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The Course:

1) The Climb.
A 10 foot wall of wood to a 5' square platform.

2) The Beam.
A 6 inch wide wooden beam that turns at right angles at a few points, suspended over shallow water. DC 15 Balance check or DC 10 Climb check (1/4 speed).

3) The Rope.
A 20 foot suspended rope over shallow water. DC 20 acrobatics check to walk it. DC 12 climb check to move along the under side of it.

4) The Doors.
A pair of locked double doors. DC 15 Disable Device, or DC 15 strength check to break though.

5) The Gauntlet.
A corridor full of spinning clubs. CMD 20 Acrobatics check to avoid AoO, or take one attack or Bull Rush at +10 for every five feet you move (50% chance of each). They can be sundered one at a time (DC 16 CMD, 8 HP).

6) The Gap.
A 10 foot gap. DC 15 Acro check to clear the span.
A DC 11 acro check and a DC 20 Climb or Reflex check lets you grab the ledge. Then a DC 10 climb check gets you up on the platform.

7) The Wall
A 15 foot high wall. Will likely require people to stand on each other and help pull each other up.

8) The Pit.
Floor trap. DC 20 to spot. DC 15 reflex save or fall into the water.

9) The Pendulum.
Floor trap. DC 15 to spot. Bull Rush at +15.

10) The Ward
Three shallow bowl pedestals, each with a different marking on it. Linguistics DC 12 to decipher. (fire, lightning, cold, acid) Each one corresponds to a different medicine ball.

11) The Gate
Another shallow bowl pedestal, with no symbol, and no apparent corresponding ball.
The door is an illusion. DC 15 Will save if interacted with.

The City:

Arch hangs in the void of Limbo, a city without a home. The whole city was transported from its homeworld by magic and ended up lost in a howling void. The unstable dimensional travel created a ring of unstable planar breaches which constantly open and close gates to other worlds. Door Street, as it has become called, is Arch's most famous, and most important feature.

These planar gates have become the city's lifeline. Through the gates the adventurous citizens of Arch explore the multiverse and bring back important resources for the city.

The city is ruled by a Council made up of representatives from the Noble Houses, and Guilds.

The geography of the city is essentially divided into layers. The Noble houses have the surface of the city, the dwarves have the ground below. The dragons have a large cavern below the dwarven hold, and the elves have the sky above.

The Guilds:

The Four Guilds run the day to day operations of the city. They are the gears that keep the whole machine running.

The Forge: Responsible for industrial endeavors, manufacturing, education, and training. The Forge handles everything from Education to Civic Engineering. The Forge's primary concern is making sure the city has enough space to house all its citizens. The design of the Homespires are the Forge's answer to overpopulation issues. The dangerous, but extremely efficient Arch Undercity is the Forge's solution to public sanitation. The legendary Arch Academy is the Forge's crown jewel. The Forge is a collective of futurists, all trying to predict and prepare for the next big problem.

The Temple: Responsible for city defense planning, military preparation and promoting social welfare. The temple concerns itself with protecting the city in all ways, be it physical or spiritual. Arch's Holidays (which are really just city-wide disaster simulations) come from the great minds at the Temple Warcollege. The Temple grounds themselves house the Godstone. The Orphanage, which is the Elementary School version of the Academy, is run by the Temple. Pragmatism and generosity are the Temple's two guiding principals.

The Guard: Where the Temple protects the city from external threats, the Guard protect the city from internal threats. Due to the complexities created by Door Street, the Guard definitely has it's hands full.
The Watch is the public face of the Guard, visible on the streets and markets, ready to help in all manor of public disputes and dangers. When trouble happens, the Watch is always the first to see it and the first to respond.
The Census is the Guard's investigative branch. They do not wear uniforms and their identities aren't public. They seek out hidden problems and drag them into the light.
The Jury is the most famous of the Guard's branches. They are the last to respond to any situation, because once they do the situation ends. They are characterized by extremely heavy armor, powerful weapons, and an unnerving habit of teleporting into the middle of situations like the fist of an angry god.

The Tower: Responsible for research and application of magics, processing and compiling information regarding other planes, studying unknown artifacts and magical items, cataloging the city's history, and maintaining the city's ecosystem. In addition, the tower is responsible for maintaining the Harbinger and detecting anyone attempting to uncover anything about Arch's homeworld or the Enemy. Such information is given the highest priority and passed to the Census immediately.

