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Full Name

Dark Contract


Construct Cursed Psionic Intelligent Hell Blade


Hell Blade (Soulknife) 18L




Very old.

Special Abilities

As Construct






Rosa Luminass


Infernal, Commom, Celestial, Draconic.


Hell Blade

Strength 10
Dexterity 30
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 30
Charisma 26

About Dark Contract

Cursed Psionic Intelligent Blade. [Soulknife 18L]
Lawful Evil (LE)

There are few more evil things in the world than a Hell blade,
I living thinking blade, made from the stripped mind of a high powered demon (in this case a Pit Fiend), and forged into the shell of a near, unbreakable blade. The one chosen by such blades have little knowledge they it is they where are the tool and the blade the master, but that is the case. Hell Blades are artifacts in there own rights, having there own agendas and motivations.

Hound of Hell's are given such Blades as a sign of office and to be used by them to do Hells bidding, Hell may be Evil but LAWS rules HELL and hounds and their hell blades have the job of punishing the barkers of Hells laws. No two Hell Blades are the same, just as no two hounds are. Once chosen an user is Cursed owner and falls victim to its powers. Once it clams a being as its owner, the Hell blade sucks out all compassion and feeling from its owner into itself, moving any beings aliment to match its own (in this case LE).

As a Lawful Evil construct its powered by the mind of its user reflecting them and warping them at the same time. Some say it is hard to tell after a time where the owner ends and the sword begins such is the power such Swords hold.

Dark-Contract is a Hell Blade of great age and power, one of the 1st 6 forged before the fall of he who should not be named. It has had countless Hell Hound owners, the last of which is Rosa Luminass

AC 18/22/26
Hardness 80 = DR/80
HP [206]186+20
Power Point Pool 90pp +(vimpire PP) PP-max 90.
ML20 Max Power Level 3

Str 10*
Dex 30* +10
Con -- **
Int 28 +9
Wis 30 +10
Cha 26 +8

*With self-propulsion/fly ability activated.

The Swords Pitfiend Mind Psicrystal:

Size/Type: Construct Large Blade.
Alignment: LE
Hit Dice: [206] As master’s HD (hp ½ master’s) +20
Initiative: +10
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares), climb 20 ft. Fly 60 (Perfect)
Armor Class: 28/32/36* (10+ -1 size, +0/+10*Dex +9 N-Amoro), touch 26, flat-footed 18 (*change with powers)
DR/10 Adamantim Hardness 80.
Base Attack/Grapple: +0/+0 [+18/+13/+8/+3 for power RTA/TA only]
Attack: as Owner
Full Attack: As Owner
Space/Reach: 1 ft./0 ft.
Special Attacks: Shared Powers/magic/Touch Powers/magic
Special Qualities:
Construct traits,
No con score
Psicrystal abilities
Alertness, improved evasion, personality, self-propulsion, share powers, sighted, telepathic link, Speech, Deliver touch powers/magic.

Saving Throws:
A psicrystal/Item uses its owner’s base saving throw bonuses and ability modifiers on saves, though it doesn’t enjoy any other bonuses its owner might have (from magic items or feats, for example) but adds class level Bonuses to owners base.
Fort --
Ref +11 +base of owner.
Will +11 +base of owner.

Skills: A psicrystal has the same skill ranks as its owner, except that it has a minimum of 4 ranks each in Perception and Stealth. (Even if its owner has no ranks in these skills, a psicrystal has 4 ranks in each.) A psicrystal uses its own ability modifiers on skill checks.

Soulknife Level 18:

Soulknife Level 18

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Self Only

Bonus Feat A hell blade gets Weapon Focus (mind blade) as a bonus feat at 1st level.

Form a Mind Blade (Su)

As a move action, a Hell Blade (soulknife) can form a semi-solid weapon composed of psychic energy distilled from its PSYCrystal's mind.

A Hell Blade (soulknife) is always a two-handed blade weapon.
And deals the same DMG and has the Same Crit range of the stranded None magic weapon before adding power/magic/ability's/feats etc.

Regardless of the weapon form a Hell Blades user has chosen, The mind blade does not have a set damage type. When shaping its self to fit is user, the Hell Blade assigns its abilities and damage type. The Hell Blade may change its damage type and damage type, as a full-round action; otherwise, the mind blade retains the last damage type it chose every time it is manifests itself.

