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May be the BEST AP I have ever seen


As the previous review say... it's good to be evil. Oh my players love it, although I think the book could have indulged into more wickedness.

The bad (i mean good)
The AP is very well documented with good articles on Talingarde and so on. Useful information although it's quite helpful to read all articles and APs beforehand.
I love the way the book has been written. Rather sophisticated text (which makes it even easier for me to read as a foreigner from froglegs land )
The story is just so great !
The real books are top quality, pages are even a bit thicker than paizo AP. Will it stand the test of time ? let's see...
Of course the AP is meaaaan. Lots of excellents tips to DM and my players loved the crime traits. Great great GREAT ideas !
Illustrations are good quality and there are some for each major NPC.
The only one I hate is the cover illustration of book 1.
Did I say that this AP is great ?
Great support from Gary (thank you Gary !) and from other fellow DMs.

The good (mmmh I mean the bad .. sorry this AP got me all mixed between goods and bads).
a few syntax errors or a few glitches (east and west get sometimes mixed)
I hate the cover illustration. Face is too small or thighs are much too big. Both I think.
Missing a map of the town of the final act (Was the name Balentyne ?). I know it's not easy to pack it all but even a single page map + a single page description could have helped. Now I have to find a village map somewhere. Shame.
Not wicked enough. But I suppose that's due to PG 13 paizo policy.
Finally, this AP is really worth its 5 stars. A map of Balentyne would make it even 6 stars ^^

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The one I hate most from the H&M set


My comments are the same as below ... Strange colors ... too bright ... even for a gnome.

Brick Unavailable

Large Booster Unavailable

Standard Booster Unavailable

I love them !


OK i just received my case...

First impression ... Waoow I'm going to have to open ALL these little boxes??? Oooh s%*$.

I love a lot of them Ettin is fantastic, so is black Dragon (but a bit small for a huge one IMO), Giants, Ogres, Medusa, Vampire ...
since I don't have time to paint, it's just great !

- The only one I hate is the Gnome Fighter : Too bright and not too fighter like.. More like a rogue in fact.

Few remarks :
- Too many PC minis : I have 3 seela, 3 human rogues, 3 half elf cleric and so on. Not much use really. I wish I had more common monsters instead like skeletons or zombis (only have 2 of each) or anything else.
- Why providing a choice for the Frost Giant ? I am not going to change them all over. You could have made 2 disctinct minis one with axe, one with sword.... Shame I only got one of them but "c'est la vie".

- Now that I have finished unpacking the case : "what am I going to do with all these little boxes ?".
I understand the philosophy to have the same packaging for a single box or for a whole case... but that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

P.S. Also I had to add 52 Euros for the Toll and payment of VAT .... S~&$ :(

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WAOW !!!


Pathfinder managed to pack so many great ideas in one book ! I am truly amazed. The classes variant are awesome, the new base classes are great and all the rest is amazing.

At every page I always think "Waow that is a great idea".

Also the arts are excellents!! I only bought the PDF so far but I MUST buy the printed copy.

You have so much information that you need to be completely rested when you read it.

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Adds some spice to your games.


The book has been reviewed in details by Dark Mistress so I will just add my bit.

Overall it's a good book. By reading at the book I thought this would be only for Clerics and Druids. In fact there are many feats which could be used by any character who believes in a Deity.

Some could really be fun, like Blood or death priest.

Really that's a good book and I recommend it. In my opinion the price is the only reason why i didn't give 5 stars. Mind you not that 2.99$ will kill me....

My players already love it.

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New options, new ideas for fighters and light fighters but be careful of balance


Overall it is a good leaflet with some good ideas. I like the feat to walk on the walls too a la Matrix.

Becareful, a lots of feats are really over the average feats in the core rulebook (A fighter lvl 1 can have DR 2/- at lvl 1) and a dex based lvl 1 monk 18 dex can easily dodge 7 attacks a day rather easily.

So beware.

Some ideas also to reward players with feats instead of another bucket of gold or something else are nice.

Some options are fun like : the battle mage. The more you hit, the more "free" spells you can cast.
May be a nice DD option.

Also, DM do not allow web of steel to be implemented. +12 to AC (at lvl 20) with a single feat is ridiculous ...

Overall, I think it's worth it but may need some rewrite to diminish the power of some.

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looks good but disappointing


Bought it.

but i think it's good only to a certain level.

2D6 bleed might be very dangerous at low levels, but it doesn't matter much when you are lvl 10+.
Also, losing something like 1D4 strength or dext ...doesn't make much change in the combat. They don't tell me but most of my players prefer to reverse back to the old double or triple damage.

Disapointing ... for them and for me

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Sort of Okay ... for a dollar


I bought it for the price and well, was a bit disappointed.
I don't need all these mini counters (6 sheets of those) and the rest is hard to scan.