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Full Name

Crevas Galidge




Druid 1








Neutral Good




Common, Druidic, Sylvan



Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Crevas Galidge

HP: 8
Current HP: 8
AC: 10 + 3 (armor) + 2 (dex) + 1 (shield) = 16, Touch: 12, FF: 14
Init: 2 (dex)
BAB: 0
Saves: Fort: 2; Ref: 2; Will: 7
Combat: Heavy Pick (+1, d6+1, crit. x 4, Piercing)
Shortbow (+2, d6, crit. x3, Piercing- Erastil granted- GoM pg. 15)
Armor: Studded leather, Light wooden shield
Feats: Iron Will (1st); Self Sufficient (Human bonus); Armor Proficiency (Light/Medium -non metal; Class granted), Shield Proficiency (Non Metal; Class Granted)
Traits: Caretaker (+1 Heal checks), Devotee of the Green (+1 Knowledge Nature/Geography)
Racial Traits: +2 one ability score (Wisdom), Weapon training (Heavy pick), Bonus Feat
Class Abilities: Forbidden Spell Alignment (Evil), Druid Orisons, Druid Spells, Druid Spontaneous Casting, Druid Weapons and Armor, Nature Bond (Animal Companion- Dog), Nature Sense (+2 Knowledge Nature/Survival)
Ranked Skills:
Craft (Alchemy): 5
Handle Animal: 7 (+11 w/ Largos)
Heal: 10
Knowledge (Nature): 9
Knowledge (Geography): 6
Perception: 7
Survival: 11
Equipment: Backpack, Sunrods (x2), Waterskin, 20 arrows
Coins/Gems: 17 gp
Total Weight Carried: 41 lbs (Light)
Spells: 0: Create Water, Purify Food and Drink, Light
1: Deadeye's Arrow (GoM pg. 15), Speak with Animals
Animal Companion: Largos, Small Animal (Dog), HP: 10, AC: 15 (T: 14, FF: 12), Speed: 40, Initiative: 3, Combat: Bite +2 (d4+1), Skills: Acrobatics: 8 Perception: 5 (13 Smell-based) Survival: 2 (6 when tracking by scent), Fort: 4, Reflex: 5, Will: 1, Special Qualities: Scent, Low-light vision, Share Spells, Link, Str: 13, Dex: 17, Con: 15, Int: 2, Wisdom: 12, Cha: 6, Tricks known: Attack, Down, Stay, Come, Fetch, Track, Heel

Crevas was born in Falcon's Hollow 26 summers ago and began work at a young age alongside his father as a lumberjack. Crevas did not enjoy the work, but loved being outdoors. When Crevas turned 18, a wandering druid (of the Greenfire Circle) made his acquaintance and soon the two became fast friends. Crevas left the lumbering to others and soon was traveling into the Woods with his new friend. Under tutelage of the druid, Crevas began to follow Erastil's ways and was soon able to fend for himself. Taking a small, unwanted mutt as a companion, Crevas only makes forays into Falcon's Hollow as he must, preferring the forest to the sights and sounds of his hometown.
Crevas is of avergage height and build and wears utilitarian clothing fit for someone who lives in the outdoors. He favors dark cloaks and is not especially friendly to strangers. He also wears a wooden earring in his right ear. He hates eating food he does not catch and kill himself and only resorts to rations in times of great need. He earns his keep taking interested folk on hunts in the Woods and has supported himself in this way for the last several years.