The mind blade can be broken (it has hardness 10 and 10 hit points); however, a Hell Blade can simply create another on its next move action. A mind blade is considered a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and is considered a masterwork weapon.

A Hell blade owner can use feats such as Power Attack or Combat Expertise in conjunction with the mind blade just as if it were a normal weapon. They can also choose her mind blade for feats requiring a specific weapon choice, such as Weapon Focus and Improved Critical. Powers or spells that upgrade weapons can be used on a mind blade.

Even in places where psionic effects do not normally function (such as within a null psionics field), The soulknife can attempt to sustain its mind blade by making a DC 20 Will save. On a successful save, the soulknife maintains her mind blade for a number of rounds equal to its class level before it needs to check again, although the mind blade is treated for all purposes as a non-magical, masterwork weapon while in a place where psionic effects do not normally function. On an unsuccessful attempt, the mind blade vanishes. As a move action on her turn, the soulknife can attempt a new Will save to rematerialize its mind blade while it remains within the psionics-negating effect. It gains a bonus on Will saves made to maintain or form its mind blade equal to the total enhancement bonus of its mind blade (see below).

A hell blade is always in the shape of a blade.

Enhanced Mind Blade +8 (+5TH max)

A Hell Blades mind blade improves as it gains higher levels. At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter, the mind blade gains a cumulative +1 enhancement bonus that it may spend on an actual enhancement bonus or on weapon special abilities. A Hell Blades level determines its maximum enhancement bonus (see Table: The Soulknife). The Hell Blade may (and must, when its total enhancement is higher than its maximum bonus) apply any special ability from Table: Weapon Special Abilities instead of an enhancement bonus, as long as it meets the level requirements. A Hell Blade can choose any combination of weapon special abilities and/or enhancement bonus enhancement bonus before assigning any special abilities.

Blade Skills 9 Hell Blades enhancement bonus +5/+5:

The following Blade skills are used by the Hell Blade and its "CHOSEN" user.

2ed Level Alter Blade: The Hell Blade gains the ability to shape its mind blade + Blade shape into different weapon forms. It may change its blade's form to the one light weapon, one-handed weapon, or two-handed weapon forms any time she forms her mind blade.

4th Level Two-Handed Throw The Hell Blade user gains the ability to throw the mind blade if it is in two-handed form, with a range increment of 10 ft.

6th level Weapon Special The Hell Blade may assign 'one' of the following specials to its mind blade when it shapes its mind blade: brace, trip, or disarm. She may change the assigned ability by reshaping her mind blade.

8th Level Bladewind The Hell Blade gains the ability to momentarily fragment its mind blade into numerous identical blades, each of which strikes at a nearby opponent. As a full attack, when its user wields the Hell Blade they can give up their regular attacks and instead fragment the Hell Blades mind blade to make one melee attack at the users full base attack bonus against each opponent within reach. Each fragment functions identically to the Hell Blade's regular mind blade. When using bladewind, a Hell blades user forfeits any bonus or extra attacks granted by other feats or abilities (such as Cleave or haste). The Hell Blades, mind blade immediately reverts to its previous form after the bladewind attack.

10th Level Enhanced Range[b] The Hell Blade's range increment when its user throws it in any form doubles, 20'

12th Level [b]Improved Enhancement The Hell Blades enhancement bonus on its mind blade increases by 1. This increase may be used to increase the actual enhancement bonus of the mind blade (to a maximum of +5) or be spent on weapon special abilities, as normal.

14th Level Improved Enhancement The Hell Blades enhancement bonus on its mind blade increases by 1. This increase may be used to increase the actual enhancement bonus of the mind blade (to a maximum of +5) or be spent on weapon special abilities, as normal.

16th Level Bladestorm[b] As a full attack, A hell blade wielder can give up their regular attacks and instead throw one mind blade at her full attack bonus at all opponents within 30 feet, ignoring the normal range increments for throwing a mind blade. Regardless of the number of attacks they makes, The hell blade wielder only provokes attacks of opportunity as though they had made a single ranged attack. The Hell Blade must possess the Bladewind blade skill to offer ability.

