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When you need to kill your party

DM Merits:
I'm a story driven DM and will always ensure that the fluff of a character is what drives me to recruit them.

There is a well written site that has a thing called “GM Merits”, found here. My merits are as follows:

My game will tell an interesting story.

My game will be scary (at times).

My game focuses on exploration and mystery.

Characters in my game are destined for greatness, not random death.

My game includes disturbing content (at times).

My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama

I frequently tinker with the rules of the game (rules are not a strict code to be adhered to, they are a tool to structure and enjoy the game)

Tactics are an important part of my game.

Players in my game should be prepared to run when the odds are against them.

There will be player vs player combat allowed in my game (but you better have a good reason).

I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game

The GM is in charge in my game and “rule-zero” is in effect (but I am always open to discussion and questioning my rules/judgments. I will listen to you and carefully consider what you say)

Players characters death are not extremely likely in my game, but it can happen with bad luck or recklessness.

DM Only Things:
*falling rocks*