The Houses:

House Caine : Dedicated to the idea that everything you need to succeed is built right into your body, House Caine preaches a dogma of self reliance and uncompromising discipline.
House Head: Caine. He hates being called Lord. He's a drunk and a philanderer. He also has a sense of right and wrong that any paladin would be proud of. He could have been a revolutionary philosopher if not for the love of booze and brawls.
Crest: A clenched fist
Domain: Fist, Metal
Weapon: Unarmed Strike
Skills: Acrobatics, Escape Artist

House Calister : Graceful combatants known for their scathing wit and lightning fast reflexes.
House Head: Lady Mercy. She's an utterly ruthless political player and a master strategist. She's also an unrepentant maneater. Ladykiller too. Her only rule of relationships is that she will not take lovers from within her own house.
Crest: A pair of lightning bolts striking the same point
Domain: Deception, Liberation
Weapon: Rapier
Skills: Acrobatics, Slight of Hand

House Creed : House Creed has the amusing reputation of being a large group of isolationist loners. Really, they run the full gamut of social types, but have a tendency to be well suited to exploration or scouting, traditionally single person jobs. Highly adaptable, this house prides itself on its' reputation as survivors. Their skills in animal husbandry are second to none.
House Head: Lord Shifter. He rarely makes public appearances and leaves the governing of his house to trusted advisors. Instead, he spends most of his time on 'hunts' tracking down dangerous animals and trapping them to bring back to the city for study. He pioneered the arts of magical and alchemical recombination, many of his techniques first used on himself.
Crest: Five claw marks tearing diagonally downward
Domain: Animal, Trap
Weapon: Whip
Skills: Handle Animal, Survival

House Drake : House Drake has always been more than Human. Their blood runs hot with magic, and their ties to their draconic heritage is strong. They tend to have many of the personality traits associated with Dragons, often without the power to back it up. This often leads young members of House Drake to dangerous and painful life lessons. Scions of house Drake often have odd physical characteristics, such as slitted eyes or hairless bodies. Exposure to the draconic magics commonly worked by house Drake can cause abrupt changes in their appearance as they are taught their house abilities. House Drake rarely sponsors or accepts petitioners that cannot spontaneously cast spells or have obvious draconic heritage.
House Head: The Dragon Council. Only two are awake at any given time. They act as the heads of House Drake. Day to day operations are handled by a Steward who acts in the Dragons' best interests. For more significant decisions, the two current House Heads much reach a consensus that is ratified by the next pair.
Crest: A silhouetted dragon flying upward, wings outstretched to either side
Domain: Dragon, Arcane
Weapon: Longspear
Skills: Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

House Fell : Known for their specialized armor crafting, and defensive training as well as their incredible willpower and resilience. This House has mastered the unenviable art of absorbing punishment and enduring the unendurable.
House Head: Lord Herrick. Once a No-Nonsense military commander, he brings that same sense of order and drive to his rulership of House Fell. He started his career as a mercenary and built himself an army. When he learned of Arch he became a Petitioner. Thirty years later he leads the house. Now over seventy years old, him mind and body are still strong, but he knows that may not last long. He is currently looking for someone to replace him.
Crest: A full face helm with a T-style eye slit and downward curling horns
Domain: Defense, Martyr
Weapon: Shield
Skills: Escape Artist, Ride

House Kale : Known for their headstrong impulsiveness and their knack for turning whatever is at hand into the proper tools for the task. Their resourcefulness and adaptability are legendary. Many consider them walking good luck charms.
House Head
Crest: A fanned out group of five playing cards, all of them aces.
Domain: Luck, Revelry
Weapon: Longsword
Skills: Perception, Use Magic Device,

House Locke : Masters of getting what they want, it's been said that House Locke's words should be "...Sure, but it'll cost ya..." With their knack for being unobserved and their reputation for cunning, House Locke's sons and daughters make wonderful allies and vicious enemies.
House Head Thea Locke. Somewhat affectionately called 'The Queen of Violence', Thea
Crest: An inverted dagger
Domain: Espionage, Greed
Weapon: Shortsword
Skills: Disable Device, Bluff

House Raxus : Feared for their recklessness and powerful command of the weather. House Raxus is a dysfunctional family. Their unpredictable nature and their unbridled power make for a volatile combination.
House Head
Crest: A gauntletted ted fist gripping a lightning bolt
Domain: Weather, Ferocity
Weapon: Earthbreaker
Skills: Climb, Swim

