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Full Name

Daelemos the Despoiler, Ravager of Nations, Master of Hoards




Aristocrat 10/Expert 40




BIG! Not as big as the Night Dragon, but still the biggest dragon that you're otherwise likely to see



Special Abilities

At will: Take unsuspecting treasure thief unawares




Eating treacherous minions and treasure thieves

About Daelemos

Daelemos spends most of his time sprawled on one or other of his treasure piles, running gold coins through his claws, and eating the occasional minion he suspects of treachery (failure to execute a mission properly in most cases counts as treachery) or adventurer who comes to loot one of his hoards.
Daelemos has an extraordinary ability to always be present, lurking in the shadows, whenever someone comes calling to attempt to steal from one of his hoards. This functions irrespective of his apparently being somewhere else, at the same time. Adventurers who thought that he was on the other side of the multiverse, and had been scrying him fighting in a free-for all between evil outsiders right up to the moment that they stepped into a lair, have learned this to their cost.
He occasionally takes time out to rescue maidens from knights, and to reduce to rubble the odd kingdom which he feels has slighted him.
He is insanely jealous of the attention which his little half-sister is currently getting.