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I noted this new addition to the PF module lineup, and thought I might run it as a pickup game at PaizoCon. However, I do have a few questions:

1. Is it intended for four or six 8th level PCs? I assume six, but thought I'd check.

2. Are there plans to do a PFS chronicle sheet for this? It seems a natural fit for one.

3. Area 6 mentions the six areas on the map labeled A-F. However, the map has no such lettering. What's the intended layout? Doing some reverse engineering from the text, I came up with the following:


And the walls start in the vertical position, not horizontal as shown on the map.

4. This is a correction, not a question: the cobras in Area 2 should be CR 3, not CR 7.

Thank you!

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Starting a discussion topic for this scenario, just released today. I'll be running it Friday, and will have a better-informed opinion then.

But one thing that's been bugging me: why is the scenario named the way it is? I've only found one reference to a circle in the scenario (a mention by the sheriff about the "Circle of Life" in relation to the local god's worship). From that, it is implied to be a reference, perhaps, to how the druids screwed with the natural order in the community, but it feels a bit far-fetched to me. If I was a player in this, I'd be scratching my head at the end of the scenario.

Am I missing something? Was there originally more of a reference to the Circle of Life (or some other element) that explains it?

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The chthonic simple template (from the Monster Summoner's Handbook) grants the templated creature the earth subtype. It also grants the creature a burrow speed equal to half its highest speed.

Per the earth subtype, "Earth creatures with a burrow speed possess tremorsense."

My question: what range should this tremorsense have? None is specified as a default.

I see no indication that applying a subtype would not grant the abilities listed in the subtype (otherwise a Fiery creature would not be immune to fire, which seems rather unlikely since no fire resistance or immunity is otherwise called out in the stat block, the way it is with the other element-based simple templates.

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My brother and I made it into the Friday morning Throne of Azlant game; as with fellow board member Fat Jozka I thought I would start a thread for any fellow players to coordinate character builds before the convention.

I'll probably bring three 10th-level characters to the game, and pick the one that works best with the rest of the group (and so I have a backup if my PC should die in the first part of the game). My current choices are a bard, a cleric or a paladin. My brother is planning on bringing a cleric and a wizard.

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I'm planning on running a Pathfinder adventure on Saturday during and after the banquet, probably starting at 8 pm or so. I've got a couple players lined up already but will be wanting a few more! The scenario is for 8th level PCs (pregens provided), and involves exploring a temple of Sarenrae to destroy a fell artifact. If interested, post here to let me know!

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At PaizoCon I picked up the Invisible Character Pack (PZOLTK0001) and the Torch Bearer Pack (PZOLTK0002). I have not been able to find them listed online anywhere! Are these just brand new, and not officially released or posted, or am I missing something?

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Looks like the folks at Necromancer Games will soon start having books available for print-on-demand, probably starting with their most recent three PDF-only publications: Slumbering Tsar, Eamonvale Incursion, and Demonheart. Looks like it will be done through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG.

According to the latest information, the sites will soon be releasing information to allow publishers to convert PDF products to a print on demand format. They will probably become available in February or March.

I'm hoping we'll see good sales on these, which will encourage Necromancer Games to publish the rest of Slumbering Tsar and perhaps some other products as well!