House Sever : Members of House Sever carry a rich family legacy of trust and respect. These traits are embodied in the blades they all carry. House Sever believes that edged weapons are superior to other weapons. They are harder to make, require more dedication and effort to care for, and have the most potential to harm those who wield them sloppily, therefore edged weapons require a higher level of dedication, skill and care to wield. To house Sever, this speaks volumes about those that master them. It is for these reasons that every member of House Sever is trained in their use. Most carry weapons of deep personal significance.
House Head
Crest: Three crossed swords, hilts on the bottom.
Domain: Blood, Honor
Weapon: Bastard Sword
Skills: Perform: Weapon Art, Sense Motive

House Shepard : House Shepard is rumored to be able to read minds. They have a knack for deciphering riddles and picking up on subtle interactions among individuals. Known for their pragmatism and skepticism, this house believes that knowledge is the key to power, but unlike most knowledge seeking philosophies whose followers tend to become isolationist bookworms or introspective truth seekers, the dogma of house Shepard is to pay attention to your surroundings to learn truth. Scions of house Shepard lean toward societal roles regarding investigation and exploration, but are well suited to any task they undertake due to their ability to quickly understand the situations they find themselves in.
House Head
Crest: A shepherd's crook
Domain: Thought, Madness
Weapon: Pistol
Skills: Perception, Sense Motive

House Solar : It is said that somewhere in the past, one of the lords of House Solar was highly blessed by a god of light and entrusted with holding back the forces of darkness. This attitude and outlook still permeates the house's beliefs to this day.
House Head: Archangel Azora. Strong in her celestial blood, Azora could fool many into thinking she was an actual angel, but that would require dishonesty, which she would never stoop to. She is benevolent and warm, but has strong beliefs about propriety and tradition. She also grows concerned about her age. She is beginning to get older, and both her vanity and concern about the future of her house is weighing heavily.
Crest: A pair of wings made of fire
Domain: Sun, Divine
Weapon: Greatsword
Skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate

House Stark : Easily the most feared of the Houses, Starks believe that life's greatest weaknesses come from life itself, and that those weaknesses can be both overcome and exploited. House Stark has a family tradition of elaborate tattoos, which are often enchanted.
Crest: A pair of crossed scythes
Domain: Death, Ancestors
Weapon: Scythe
Skills: Intimidate, Heal

House Voss : Some people naturally fall into leadership positions, being innately trustworthy and easily relied upon. House Voss seems to be full of these sorts. Surprisingly enough, even when others are running the show, most members of the house seem perfectly willing to follow orders. The Voss family is well known for being able to adapt well to any sort of structured environment.
Crest: A waving banner
Domain: Leadership, Education
Weapon: Lance
Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge: Nobility

Dwarves : Master craftsmen and merchants with a keen eye for an opportunity to make money. Many are very adept at creating incredible crafts for a fraction of the normal time and cost.
Domain: Industry, Rune
Weapon: Waraxe
Skills: Disable Device, Knowledge Engineering

Elves : Have developed the ability to create and manipulate glassteel and enhance the life force of others. They also possess a ritual for the granting of wings.
Domain: Community, Light
Weapon: Elven Branch Spear
Skills: Fly, Heal

New Feats:

Caine's Combination
Prerequisites: BaB +6, House Caine
Your house has taught you to exploit gaps in an enemy's defenses in ways that leave them vulnerable to future attacks.
If your unarmed or natural attack beats an opponent's AC by five or more you may initiate a combat maneuver against that opponent as a Swift action. This combat maneuver may be chosen from any maneuver that you qualify to use in that moment. For example, if you have already moved you may not initiate a Bull Rush. If your hands are full you may not initiate a Steal action.

Caine's Distain
Prerequisites: House Caine, BaB +4
When you take physical damage, you gain Damage Reduction equal to 1/4 your level against further sources of that damage type. This damage reduction lasts until you take a different type of physical damage, at which point the damage reduction switches to that type.
When you take energy damage you gain Energy Resistance against further sources of that type of energy. This energy resistance lasts until you take a different type of energy damage, at which point the energy resistance switches to that type.
This is a Style feat, and follows all the normal rules for Style feats.

