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Bullet Points:

I believe all but the few of the crew are our friends.
These are few who do not like us: Fipps Chumlett, Jaundiced Jape, Maheem, Slippery Syl Lonegan, Tam 'Narwhal' Tate
Few points:
~Syl really doesn't like Harmoney and Esmarelda as they where the two who got the gang to leave them along and not beat them up.
~Esmarelda's trait is Buccaneer's Blood and the one she slept with from it was Maheem. Soon after waking up he belittled her, calling her a poor whore only worth a copper. Yet oddly enough seems to be trying to get his hands on her any chance he can. When she passed out from lashing, he was going to take her away but Gall got to her first and Crueta watched over her.

Major Story Points
(Or ones I believe are major)
~Artevios is the rigger
~Gall is the cook's mate
~ES, Harmony, Crueta are all swabs
~Mila Quinn got our stuff back for us... well most just one thing each.
~Dire Rat Fight: We easily took care of them but the Dire Rat with the tumor we kept and are taking care of it as a pet. Plugg, Scourge, nor any of the others in the crew known about Geach the Dire Rat... and we'd love to keep it that way XD
~Rosie got her fiddle back in exchange for returning Es's kapenia
~Grok is our friend
~The fight with Owlbear went well. Gall won but when Owlbear stopped and cried no more, Gall stopped and both he and Es helped Owlbear.
~Owlbear has become some what of a friend and Artevious is even teaching him to read
~During the storm, Rosie went over board. Es was up in the crow's nest thus couldn't help but the others where right on the scene and Crueta dove into the water and pulled Rosie to her as Gall, Harmony, and Artevious pulled them both in.
~Reefclaws, we killed them and took them back to be cooked!
~Harmony told off Plugg, which got her whipped till she passed out. Esmarelda, who was the only one on deck for this at the time, was restrained by Maheem. After it was over, Gall and Crueta took Harmoney down to see Mila who healed her for us while Maheem informed Es "Anytime you want to make another penny, you ugly wench" before kissing the back of her neck and leaving.

Other info!
(Mostly from my point of view)
~Artevious and Esmarelda like each other though it hasn't gone any further.
~Jack Scrimshaw is making a scrimshaw pen for Es, who has already taken 5 silver for it.
~Crueta is trying to trick the officer into thinking the Wormwood is haunted by Jakes Magpie who they keelhauled.

I believe this is everything up to the fight we are in right now.

Allies -

Rosie - p 17
Conchobar p 19
Owlbear p 28
Sandara p 56


Pirates! p 20
Scourge p 21
Plugg p 54