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Does order history contain preorders that have yet to ship?
The new pathfinder has been a preorder item for so long I forgot if I did or not.

I would like to know where I can go to read the changes that will be made to PFRPG from beta to actual.

We have been running the old 3.0 adventure from WotC , "Heart of Nightfang Spire". The module itself is very mediocre imo but we're having fun running through it. Converting stuff to PFRPG(b) from D&D3.0 is about as easy as converting 3E to 3.5. The biggest "bump" was monster DR , which is also an issue for 3.5 games. Oldstyle stat blocks even have the CMB listed for you, since it is listed under "grapple" bonus.
Sofar so good.

Just this last session we combined Craft and Profession skills. Now if your character has Craft:Weapons then the houserule assumes they automatically have the equivalent of Profession:Weaponsmith of same rank. Likewise with Craft: Carpentry and Profession: Carpentor, alchemy to herbalist, cooking to chef, ale to innkeeper. Makes it easier to have an actual background without digging too far into your actual combat potential. Mostly because while everyone wanted to have nice rich character histories, no one wanted to sacrifice points better used in perception, ride, or climb for it.

It is an admittedly lame luxury for net shopping, but how hard would it be do have a wishlist feature?

Whenever I click My Account the screen keeps asking for my password. It doesnt seem to matter if I type it in or not, because it'll just ask me again. Over and over. This just started happening a few days ago. What am I doing wrong?

What about throwing an opponent? How far can you throw someone (against their will)? What if they were willing to be used as a missle? What about damage?
This seems to come up every other gameplay and I am still at a loss as to how it is supposed to work. For the time being it is simply disallowed. "I dont care what your carry capacity is or what you rolled. Your not throwing the orc into his buddy."

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1) Why adventurers never needed a restroom.
2) Shave the beard off the dwarf barbarian from a safe distance.
3) Hang "kick me" signs on the back of the team monk.
4) as the spell component to a magical trap that paints bank thieves blue.
5) enchanting the "mood rings +1"

It looks like PF/Golarion is making common an uncommon language. The Taldans are the only humans that speak it? Do you need a 12+Int to take common if your a different kind of human?

Like, if somebody goes with one starting HP idea or a polymorph spell or whatever is going to be the rule who would say and where would they say it?

In the descriptive text and under the special this feat includes a weapon 'type'. But under benefits it seems to mean only one weapon at all. So does this feat include a weapon 'type' such as those found fighter class description? Or just a single weapon?

It doesn't say you can't. And it would "look" cool.

There is a deity in the beta-book that favors unarmed strikes. And clerics of this deity are proficient in this 'weapon'. Does this mean the cleric is considered to have the class ability equivalent of improved unarmed strike, or do they have to spend their first level feat on this still?

Please include that little box that has the "old skill/new skill" names. That is perhaps my most referanced "box" so far.

Oh, and consider making a DM/GM screen for Pathfinder, lol

My team just successfully blew our monthly budget(s) on beta manuals , chronicles, and a KoDT special. Now we have to wait before we can get the campaign setting.
We're wanting to run Castle Whiterock in the world of Golarion. What would be the best candidate for it's location? Are there any other gazeteers that magnify those areas for gameplay out yet?

...has gotten a little bit shorter with the new skill system. I like this.

Talk about printer unfriendly. Is there a non-pretty version?
My printer likes boring but nice documents. The pretty ones break his heart. And his toner.

When I pre-order (like for Pathfinder RPG) ;
* When exactly am I getting charged.
* Will this amount change (we are talking almost a year here)?
* What if I want to add another book (say for my DM) later on, do I need to make a whole 'nother order or modify my standing one?
* How will I be notified when it is shipped? (e-mail I'm guessing)

Finally/Thank gyad.

Edit: Interesting new stuff on skills. And fighters getting armor mastery! Can't wait to see the Bard (that is MrsCharlie's favorite class)
This makes me want to chuck-all for our current campaign and bust out Pathfinder and run it through about a dozen or so scenarios/modules. Maybe some DCCs or something as well (Castle Whiterock, maybe)

Read all about it.

St. Patrick's Day character sheets.

from Mad Irishman Productions.

And I do mean everything (sort of).
Our team uses:
Complete Warrior
Complete Adventurer
Complete Mage
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Arcane
Complete Divine
Complete Champion
Races of the Dragon
Races of the Wild
Races of Stone
Races of Destiny
Tome of Battle (Book of 9 Swords)
Miniatures Handbook
MM1 & Slayers Guide Compendium
Libris Mortis
Dragon Compendium
O A, FR, Blackmoor, KoK, & Eberron CS
Kingdoms of Kalamar Players Guide
Arms & Equipment Guide
Unearthed Arcana
(oh, and the Rules Compendium. But thats for me =D)
Plus other books from Legends & Lairs, Friends & Foes, Ultimate Guides, and the Complete Guides.

Everything is available for use in the game as long as we have the real book for it (and I know I'm forgetting a few books from our library).

Anyone play a Sha'Ir character? Why does it get a spell slot (per day) for a level 6 spell at level 11, but the known spell for that level does not go that high?

Is there an errata page we could check. I have used 'search' and it hasn't turned up.

How many bard songs can a character take advantage of? Can one bard play inspire courage (morale bonus) and inspire greatness (competence) in one encounter?

Can a spellcaster memorize their spell slots for levels higher then they can cast?
...if I was a sorceror with 15CHA and my XP level gave me a slot in the 6level spell. Could I then fill that slot and use ,say ,Eagle's Splendor later on down the line and cast my sixth level spell (since the CHA would be over 16 then)?
...a Druid with 15WIS taking a 6level slot and planning on using Owl's Wisdom (basically same question, but I'm wondering for Divine casters as well)?