Calister's Needle
Prerequisites: BaB +6, House Calister
As a swift action when attacking a Flat Footed foe, you may resolve an attack as a Touch attack.

Calister's Blitz
Prerequisites: House Calister, Spring Attack
If you end your movement threatening an enemy after a spring attack you may take a free attack against that enemy. This attack must target a different enemy than the spring attack target.

Creed's Wanderlust
Prerequisites: Knowledge Nature 4 ranks, House Creed
Once you have been in a particular terrain for one week, you gain the Favored Terrain ability in that terrain. If you already have that Favored Terrain from another source, you count as four levels higher when determining the effects of the ability.

Creed's Companion
Prerequisites: House Creed, Familiar, Animal Companion, Bonded Mount, or other similar ability.
Your companion gains a number of Evolution points equal to 1/4 your level, rounded down. You may add these evolutions to your companion as though they were an Eidolon. You are treated as a Summoner of your character level for the purposes of what evolutions you qualify for. If you have more than one companion, you may divide these evolution points between them.

Drake's Blood
Prerequisites: House Drake
You gain the Bloodline power of a Draconic Bloodrager. This ability increases with your level as if you were a Draconic Bloodrager. If you are a Draconic Bloodrager, you count as four levels higher when determining the effects of the bloodline.

Drake's Wings
Prerequisites: House Drake, Fly 6 ranks
You gain a pair of draconic wings. This grants you a 60 foot (average) fly speed.

Fell Guard
Prerequisites: House Fell, BaB +4
You gain Armor Training as though you were a fighter. If you have Armor Training from another source, you count as four levels higher when determining the effects of the ability.

Fell Arcanist
Prerequisites: House Fell, any Armor proficiency, arcane spellcasting.
You may cast spells in Light armor without suffering Arcane Spell Failure. This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time it applies to the next highest armor classification.

Kale's Adaptation
Prerequisites: House Kale, BaB +4
You gain Martial Versatility as a Brawler. If you have Martial Versatility from another source, you count as four levels higher when determining the effects of the ability.

Kale's Workaround
Prerequisites: House Kale
You may ignore the Feat-based prerequisites for Combat and Metamagic feats. You must still meet the other requirements.

Locke's Keys
Prerequisites: House Locke, Slight of Hand 6 ranks
House Locke teaches it's Scions to exploit the distracting nature of combat. You've learned how pluck items off your opponents during battle. You gain Improved Steal as a bonus feat and can use your Sleight of Hand bonus instead of your CMB when performing a steal combat maneuver. If you gain bonuses on combat maneuver checks from any feats, spells, magic items, or similar effects, they are added to the Sleight of Hand bonus when using the steal maneuver.
If your attack beats an opponent's AC by 5 or more you may attempt a Steal maneuver as a Swift action.
Opponents and observers must make the usual perception checks to realize the a theft has taken place.

Locke's Break
Prerequisites: House Locke, Bluff or Stealth 6 ranks
Against Flat Footed opponents, your spells and spell like abilities gain a +5 bonus to Spell Penetration.

Raxus' Ire
Prerequisites: House Raxus, BaB +4
The fury of House Raxus is legendary. They have trained you to manifest your emotions as an explosive weapon. You gain Bloodrage as a Bloodrager. If you already have Rage or Bloodrage from another source, the bonuses granted in the first round you activate your Bloodrage are doubled.

Raxus' Squall
Prerequisites: House Raxus
You gain the Bloodline class ability of an Air Elemental Bloodline Bloodrager. This ability increases with your level as if you were a Air Elemental Bloodline Bloodrager. If you are an Air Elemental Bloodline Bloodrager, you count as four levels higher when determining the effects of the bloodline.

Sever's Edge
Prerequisites: BaB +6, House Sever, wielding a Slashing weapon.
You've been trained to use your carefully honed blade to slice foes to ribbons.
As a Swift action, when your attack beats an enemy's AC by 5 or more, you cause your target to gain a Bleed effect equal to 1/2 your level.

Sever's Spellstrike
Prerequisites: House Sever, spellcasting, weapon focus in a Slashing weapon
You gain the Spellstrike ability as though you were a Magus equal to your level. You may only use this ability with a Slashing weapon you have Weapon Focus with.

