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Full Name

Danny Greedy


Shadow's Status | Children of Gaia | Metis | Ahroun | Rage 7 (7 T) Gnosis 6 (6T) Willpower 7 (7T) | Blind





About Danny Greedy

Stat Block:

Name: Danny Greedy
Chronicle: Rage Across Ireland

Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Visionary

Metis Deformity:
Fits of Madness

(Prophetic Visions! Merit)

Breed: Metis
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Children of Gaia

Willpower: 7
Gnosis: 6
Rage: 7

XP Earned: 9
XP Spent: 7
Expenditures: Dexterity 2 (4 XP),
Sense Wyrm (3 XP)
XP Remaining: 2

Wisdom: 0
Honor: 1
Glory: 3


Strength 5 (--)
Dexterity 2
Stamina 4 (--)

Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2

Perception 2
Intelligence 2
Wits 4


Alertness 3
Athletics 1
Brawl 3
Empathy 3
Expression 0
Intimidation 0
Leadership 0
Primal-Urge 3
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 0

Animal Ken 1
Crafts 0
Drive 0
Etiquette 1
Firearms 0
Larceny 0
Melee 0
Performance 0
Stealth 2
Survival 1

Academic 0
Computer 0
Enigmas 3
Investigation 1
Law 0
Medicine 2
Occult 2
Rituals 1
Science 0
Technology 0

Ancestors 5
Fate 3
Spirit Heritage 1 (Elementals)

Mother's Touch
Falling Touch
Create Element
Sense Wyrm


Blind (6pt)
Impatient (1pt)

Prophetic Ability (4pt)
Berserker (2pt)
Acute Sense Hearing (1pt)
Acute Sense Smell (1pt)

(15+7 flaws)
Willpower: 3 (3pts)
Gnosis: 6 (3pts)
Merits: (8pts)
Rage: 2 (2 pts)
Backgrounds: 3 Fate

Appearance: He stands 1.85 Meters (6'1") tall and weighs 18.7 Stone (262 lbs.) Danny has long dark hair and milky white eyes. He wears sunglasses to hide his eyes. Having grown up in the Set he has had little contact with city life and dresses like a beggar, except for the sunglasses. He carries a walking stick to aid him in avoiding objects that may be in his path


Danny’s parents’ were two Children of Gaia who loved each other very much. As Homids and non-Catholics, after all they were Werewolves, who needs the Religions of humans when you know the truth of the Universe, they practiced safe sex so that they could enjoy each other. Well, the ways of the humans are filled with uncertainty, during one such uncertain moment, the condom that Patrick was wearing broke. He and Patricia thought nothing of it until her baby bump appeared. ‘

At first Patrick accused her of cheating, soon enough it was clear, that child was their own. Possibly a Metis. They considered aborting the child, until of course Patrick had a vision of the child and the deeds he would accomplish. Or at least that was what he told Patricia. They then formulated a plan, the child would be conceived and left with the Chieftain of the Munster Sept for him to do with it as he would, truth be told though they knew it was forbidden, they just could not kill their own child.

However, due to a car accident, Danny was born early, his expected due date would have made him a Theurge, instead he was born via C Section on the night of a full moon.

So it came to pass that the child was left in a basket and the parents left for the New World, the boy being left to fend for himself. Here the story would end if Kenneth O’Dara had slain the child but he did not and so we continue with our tale.

They boy named Danny Greedy so that he would not have the name of his parents was a child of the Sept, as a Metis this meant little, he was the whipping boy. Born blind but large quite large he began to rely on his other senses to get by. Numerous scraps proved that he had a warriors’ heart. Though an abomination, he began to earn a measure of respect from the members of the Sept, at least from the Fianna, the Children of Gaia considered him a blemish and interacted with him very little.

Then the visions came and the eldest of the Gaian Theurges recognized that Danny had the gift, sometimes for good and sometimes for ill both to himself and others. An odd pairing that, the visions with a Warrior of the Ahroun, often Danny’s Rage blocked the visions and sent him on the path of madness. Many fear that unattended, Danny could be susceptible to the influence of the Dancers but none voice the concern, yet.

