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Same, friend.

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
Lane_S wrote:

Ex. L1 operator with +2 Dex bonus and laser pistol (D4) vs. Second Skin and +1 Dex to AC. The overall increase is about 12% however the hits you do make are a minimum of 25% more damage and on a bad roll double.

Well, yes, if we only count the hits, and not the extra misses you get from the -2, it is pretty good.

That's not a good way to look at it, tho.

That operative at lvl 5 will do 4d8+2 without Deadly Aim, assuming trick attack and a 1d8 sonic pistol. Deadly aim would add +1 to that damage, at the cost of -2 to hit. I wouldn't do that.

The only situation where I think Deadly Aim is good, is with an operative quad attack, because you add the bonus damage x4,

"I lose damage on every shot, but I make it up on volume!"

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