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Human, Barbarian [sea reaver] 2/Brawler [mutagenic mauler] 1


| HP: 14/33 | AC 18 (12t, 16ff) | F +7, R +4; W +3 | perception +9, initiative +2





Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Culder 'the Captain' Hargraves

Byron Hargraves was a successful businessman in Cassomir (Taldor). He ran a profitable shipping enterprise, transporting cargo all over the Inner Sea, and owned a small fleet of ships. He had three strong sons who grew up swimming in the Sea, working on ships, and hanging out on the wharfs. When he died he split his odd numbered fleet in half between his eldest son, Grayson, and his youngest son, Liam. To his hard drinking, brawl-prone middle son, Culder, he left only one keelboat (the remnant that allowed the rest of the fleet to be split evenly), and an exhortation not to squander it.

To everyone's surprise, Culder took the charge seriously. He cleaned up his life and personally captained the vessel. For a while all went well but his desire to prove himself to his brothers (and to prove his father's exhortation misguided) drove him to take bold risks. One of these risks proved too bold. He accepted a very lucrative contract to take a load from Almas north to Magnimar in the late fall. Halfway through the journey, not long after passing through the Arch of Aroden, a vicious squall overtook them. They tried to put in to the Hellmouth Gulf in Cheliax to escape the storm but were dashed against the Pillars of Anferita. The ship went down with nearly all of the crew. Culder made it to shore on a piece of the hull, with the ship's anchor in tow. That anchor is all that remains of his inheritance and he carries it at all times as a reminder of his failure and of his promise to himself that he will one day captain a ship again.

After surviving the wreck, he made his way to a nearby fishing village where he was able to sign on as a crewman on a small trade vessel bound for Corentyn. From there he began taking whatever work he could find as a crewman, often working for smugglers and even slavers on occasion.

Since the accident he has resumed drinking and brawling in earnest. He dresses in a tattered old sailor's jacket and tri-corner hat and the nickname 'The Captain' is largely repeated in mockery of his fall (though he embraces it as a reminder of what he will one day be again). His most recent position was aboard a pesh smuggling vessel. The smugglers put in at Port Peril for some shore leave and abandoned Culder there (after he got into a drunken fist fit with the first mate). He has been drinking (and fighting) in the bars there for the several days since, looking for another crew to sign on with...

traits, feats, and skills:

traits: Dockside Brawler (campaign), Rough and Ready (equipment)

H- Iron Will
1- Power Attack
3- Familiar Bond
familiar- Alertness

Acrobatics +8 (3 ranks +3 class +2 Dex)
Climb +10 (3 ranks +3 class +4 Str)
Perception +9 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Wis +2 feat)
Sense Motive +3 (0 ranks +1 Wis +2 feat)
Survival +7 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Wis)
Swim +10 (3 ranks +3 class +4 Str)

background skills:
Craft [alchemy] +4 (1 rank +3 class +0 Int)
Knowledge [geography] +2 (2 rank +0 Int)
Profession [sailor] +7 (3 ranks +3 class +1 Wis)

special abilities:

rage: +4 Str/Con, +2 Will; -2 AC; 8 rounds/day; fatigued afterwards for double duration of use.

marine terror: A sea reaver can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to four times her Constitution score. In addition, a sea reaver can move normally though squares of standing water or bog that is 1 foot deep. It does not cost her extra movement to traverse these terrains. Lastly, a sea reaver ignores the normal cover bonus to AC when attacking creatures that are partially immersed in water.

mutagen: +2 natural armor, +4 to 1 physical stat; -2 to corresponding mental stat. 1 hour to brew. duration= 10 minutes/level.

unarmed strike: gains improved unarmed strike; deals 1d6 lethal damage. Can deal non-lethal damage with no penalty to attack rolls.

eyes of the storm: a sea reaver ignores any concealment provided by fog, rain, sleet, mist, wind, or other weather effects that is less than total concealment, and any penalties weather applies on Perception checks are halved.

Rage Powers
reckless abandon- take -1 to AC while raging to gain +1 to hit


tattered sailor's outfit [0g]; brass knuckles [0g]
leather lamellar [60g]
anchor [5g], 10' chain [30g] (attaches anchor to left wrist)
waterproof bag [5s]:
9g, 5s

combat stats:

HP 33 (12 +1d10 +1d12 +6 Con +2 FCB) 39 w/rage
AC 16 (12 touch, 14 flat footed) +2 w/mutagen, -3 w/rage

Fort +7 (+5 base +2 Con)
Ref +4 (+2 base +2 Dex)
Will +3 (+0 Base +1 Wis +2 feat)

Unarmed Strike*: +7, 1d6+4 (PA: +6, 1d6+6)
rage: +10, 1d6+6 (PA: +9, 1d6+8)
mutagen: +9, 1d6+6 (PA: +8, 1d6+8)
rage and mutagen: +12, 1d6+8 (PA: +11, 1d6+10)
*+1 damage w/brass knuckles

Anchor (improvised two-handed weapon)
+8, 1d10+7 (PA: +7, 1d10+10)
rage: +11, 1d10+10 (PA: +10, 1d10+13)
mutagen: +10, 1d10+10 (PA: +9, 1d10+13)
rage and mutagen: +13, 1d10+13 (PA: +12, 1d10+16)

Oar (improvised two-handed weapon)
+8, 1d6+7 (PA: +7, 1d6+10)
rage: +11, 1d6+10 (PA: +10, 1d6+13)
mutagen: +10, 1d6+10 (PA: +9, 1d6+13)
rage and mutagen: +13, 1d6+13 (PA: +12, 1d6+16)