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The links are no longer working. I wanted to take a look at this, especially those dragon stats. :)

Anyone have copies of this or can the author update his links?

I would agree with the others. Monks use their whole body. So a chipped nail won't affects his legs. Though if for some reason his legs and other arm are disabled (like bound) except for that one arm, then he couldn't attack.

Luckily he isn't just using his claws. Though if he had something like that with unarmed strike, I'd just remove any extra benefit the claws provide.

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First off, fantastic job. As someone who did a conversion of Dark Sun (AD&D to Hackmaster), I know exactly how you feel. I only wish mine was as pretty :)

That aside, thought I'd point a few things out.

1. Thri-kreen should have a 40 movement. I know it's a powerful race as it is, but they've always been fast in every edition. I know pathfinder frowns on putting penalties, the thri-kreen have a few. Thri-Kreens of Athas had lots of good weakness. Top ones I used was their inability to swim due to weight and this breathing hole they can't close. I know it's Athas, but hey there's some water. Also, they can't eat vegetables without getting sick. Here's from my conversion "Almost totally carnivorous. Mere taste of a plant usually makes them sicken. Only a few herbs, spices, and fruits with magical effects (potions) can be safely eaten."

Guess I'm just used to bug butt thrikreens too :) So heavy they break things.

2. There are technically two monk orders in Nibenay. The Exalted Order and Serene Bliss (first male, second female). Though they mention psionics, they also call them monks.

3. You're missing Aarakocra and Pterran from the list of PC races. Any plans to add?

4. Wild Talents - I might suggest expanding that section to allow a larger selection of powers and using psionic/psychic points instead of 2/day. Wild Talents could be anything back in the AD&D Dark Sun days with the ability to at least cast it once a day. Just a suggest. This post has a good example. I'm sure it can be setup for Psychic too.

5. I noticed no mention of the other Psionic Classes, such as Aegis, Cryptic, Dread, Soulknife, Tactician, Vitalist. It's not like they couldn't be used without an entry. Some may not fit as well as others, but really gives you that ability for pure psionic class groups with these other classes.

Overall, I love the work you put in. Plan to use it..

Thanks. I appreciate the helpful response.

So the text is clear about how to permanaetly kill a Tier 9 Mythic hero but gives little information about coming back. Plus little mention when they are "not quite dead yet" issues. So here are a few questions I have (text of ability will be at bottom of post)

1. Where do they come back to life at? Where they died or some place random or close to them?

2. Does their old body reform (from whatever's left) or is it a new body?

3. Will they come back to life if not specifically killed? Such as petrification or if they starve to death?

Personally, here's my ideas on replies to my own questions:

1. I assume where they died. Though making it random, say 1d1000 miles from original death location, gives them a chance if they died in a hostile area (such as a volcano).

2. If I go with where they died, then old body reforms (even if dust). If I go with random location, then new body.

3. Petrification, they're stuck that way until at least the statue is destroyed. Though might have to wait until it's turned to flesh. I guess if they die from starvation, they're dead :)

Immortal (Su): At 9th tier, if you are killed, you return to life 24 hours later, regardless of the condition of your body or the means by which you were killed. When you return to life, you aren't treated as if you had rested, and don't regain the use of abilities that recharge with rest until you next rest. This ability doesn't apply if you're killed by a coup de grace or critical hit performed by either a mythic creature (or creature of even greater power) or a non-mythic creature wielding a weapon capable of bypassing epic damage reduction. At 10th tier, you can be killed only by a coup de grace or critical hit made with an artifact.


I need help creating a villain to challenge and could kill one PC. It's supposed to be his big foe, something on par with him. I want to make something legit without being a killer gm (but he can die, I'm fine with that).

Below is his general abilities, help me counter this.

He's a LN outsider (from Limbo) monk who will be facing another outsider like himself (so ignore race). The monk is focused on Flowing and the qinggong. He's not a high damage monk, but he's usually tripping his foes, intercepting them, and his AC is very high (39, blame a +8 natural armor item dropping, touch 26) that just gets better with multiple foes.

Oh, and has two mythic levels and is level 9.

So if i go with a melee fighter, he needs a high hit bonus and the ability to avoid being tripped. I tried a mythic one before with that ability to counter the trip but he couldn't hit. I'm open to anything, even psionic characters (psionic character would be nice). Just can't be a divine character for story reasons (you know, because the villain is from the astral...hint hint).

I have time to introduce, so feel free to put at any level (though 16th is probably my cap) and more than 2 mythic tiers.

I'm hoping for a one on one battle, but who knows.

Any build suggestions would be nice, and even magic items. I was considering a cavalier for challenge or maybe a magus (but might not have the bonuses to hit).