Shepard's Crook
Prerequisites: House Shepard, Sense Motive 4 ranks
Your House is known for looking out for those around them and having the right information before everyone else. Some are specially trained to act on it.
As an Immediate action when an ally who you can see and communicate with is attacked or targeted by a hostile spell, you can make a Sense Motive check against the result of the attack, or in place of a Spellcraft check with a DC equal to the normal check to determine the spell. If successful, your warning grants your ally a +2 bonus to their AC or Saving Throw.
If the ally being targeted is within your Threatened area, you may move them to any square adjacent to you as an additional effect of using this ability.

Shepard's Flock
Prerequisites: House Shepard
You gain Telepathy with a range equal to 10 feet per character level.

Solar's Flare
Prerequisites: House Solar
You gain the ability to Channel Energy as a Cleric equal to your level. This Channeling uses your Charisma instead of your Wisdom to determine the DC. You can only use this Channel ability for the following Variant Channel effects:
Heal— The illumination level in the area increases by one step, and creatures gain a channel bonus on saves against blindness and light-based effects. Creatures with Light Sensitivity or the Shadow subtype must make a Fort save or be Blinded for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier.
Harm— The damage type is changed to Fire. Affected creatures who fail their saves catch on fire (see environmental effects).

Solar's Glare
Prerequisites: House Solar, Intimidate 4 ranks
You gain a halo which you can activate or deactivate at will as a free action. While active you cast normal light in a 30' radius. In addition, your halo acts as a Gaze attack which causes the Dazzled condition to enemies within 30 feet. When using this ability as an active attack, your target is Blinded for one round instead of Dazzled. The save against this ability is Fort and based on your Charisma.

Stark's Revelation
Prerequisites: House Stark
When you are affected by Negative energy, you may choose to be affected you as though you were undead. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier. If you are undead, the effect of this feat is reversed (undead use Charisma in place of Constitution for all abilities and effects, including this one).

Stark Outlook
Prerequisites: House Stark, Intimidate 4 ranks
You may ignore Fear effects for a number of rounds per day equal to your Charisma modifier. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. In addition, when you successfully cause another creature to be affected by a Fear effect (including Demoralize) you may effect a secondary target with the same effect as a Swift action.

Voss' Break Down
Prerequisites: House Voss, Perception 3 ranks
You've been trained how to pick apart an enemy's weaknesses and instruct your allies how to best take advantage of them.
You gain the Painful Stare ability of the Mesmerist (with this ability replacing the Mesmerist's Stare as the targeting ability). You count as having Painful Stare for the purposes of Prerequisites.

Voss Orders
Prerequisites: House Voss, any Teamwork feat.
For a number of rounds per day equal to your character level, all allies within 10 feet per character level who can see and hear you are treated as having any Teamwork feat you possess. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. Activating this ability is a Free action.

Weapon Recombination
prerequisites: Dwarf, BaB +1, Craft: Weaponsmith 1 rank
The Dwarves of Arch love versatile weapons. They've learned all manor of combinations that baffle other cultures.
By taking one hour to work, you may combine two weapons you are proficient with into one weapon. You are able to wield this new weapon without penalty, but anyone else treats it as an exotic weapon.
This new weapon counts as both the parent weapons in all ways. Mechanically, you are simply wielding both weapons simultaneously. Any effect which targets one weapon automatically targets both.
This ability may only be used to combine two weapons. Three or more is impossible.
Separating two weapons combined with this ability takes five minutes.

Explosive Aptitude
Prerequisites: Dwarf
You gain the Bombs ability as though you were an Alchemist equal to your character level. You may throw these bombs as though proficient. If you have the Bombs ability from another source you are treated as being 4 levels higher for the purposes of effects and prerequisites.

Soul of Glass
Prerequisites: Elf (only, not available to half elves), Craft: Glassblowing 1 rank
The elves of Arch are renowned for their ability to manifest a form of psychoplasm which hardens to a steel-hard, clear material called Glassteel. Normally this is a slow process, but some elves have learned how to create needed objects on the fly.
You may create unspecified equipment worth up to 100 gp per class level. This can be any kind of gear that can reasonably fit into a backpack. You may not create magic items, but you can create masterwork items. As a full-round action, you may manifest and form an item she specifies at that time, deducting its value from the allocated amount of cost. Everything made with this ability is made of Glassteel, but otherwise functions normally. Because of this, some items, like feathers or ink, may be impossible to create. Any item created cannot weigh more than 10 pounds. When the total remaining cost reaches 0, you can create no more items.
Items created with this ability can be reabsorbed simply by carrying them at a rate of 100 gold pieces worth of Glassteel per hour. Reabsorbed items have their value added back to your "reservoir"
Your reservoir can also be refilled as if you were healing from Non-Lethal damage at a rate of 1 gold piece per hit point that would be healed. Anything that would stop the healing of non-lethal damage also prevents this recovery.