18th Level [b]Knife to the Soul The Hell Blade gains the knife to the soul ability. When a Hell Blade with knife to the soul executes a Vampiric Psychic Strike, It can choose to substitute Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma damage (its choice) for dice of damage (high numeric dice 1st) For each die of damage it gives up, it deals 1 point of damage to the ability score its chooses converting them it Power Points for itself 1 Stat DMG for 1PP. The Knife to the soul skill may only be used once per round. Unlike the base Vampiric Psychic Strike, knife to the soul is entirely reliant on the creature's mind, and cannot be used on creatures immune to mind-affecting abilities. The Hell Blade decides which ability score its Vampiric Psychic Strike damages

Weapon Special Abilities
+ Up to +5 from Weapon Special Abilities Table

Physical Form:

The base Item for the sword constitution is a.

Large +5 Imperviose Adamantine Great-sword Hilt.
Added to this is a
Psi-crystal that holds its Hell Blade Mind.
Two Psionic Soul powered dolls as guardians.
Swarmbane clasp
A Large GreatSword 'Mind Blade' it's Hell-Blades Mind manifests

Hilt HP/inch 80 Hardness 40
Mind Blade HP/Inch 10 Hardness 10

The sword has two Built in Guards in its Guard Nex & Hex:

Adamantine Psionic Soul Powered dolls -Nex & Hex.

Hex' & 'Nix'

The Hell-Blade has has two Adamantine Psionic Soul powered Dolls locked into the swords hilt as guards. They are protected by Adamantine and lifeless until the Sword or its owner activates them at that point they detach from the sword and become separate objects acting on there own. (wile on locked in the sword they are totally Inanimate) If any one PUT the owner tries to take the sword it uses them to brake free.

Soulbound-Doll 'Hex' and 'nix'8,000 gp

Also both hardened HP/inch 80 Hardness 40

They cast Neutral Evil: inflict serious wounds (DC 12)

Swords Curse
Character my not use any Millie weapon but Dark contact sword.
Character grows taller - Only happens once.
Character now bears some identifying mark (tattoo).


1st Wild Talent
The soulknife gains Wild Talent as a bonus feat at 1st level. This provides her with the psionic power necessary to manifest her mind blade. A character who is already psionic instead gains the Psionic Talent feat.

Marshal weapon proficiency(Great Sword -Dark contract ONLY) feat
Granted to its user.

2ed Psicrystal Affinity feat
BUT only for itself, the mind of its user is LOCKED to it, and no other, it is a selfish sword after all and one it has an owner its will take no other.






Blade Skills and Powers:

Enhanced Mind Blade +8

Quick manifest
The Hell Blade may manifest her mind blade as a free action 1/round.

Vampiric Psychic Strike.(Su)

As a move action, a Hell Blade can imbue its mind blade with destructive psychic negative energy. This effect converts points of damage into power points. This is done on any attack it wishes to activate it on (as long as the attack is made with the mind blade). This power can not be used on Mindless creatures as they are immune to Psychic damage, although non-mindless creatures immune to mind-affecting effects are affected by this damage as normal. (Unlike the rogue's sneak attack, the psychic strike is not precision damage and can affect creatures otherwise immune to extra damage from critical hits or more than 30 feet away.) A Mind Blade converts damage only once when this ability is called upon, but a Hell Blade can imbue its mind blade with psychic negative energy again by taking another move action. Additionally, a HellBlade may recharge it as a swift action by expending its psionic focus. Damage conversion is 10 points of Damage into 1 Power Point.

Psicrystal Ability Descriptions:

All psicrystals have special abilities (or impart abilities to their owners) depending on the level of the owner, as shown on the table above. The abilities on the table are cumulative.

Natural Armor Adj. (Ex) +9 NA

This number noted here is an improvement to the psicrystal’s natural armor bonus (normally 0). It represents a psicrystal’s preternatural durability.

Intelligence Adj. (Ex) +9 Int

Add this value to the psicrystal’s Intelligence score. Psicrystals are as smart as people (though not necessarily as smart as smart people).

Alertness (Ex)

The presence of a psicrystal sharpens its master’s senses. While a psicrystal is within arm’s reach (adjacent to or in the same square as its owner), its owner gains the Alertness feat.

Improved Evasion (Ex)

If a psicrystal is subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, it takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw and half damage even if the saving throw fails.