Chloe, a Fianna Cliath has been Danny’s best friend growing up, since hitting puberty he has distanced himself from her, he fears to follow his parent’s path despite her never showing any interest in him romantically.

Despite his host of deformities, Danny’s warrior spirit is unmatched by other members of the Children of Gaia Tribe. In many ways he combats like a Get, entering a Berserker Rage which generally makes up for the fact that he must fight by sound and smell alone.

Despite his Blindness Danny passed the Rite of Passage, many knew he would, his strength alone is legendary so perhaps will be his deeds, his Madness…. Well the Elders hope that it will serve them and not hurt them as he is chosen for war parties.

Due to his lack of friends, he is after all a Metis, Danny took to wandering the Munster protectorate by himself, walking stick in hand. This is where he first met the enigmatic Liam McCork. At first he smelled the man (who he now knows is no longer a man). The smell of death upon him was startling, he had only smelled that stench before on corpses! Moving in to attack the man banished before his eyes! Danny now knows that Liam “earth melded” a wondrous power that Danny now finds fascinating but then found puzzling. This Liam kept retuning to the same spot and so did Danny. Their interactions began to become less and less confrontational as Lima proved he had no intention of harming the young Metis. Indeed, likely the Elder could have easily bested the young blind Cliath.

What truly fascinated Danny was the discovery that Liam had a relationship with one of his Ancestors! As a Neonate there was an Elder Garou who know Liam due to his friendship with a Kinfolk of the Ancestor, his Embrace was cause for a great deal of tension those many centuries ago and Danny has yet to get the full story but he has been trying. It is not clear if the Ancestor or the kindless of the Leech to him or his own loneliness has bene the cause but Danny has yet to tell anyone about this “friendship” not even Chloe.

10 Minute Background:

1. 5 Background elements –
A) In addition to being Blind, Danny is beset by visions, literally he is a blind seer,
B) Danny is quick to anger having been bullied so badly as a Metis child growing up.
C) Danny has never met or ever even asked about his parents. He considers himself a child of the Sept despite the fact that his childhood was difficult, his loyalty is greatest to Ken O
‘Dara who he sees as a Father figure despite being of a different Tribe.
D) Danny is strong, even in his human form he might quite literally be one of the strongest men on the isle.
E) Danny is in love with Chloe.

2. Two Goals –
A) Danny wishes to perform a heroic deed that wipes away his heritage that will lead to him taking great risks, that saying a LOT for a Garou Ahroun.
B) I would like to play long enough to actually reach Rank 3 or higher!
3. Secrets –
A) Secretly, Danny has interactions with Clan Gangrel without the Sept’s permission.
B) He is not aware of the fact that his parents have returned from the US.
C) Danny is Fated to do something that will stand out. The Theurge’s do not know if it will be good or bad though and have not told him of these prophecies.
D) Danny has been developing a “relationship” with a Gangrel Leech recently returned to Ireland after having gone to America pre-Revolution.
4. NPC Ties –
A) Chloe, Fianna, long time friend, his love interest but he believes the feeling is NOT mutual.
B) Braden. An Ahroun Homid the same age as Danny, he was the lead tormentor of the young Metis. Not an enemy per se but certainly not friendly.
C) Cullen Deepcreek, the Fianna Theurge Elder who sees promise and danger, in Danny.
D) Liam McCork - A grizzled veteran of the American Revolutionary war. He came to America to escape British oppression and ended up fighting the redcoats anyway. The last 300 years have shown him how futile the revolution was; oppression still reigns in the 'land of the free,' in his bitter opinion. He returned to Ireland recently and intent on ensuring that he is left alone by the Camarilla of the Isle, has attempted to befriend a young Garou for “built-in” protection. That the young pup is a blind Metis who needed a father figure worked to his advantage that much more…
5. Memory – Danny remembers his parents leaving him at the Caern in a basket or at least he has seen visions of it. The vision has come so frequently, it almost seems like a memory now…
Mannerism – He often sniffs the air despite his lack of superhuman olfactory sense.
Quirk – Sometimes, Danny fakes visions to throw people off when they are irritating him.