Avariel Ascension
Prerequisites: Elf, Fly 5 ranks
You can a set of feathered wings. This grants you a 60 foot (average) flight speed.

General House Rules:

--Small Changes, because Martials deserve nice things--

Combat Maneuvers Do Not Provoke. In addition, all maneuvers can be attempted in place of an attack. All characters with a BaB of +1 or better count as having all "improved combat maneuver" feats for the purposes of feat qualifications. (note that this does not grant the usual bonuses to those maneuvers. Just the not provoking part. If you want combat maneuver bonuses you'll have to pay for them.)

Reposition and Bull Rush are for shoving people off cliffs or into campfires. The caveat about not being able to move people into danger with these maneuvers is removed.

Any creature with an Intelligence of 3 or higher receives Combat Expertise as a bonus feat at +1 BaB. Defending yourself with a weapon is instinctive and should not be taxed mechanically. You're already taking a penalty to do it. That's enough of a trade off.

Improved Unarmed Strike is a Martial Weapon Proficiency. Anyone trained in all martial weapons knows how to punch someone.

Dervish Dance is Weapon Specific, but can be used with any Finesse-able weapon. Think of this like Weapon Focus. Pick a weapon when you chose the feat. You get Dex to damage with that weapon.

Proficiency with Exotic Weapons cost a Trait. Because none of them are worth a feat, but they are cool and I like to see them used more often.

Spears of all kinds may be used in one hand while weilding a shield by a character proficient in Martial Weapons. Because history.

Characters have a number of Attacks of Opportunity each round equal to the number of attacks granted by their BaB. More skilled martial characters should be better at exploiting combat opportunities. Combat Reflexes adds AoOs equal to a character's Dex modifier to their number of AoOs a round.

Characters have a number of Five Foot Steps each round equal to the number of attacks granted by their BaB. Mobility in combat is important. Nobody likes aborting attacks because they killed their enemy on the first swing.

Reach Weapons do not use the ranged weapon Cover rules. Attacking from behind other people is what polearms are designed to do. A character shouldn't have to invest in archery feats (improved precise shot) in order to use a polearm the way they are designed to be used.

Reach Weapons use the 3.5 Diagonal exception. Normally, pole arms do not threaten on diagonals, unless you are a large creature. Ignoring this little artifact of the grid makes pole arms more functional.

Armor Spikes, Spiked Gauntlets, Bite attacks and other weapons that do not need to be employed in hands allow a character to threaten squares adjacent to them, even if they have attacked with a Reach weapon that round.

Light Weapons can be drawn as a Free action. Treat them as ammunition. If drawing an arrow is a non-action, so is drawing a knife. Pistols count as Light weapons for the purposes of drawing.

-- Fun Changes--

Spells don't Fizzle. Anyone that fails a concentration check doesn't simply lose the spell. Instead, the Scroll Mishaps rules will be consulted to see what happens to the magical energy when it is interrupted.

Size Matters: Creatures that are bigger than you might move you if they hit you. Slam or Bludgeoning attacks from a creature one size category larger than their target or any melee attack from a creature two or more size categories larger initiate a Bull Rush as a free action after a successful hit (regardless of damage dealt). This bull rush is not automatically directed by the attacker, and uses the Grenade scatter rules to determine which direction the target is moved. Any result that would indicate the target is moved toward the creature instead moves the target straight back away from them. If you get hit by something four or more times your mass, expect to go flying.

Drawing Objects From Pouches: Any adventurer worth his salt knows that sometimes it's handy to have things like caltrops, tanglefood bags or potions as accessible as possible. As such, bandoleers and pouches are treated exactly like (and cost the same as) Wrist Sheathes or Spring Loaded Wrist Sheathes. A typical belt can hold up to six of them. With a belt and two bandoleers an adventurer could have as many as 20 ready pouches. This rule exists mostly because the system for retrieving small objects is total b#&+%%*+.

GM Tools:


[dice=Ylmen (+5 in low light/dark)]1d20+3[/dice]