Thanks for any help. Let's make a PC cry (and hope he doesn't see this thread). :)

Matt2VK wrote:

I'd switch your DEX and INT stats around. A Kensai is more of a fighter then a caster. You want that DEX to be as high as possible for your to hit and to damage. A 16 INT is about all a Magus really needs.

If going UMD, suggests you grab the familiar arcana and then the Improved Familiar feat. Pick yourself up a familiar that can use wands. Can help you a lot with action economy.

I agree, I'll push more to the Dex side. Sadly, I can't get dex to damage. My weapon is a Wakizashi. With Slashing Grace's, I technically could, I can't cast spells and attack at the same time.

If there's ways around this, I'd love to know how.

Kurald Galain wrote:

Here's an extended Magus guide.

In brief, it's more effective to boost your attack stat instead of intelligence. A kensai should retrain out of Combat Reflexes at level 11 (because you'll have more OAs than you'll ever need). Arcane strike is not a good pick on a Magus, because you have too many better things to spend swift actions on. You're missing some staple combat feats like Step Up, Lunge, and Blind-Fighting; and some great arcana like Hasted Assault and Familiar. HTH!

And yes, your strength is fine (indeed, it could be 7 without any issue). If anything, move your points from cha to constitution, because 1d8 and 10 con is rather low on a melee character.

Nice guide. Added some insight.

The whole point of Arcane Strike was to use it with Bodyguard and Gloves of Arcane Striking, which I wouldn't really be using my swift actions. Though after looking at your guide, perhaps giving up the idea of bodyguard though it is a fun concept.

Good chance I'll be the only melee character. Only confirmed party member is a halfling druid with a pet roc.

I don't know if I even need Hasted Assault, since I can get Haste from the summoner table as 2nd level spell. 9th level is a while away and I don't get an arcana then. Earliest would be 9th. not saying it's not useful, it is pretty cool.

Familiar might be an option, never go wrong with it. I'll review some more and post an update build later.

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Hello All,

Please review my character build below for a kensai bladebound Magus. I'd love suggestions. I used the Kensai Build guide out there. I'm looking for the most effective use of the character in combat but don't want to sacrifice any RP stuff or lose my racial spells for having less than 12 Cha (i hate being the 7 cha guy :) ).

But please help with possible skill changes, feats and arcana suggestions. Even stat adjustments.

The goal of the character is to go with into melee, use the standard shocking grasp build with touch of fatigue when not doing grasp. Protect fellow players with bodyguard. Basically I'm mixing the basic build with bodyguard. It seems I'm the main melee so far in the group.

Goal is for evasion tank DPS, basically. I went acrobatics to move through threatened zones when possible to backup other melee characters.

And if you have Mystic Past life spell suggestions, let me know. I don't know how up to date this guide is. Some suggest spells for Mystic Past Life are: Cure Critical Wounds (Bard’s list), Inflict Wounds (Witch’s spell list), Contingency, Heroism or Greater Heroism, Permanency, Touch of Fatigue, Touch of idiocy, Juxtaposition, Protection from Energy, False Life, Mage Armor, Dance of a Hundred Cuts, Haste (From the Summoner’s spell list, making it a level 2 spell) and Bestow Curse.

Used this as a guide: a97s/pub

And yes, I'm married to my Wakizashi chioce for my black blade.

Magus (Kensai & Bladebound Archetype)
20 point build
STR: 8
Dex: 16
Con: 10
Int: 18 (Boosted every 4 levels)
Wis: 9
Cha: 12

Samsaran Mystic Past Life (5 spells): Hasted (2nd level Summoner), Touch of Fatigue (0th), Dance of a Hundred Cuts (4th), Mage Armor (1st), Cure Critical Wounds (4th)

Traits: Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp)
Traits: Rescued (Acrobatics)
Traits: Vetern Jungle Guide (Perception)
Flaw: Overprotective

Kensai Bonus: Weapon Focus (Wakizashi)
L1: Weapon Finesse
L3: Combat Reflexes
L5: Bodyguard
Magus 5: Arcane Strike
L7: Intensified Spell
L9: Elemental Spell
L11: ???
Magus 11: ???
L13: Critical Focus
L15: Staggering Critical
L17: Critical Mastery
Magus 17: Critical Mastery
L19: Extra Arcana: ???

Magus Arcana
L3: Black Blade (replaces choice)
L6: Arcane Accuracy or Wand Wielder (for Truestrike wands)
L9: Whatever wasn't picked at level 6.
L12: Maximized Magic
L15: Quickened Magic
L18: ???

Skills (6 points per level, putting Favored class point into HP)
Knowedge Arcana
Use Magic Device