Personality (Ex)

Every psicrystal has a personality. See Psicrystal Personality, below.

Self-Propulsion (Su)

As a standard action, its owner can will a psicrystal to form spidery, ectoplasmic legs that grant the psicrystal a land speed of 30 feet and a climb speed of 20 feet. The legs fade into nothingness after one day (or sooner, if the owner desires).

Share Powers/spells (Su)

At the owner’s option, he can have any power (but not any psi-like ability) he manifests on himself also affect his psicrystal. The psicrystal must be within 5 feet of him at the time of the manifestation to receive the benefit. If the power has a duration other than instantaneous, it stops affecting the psicrystal if it moves farther than 5 feet away, and will not affect the psicrystal again, even if it returns to its owner before the duration expires. Additionally, the owner can manifest a power with a target of “You” on his psicrystal (as a touch range power) instead of on himself. The owner and psicrystal cannot share powers if the powers normally do not affect creatures of the psicrystal’s type (construct).

Sighted (Ex)

Low Light and Dark vision 120'

Although it has no physical sensory organs, a psicrystal can telepathically sense its environment as well as a creature with normal vision and hearing. Darkness (even supernatural darkness) is irrelevant, as are areas of supernatural silence, though a psicrystal still can’t discern invisible or ethereal beings. A psicrystal’s sighted range is 40 feet.

Telepathic Link (Su)

The owner has a telepathic link with his psicrystal out to a distance of up to 1 mile. The owner cannot see through the psicrystal’s senses, but the two of them can communicate telepathically as if the psicrystal were the target of a mindlink power manifested by the owner. For instance, a psicrystal placed in a distant room could relay the activities occurring in that room. Because of the telepathic link between a psicrystal and its owner, the owner has the same connection to an item or place that the psicrystal does. For instance, if his psicrystal has seen a room, the owner can teleport into that room as if he has seen it too.

Deliver Touch Powers/spells (Su)

If the owner is 3rd level or higher, his psicrystal can deliver touch powers for him. If the owner and psicrystal are in contact at the time the owner manifests a touch power, he can designate his psicrystal as the “toucher.” The psicrystal can then deliver the touch power just as the owner could. As usual, if the owner manifests another power before the touch is delivered, the touch power dissipates.

Telepathic Speech (Ex)

If the owner is 5th level or higher, the psicrystal can communicate telepathically with any creature that has a language and is within 30 feet of the psicrystal, while the psicrystal is also within 1 mile of the owner.

Flight (Perfect) (Su)

If the owner is 9th level or higher, he can, as a standard action, will his psicrystal to fly at a speed of 50 feet (poor). The psicrystal drifts gently to the ground after one day (or sooner, if the owner desires).

Power Resistance PR25(Ex)

If the owner is 11th level or higher, the psicrystal gains power resistance equal to the owner’s level + 5. To affect the psicrystal with a power, another manifester must get a result on a manifester level check that equals or exceeds the psicrystal’s power resistance.

Sight Link (Sp)

If the owner is 13th level or higher, the character can remote view the psicrystal (as if manifesting the remote viewing power) once per day.

Channel Power/spell (Sp)

If the owner is 15th level or higher, he can manifest powers through the psicrystal to a distance of up to 1 mile. The psicrystal is treated as the power’s originator, and all ranges are calculated from its location. When channeling a power through his psicrystal, the owner manifests the power by paying its power point cost. He is still subject to attacks of opportunity and other hazards of manifesting a power, if applicable (for instance, he becomes visible when manifesting an offensive power if invisible, as does the psicrystal).

Psicrystal Personality (Ex)

Resolved [+2 bonus on Will saves]

Each psicrystal has a distinct personality, chosen by its owner at the time of its creation from among those given on the Psicrystal Personalities table. At 1st level, its owner typically gets a feel for a psicrystal’s personality only through occasional impulses, but as the owner increases in level the psicrystal’s personality becomes more pronounced. At higher levels, it is not uncommon for a psicrystal to constantly ply its owner with observations and advice, often severely slanted toward the psicrystal’s particular worldview. The owner always sees a bit of himself in his psicrystal, even if magnified and therefore distorted

Powers + Power Pool:

Power Point Pool 90/90 For Replenish see Life force Vampire.
DC v power = 10+20+power level
Max power Level Known 8/L1 5/L2 3/L3
Max Power spend 20

Level 1 Powers (8)

force-screen 1-5pp 1/min per pp +4AC

energy-ray 1-5 PP 1d6DMG per PP RTA

inertial-armor 1-5 pp 5hours

mind-thrust1pp per 1d10DMG Save DC16 will

Control Object20 rounds

Empathic Connection 20 hours 1pp

Mind Link200mins 20 Subject max 1ppxsubject.

