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Currently a voluntry monster converter on d20pfsrd with a couple of interesting projects.

Converting Book of Fiends from 3.5 to Pathfinder here.

My own personal creatures ready to be unleshed upon the world are also here.


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Board Quests:

Kobolds in the Hills - incomplete

A Clan of Kobolds who call themselves the "sootscales" clan dwell somewhere here in the Kamelands. Normally they cause no problem, but something has riled them up. The swordlords are willing to pay 1200 gp for anyone who finds their cave and makes sure they are no longer a threat.

Wanted: Tatzlwyrm - complete

Many people claim these things to be common in the Stolen Lands, but they are actually rarely sighted. A head of one of these beasts would make a nice conversation peice for hunters or traders passing through. I am willing to pay 900 gp for a relatively undamaged head.

Wanted: Tuskgutter - incomplete

Everyone has told tales of this great beast known as Tuskgutter with sories going silder and wilder. A retired hunter named Vekkel Benzen, who lost his legto this beast is offering up his composite longbow (+2) and 9 +1 animal bane arrows to whoever can kill this beast and bring back it's head which the ex-hunter has promised to share head cheese he plans to make from the trophy.

Wanted: Bandits - complete

Word has reached Brevoy of the bandit problem being worse than it was thanks to Kesten Garess's letters back to Brevoy. A reward has gone up for their heads. Once enough are killed the bandit activity would've been visably withdrawn and the swordlords will pay the group 600 gp.

Other Quests:

Svetlana’s Ring - incomplete

Svetlana's ring was taken by the Bandits. Svetlana doesn't care that much that the ring is gone and is happy that the two of them are alive, however Oleg still wants his ring back to return to Svetlana. He has promised to pay 1,500 gold coins to the party for returning the ring.

Moon Radish Soup - completed

Svetlana wants some moon radishes for her husband Oleg as they are his favourite for a meal and she feels he needs to relax. She will give the party 375 gold for a basket of the delicious Moon Radishes.

Gathering Fangberries - incomplete

Bokken (a mad hermit) has asked the group to go searching for Fangberries. Enough for him to make 7 potions of Fangberry juice. For completeion he'll give the party a 25% discount on potions.

Temple of the Elk - complete

Jhod has told the group about a vision he had. A vision he claims was given to him by Old Deadeye which gave him a rough direction of a derelict temple to Erestil. It lies somewhere south of Oleg's, but he's unsure on the specifics. It's guarded by a bear that he claims has something strong about it, but he knows nothing more besides that the bear should be put down for it's own sake. He promises to supply his spells to the team for free which includes healing and any other spells he can cast.

Falgrim Sneeg - incomplete

Kesten Garess had supplies stolen by a varisian man named Falgrim Sneeg. He is to be captured and tried by the swordlords for his crimes and Kesten promises 6 masterwork weapons of the party's choice if brought back alive. However if dead Kesten can only promise 3 instead.