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Full Name

Chrysanthe "Marcella" Spiros


Tiefling (Daemonspawn)









Special Abilities

Death Knell, 1/day


Neutral Evil






Common, Infernal, Abyssal and a few others


Self-proclaimed Noble

About Chrysanthe Spiros

Born to the now-fallen Chelaxian noble house of Spiros, Chrysanthe was the second child to be born a tiefling, the first being her older sister Sotiria after many generations of fiend-blooded Sorcerers.

This taint was the result of the family's past dealings with fiends, as their family was not just known for skilled wizards and alchemists, but also for the dangerous associations they had to the Blackfire Adepts, which once led to a thanadaemon tainting their lineage. Though born into one of the most hated "castes" in Cheliax, the two girls were accepted by their family and quickly had their tainted blood hidden with a mix of illusion magic and well-placed bribes by their parents.

However, their peaceful times came to an abrupt end just as Chrysanthe turned 22, as her family was found guilty of heresy and chased out of Cheliax by agents of House Thrune. This led to the separation of the sisters and to the death of their parents as Sotiria escaped to Ustalav while Chrysanthe arrived at Varisia via Nidal. This experience has left her emotionally scarred and hungry for revenge, which she has waited to gain for four years while adapting to life in Varisia. Despite missing her mansion, she has grown fond of her new home, and has displayed interest in the region's history as well.

As a person, Chrysanthe has turned into an arrogant, hedonistic and vengeful woman, displaying her noble status and fiendish heritage as well as her skills as a wizard with equal amounts of pride. Despite her seeming lack of mortal restraints, she is actually sympathetic to the plights of the downtrodden, and has a soft spot for children as well.

Blessed with a somewhat curvaceous body, Chrysanthe's skin is pale while her eyes are yellow in color, the most notable sign of her tiefling heritage. Her long, well-combed hair is violet, and she also wears glasses due to being near-sighted. Her common attire consists of a fancy black and violet dress, decorated with amethyst and topaz jewellery to highlight her high rank in society. Her familiar is a scorpion named Aurelius, whom she had received as a gift from her parents years ago.