Level 2 Powers (5)

Reconstruction 3pp 3d6+20HP (construct only)

Read Rhoughts 3pp DC32 20 mins

Cloud Mind3pp 20mins DC32

Natural Linguist 3pp

Energy Adaptation 3pp 200mins DR/10 v Energy type

level 3 Powers (3)

Sharpened Edge 17/20 200mins 5pp

Time Hop 20 seconds 5pp


Other Powers:

Life force Vampire
Dark contact turns life force into Power Points for its self this is the
only why it can regain lost power points. When ever the sword deals 10points of Lethal damage, with its "BLADE" it converts the taken life energy into 1 Power point. So to regain all 90power points it needs to deal 190 Points of damage.

The Sword grants one feat
Marshal weapon proficiency(Great Sword -Dark contract ONLY) feat
BUT only for itself, The coursed owner, loses ALL other weapon proficiency feats and class feats. It will alow its user to use NO other milli weapon but it.

Senses 120' Darkvision
Speech + Telepathy 60' (Common + Infernal)
Movement- Flight 30' Perfect.

Mentally Audible

Dark Contract is a psionic weapon that telepathically mutter, croon, scream and produce other mental “noises” when first drawn, at first blood, or when they slay a significant enemy. It cannot be concealed from creatures within 15 feet when it is drawn, nor can its mental “soundtrack” be curbed.

Hell's Scales of Judgment
As well as sound the sword can project the form of a set of Scales when the hound makes a judgement, Should a law barker be found guilt the scales with tip and the sword fall.

CLASP Psionic SWARMBANE 3,000 gp
AURA moderate abjuration 1/2lb.
An ancient fossilized insect lies trapped within this ornate
amber clasp, impaled by the long golden pin that fastens the wearer’s cloak. The wearer’s weapons, unarmed attacks, and natural attacks deal full damage to swarms, regardless of the swarm’s immunity to weapon damage (if any, although damage reduction applies as normal). I the wearer is damaged by a swarm, she automatically succeeds on her saving throw against the swarm’s distraction ability.

+3,000 GP
AURA moderate transmutation CL7th WEIGHT —
An impervious weapon is warded from damage and decay. A
metallic weapon cannot rust and a wooden weapon cannot rot
or warp, even by magical or supernatural means. An impervious
weapon gains double the normal bonus to its hardness and hit
points for each point of its enhancement bonus. The break DC
for an impervious weapon and the wielder’s combat maneuver
defense against sunder maneuvers against the impervious
weapon each gain a bonus equal to twice the weapon’s
enhancement bonus.

cursed A Hell Hounds Sword is cursed - Rosa is the only user of the sword, she can use no other blade but it. If she tries the sword will attack her. (Ranged weapons is fine, but she dos not use them unless she must.) The sword can't be truly destroyed or if broken then a new one is made in Hell and sent back to Rosa. Rosa can fly with it by holding onto the sword but can not weld it wile doing this.and light becomes 20' and poor.

Psionic Mind Shielding
Also added Linked in As (Ring of Mind Shielding) 8kgp

Construct Immunity

No Constitution score. Any DCs or other Statistics that rely on a Constitution score treat a construct as having a score of 10 (no bonus or penalty).

Immunity to bleed, disease, death effects, necromancy effects, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.
Cannot heal damage on its own, but often can be repaired via exposure to a certain kind of effect (see the creature's description for details) or through the use of the Craft Construct feat. Constructs can also be healed through spells such as make whole. A construct with the fast healing special quality still benefits from that quality.
Not subject to ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain, or nonlethal damage.
Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).
Not at risk of death from massive damage. Immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less.
A construct cannot be raised or resurrected.
A construct is hard to destroy, and gains bonus hit points based on size, as shown on the following table +30HP
Constructs do not breathe, eat, or sleep.