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Full Name

Cireladwen Depthtane Thrushfletch




Expert 1/Fighter 6 (Hp:54/54) //AC: 19/15/15//F+6 R+7 W+6//Init +4, Perception +11/












Common, Elven, Sylvan

About Cireladwen

DMNPC Information
C. Longbow Attack [dice]1d20+12 Damage:[dice]1d8+5
Quarterstaff Attack [dice]1d20+8 Damage: [dice]1d6+3
Female Elven Expert 1/ Fighter 6
NG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +4/ Perception +11
AC:19 FF:15 Touch:15 (4 Dex, 4 Armor, 1 Ring)
HP:54 (1d8+6d10)
F+6 (Cloak +1, Base +5)/ R+7 (Cloak +1, Base +2, Dex +4)/W+6 (Cloak +1, Base +4, Wis +1)
CMD: 22
Quarterstaff +8/+3 (1d6+3) x2 (B)
Dagger +8/+3 (1d4+2) 19-20 x2 (P/S)
+11/+6 Sling
+12/+7 Composite Longbow (Str pull +2) (1d8+5) (P) (40 arrows)
CMB: +8
Str:14 Dex:19 (17+2 Racial) Con:10 (12-2 Racial) Int: 12 (10+2 Racial) Wis:12 Cha:10
Feats: Weapon Focus (Longbow), +Point Blank Shot, +Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, +Quickdraw, Weapon Specialization (Longbow), Snapshot
Traits: Anatomist, Native
e-Acrobatics: 10 (3 ranks, mod, trained)
ef-Climb: 6 (1 rank, mod, trained)
ef-Craft Ships: 7 (5 ranks, mod, trained)
e-Escape Artist: 8 (1 rank, mod, trained)
e-Heal: 5 (1 rank, mod, trained)
f-Intimidate: 4 (1 rank, trained)
ef-Knowledge Engineering: 7 (3 ranks, mod, trained)
ef-Knowledge Nature: 8 (4 ranks, mod, trained)
ef-Perception: 11 (5 ranks, mod, trained, racial)
e-Survival: 7 (3 ranks, mod, trained)
ef-Swim: 9 (4 ranks, mod, trained)


Ring of protection +1, Ring of Sustenance, Cloak of resistance +1, Bag of holding 1, Mithril Chain Shirt, Composite Longbow (+2 Strength pull), 40 arrows, Dagger, Quarterstaff, Sling, Fighter's Kit, Rope (50 ft), Grappling Hook, Healers Kit (Full), formal attire (courtesan's outfit and jewelry).
3812.85 G

Racial Bits:

Low-light Vision
Elven Immunities
Elven Magic replaced by LIGHTBRINGER
Elven Weapon Familiarity
Keen Senses

Special Abilities:

Light//at will//SPA (See Lightbringer alternate racial trait)
Bravery +2
Armor Training
Weapon Training +1 (Bows)


Cireladwen was barely more than a toddler when she and her twin brother Erdwyr arrived in Port Shaw. Their parents had been palace guards fleeing from some political scandal in their homeland, but it wasn't hard for them to find work in the rough-and-tumble port community. Both elven children were raised with respect to the old martial traditions of their ancestors, but much of the typical indoctrination about long-lived things and racial superiority was left out of their childhood, making them more akin to the forlorn.
Cireladwen found she loved to work with wood and delved into shipbuilding and repairs, though with the ulterior motive of eventually sating a deep-seated wanderlust. Still, like all things, the travelling could wait until she'd distinguished herself enough to be brought aboard a vessel. In the meantime, she worked at the docks.
Her brother stayed closer to home, choosing to act as an enforcer rather than a craftsman. In recent years, he had a family of his own with a fisherwoman, and the half-elf children might have caused the rift between himself and his parents that spurred his emigration but a year ago.
Close as she was to her sibling, Cireladwen shared (and still shares) an affinity for the shorter-lived races, and looks forward to watching them grow, change, and procreate.