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Hey all. I had a thought and I just can’t recall if I’ve read this or not but does anyone in Otari know about the levels beneath they runs? Like, is this common knowledge or privileged to a few?

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Hi all!

I'm writing up a scene of the final battle with Belcorra and the Roseguard as an introduction for my players and intend to start it in the dining hall when her servants inform her of the Roseguard's invasion.

I was wondering what type of guards do you think she would keep up top before her 'demise'.

Input is much appreciated!!

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So I was thinking of adding in a session 0 for my players and wanted to feature something with the tragedy of Dalesko on Nakondis?

From Book 1:

Though the crops had only begun to sprout, a single
pale yellow flower, its stem stretching over 7 feet, grew in
the middle the fields.

I'd be curious to hear if anyone's come up with what may have happened.