP

SQ: Darkvision 60 ft, Enhanced Multiweapon Fighting, Tentacle Regeneration, Tremorsense, Weapon Use

Sv: +19,+13,+21

31,14,26,14,14,14 (4 abilities upped, 1 strength and 3 cos)(+8,-2,+4 huge)[+9,-2,+7]

Conc 11, Hide +30, Listen 25, Move Silently 27, Spot 26

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Multidexterity, Multiweapon Fighting, Greater Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Power Attack*(3 points), INA +4, 5 feats to choose

SP: 5 hold monster, 3 charm monster, 1 wall of force,
DC 11+Spell Level.
Tremorsense, it senses anything within 60 ft on terrain
Weapon Use: a tentacle of huge size size can use a melee weapon up to gargantuan size in each tentacle

Skills: +4 hide bonus racial.

By the RaI and Raw, I think, I decided that huge weapons are treated as light weapons for him (see enhanced multiweapon fighting and weapon use) = Is it Correct?

Background for his weapons:
It uses always Gargantuan and Huge Weapons to chip his opponents, defeating some survivor giants from the first Savage Tide: MW +1, counted on stats blocks.
I could use some magical weapons. One. or two. Maybe.
And Sunder the enemies weapons with raw force.

Background for him:
Intelligent, Malicious, it charmed some troglodites to be protected from strangers and to be advised..
And to eat them. just in the case he's hungry.............

Low Ref, but it's right for me
Low damage on slam, but i have no intention to use it.
maybe Medium damage Constrict, for an infamous boss, but it's right.
I have no swallowh whole and Snatch, fitted for the monster.
No Sr and no DR? poor beast.. -_-
No Fly for him, and i refuse to give him with a template.
Slow movements, that i want to change.
I want one ex between Scent or Blindsight, but maybe it's too much.. grin..

Good Bab.
Good Grapple for me.
Ungodly Number of Attacks, and some damage.
Some delicious Sp.
Satisfied with the skills.

hi turin. i'm new to the forum and i hope to contribute some little ideas of mine even if i have little time.

you have made an evil and an excellent work for STAP.
In fact i stealed some of your ideas to make my STAP campaign more challenging to my seven PP friends.

i'm playing tod and for example your "base" olangru became a wizard/thrall of demogorgon with dual action for 2 rounds, hasted, greater heroism'ed and some others buff things.

damaging them for 2d6x8+13x8 (with little power attack bonus) and for 2
rounds.. after the first round pounce..
i killed 2 pcs, before that olangru would died in the fourth round.

well, fun and testing fight..

i used also the "creeping" olangru thread to have a predator session
and the fleshraker companion died horribly with abduct ability plus
the little demogorgon combo.
yeah.. they use revivify, revenance, last breath and radiant servant of lathander.

said that, could i send my email to you... to receive your stat blocks and craft better my STAP monsters?

sorry for my bad english.