Anyone tried it? Is it any good? What other games does it borrow mechanics from (or can be brought into it)?

So what exactly happens if you whack someone with a vorpal weapon while under the effects of True Strike?

Attack-o-matic vA.1
Fighter (minDEX=17,minINT=13)
1: Dodge, Weapon Finesse
2: Combat Reflexes
3: Deft Opportunist
4: Two Weapon Fighting
6: Improved 2Weapon Fighting, Combat Expertise
8: Dual Strike (vA.2 Karmic Strike)
9: Double Hit
10: Improved Trip
12: Robilar's Gambit, 2Weapon Defense (vA.2 Dual Strike)
BAB:+12/+7/+2 or +10/+10/+5/+5/+0 (no modifiers from stats shown)
Activate Karmic Strike(vA.2) or Robilar's Gambit(vA.1) for -4AC and those wonderful AoO
Declare -4BAB from Combat Expertise during attack (+4AC)
Move/charge and strike twice, or full attack
When opponent makes melee attack (or hits w/v.A.2), AoO at +4 making up for Expertise's -4
Off-hand AoO (light flail) is a trip attempt

Attack-o-matic vB.1 is the same, except we lucked out and rolled high on STR as well (13+).
Replace Weapon Finesse(lvl1) with Combat Expertise(lvl6). Replace Combat Expertise with Oversized 2Weapon Fighting and use a Flail off-handed instead of light flail.

Favored Armors: Ring Mail, Chain Shirt, Studded Leather, Bucklers (lvls. < 12)
Favored Allies: Bards (especially ones with Ironskin Chant), and Dragon Shamans (Vigor or Toughness Auras, please )
These are the armors that will allow the most possible AoOs (4+). These allies also grant DR or Fast Healing. Either of those will take the sting out of getting hit by negating the damage or healing it asap.

P.S. Strongly suggested finding a Keen edged or Holy weapon (or both). Human Fighters are suggested to take up Improved Critical Hits or Monkey Grip.

Where does it actually say if an attack of opportunity does or does not provoke an attack of opportunity (such as using grapple for your attack of opportunity without the improved grapple feat).

Does anyone know where I can look for to see any post-market errata for MegaTraveller, specifically the ship creation section? I'd heard there was some floating around out there somewhere. And I'm hoping it is somewhere on the internet.

Dragon's average damage was figured this ways: Bite 18avg., claws 11avg., and wings 9 avg ea. (+20 if using Robilar's Gambit but unmodified using Karmic Strike).

Does the spell wounding whispers cause it's retributive damage for every attack, or per round. The wording makes it sound like it could go both ways.
Basically, if a cave ape attacks a bard (with a full attack for two claws and a bite) who has cast wounding whispers does the cave ape take damage from one blast from the spell or three (provided each attack of the full attack hits, of course).

Another one of those days:
This made me take my DM screen and hand it over to a player during the game:
The team was crawling through a dungeon. The rogue was walking along the ceiling with his slippers of spider walking and scouting out traps or ambushes with the aid of his robe of eyes. When another player clues together there is a medusa in the area he wants to jump up to the ceiling and grapple the robe off the rogue. (Why? because the robe has so many eyes that the wearer auto-fails saves vs. gaze attacks).
I told him to make the rolls, but if the rogue rolled a 19 or a 20 the robe would land on top of the jumping character eyes-out because it was a 20' jump (think parachute style).
The rogue rolls a 19. So I tell the jumper he is now covered with the robe like a parachute when he lands on the ground.
He then says he was just trying to grapple the rogue off the ceiling, not actually trying to disrobe him (pun!).
The disrobe roll was made, as well as the random roll for how the robe was faced when it landed, too. The results were defined by myself to both players before the attempts were made.
The jumping player argued with me until I finally stood up and handed him the DM screen and told him, "Here, I don't want to argue about this."
The Rule Lawyer then stepped in and offered to explain how 'the book' prescribes handling disrobe attempts (it's actually in there!). I suggested we 'go back' and try the attempt by-the-book. All agreed and whammo(!) dice were rolled and we moved on.
I don't mind having a Rule Lawyer telling me how the book prescribes to resolve a task or conflict. I really don't. The rules for D&D3.x are too byzantine for me to even try anything but a close guess (unless I stop the game). It helps me, and the rest of the team as well (by listening and learning the rule, too.)
During the game, however, if I am going by a hip-pocket-rule and tell the player he can try to do something but a roll of a x means y happens ... and they then roll. That, to me, falls under the most basic gaming convention of all. The verbal agreement between two players that these dice now mean this when rolled.
And to change your stated attempt after the die falls (i.e. saying that he is now grappling the rogue instead of disrobing him) ... well, as they say in chess "once you take your hand off ..."

I am too slow to keep up with all the plustas the characters pile onto a character sheet. Much less memorize them all. However one player called me up and told me about his character the other night. He is new so there was no backstory, just a stack of plustas. But when he concluded I heard him say "six attacks at next level" (the character is currently level eleven due to a recent PC death).
I hate arguing with people about their plustas. So I waited until I got off the phone and looked up the feat he was using. Sure enough ,it seems you can make a fighter with six attacks at level twelve. No other character has passed two or three yet. So what kind of monsters or encounters will challenge this geryonish fighter? I'm worried if this character starts becoming too effective everybody is going to reroll and take these feats then it will slow down the game (at least until we devise a KFC bucket to roll all the dice). I hate when one guy has a combo that kicks serious butt and everyone else copies.

From Kevin Siembieda's latest Murmur from the Megaverse...

Darkening clouds, tear soaked smiles

By now you may have already heard, Erick Wujcik is dying of pancreatic cancer that has spread to his liver. The cancer is inoperable and even successful chemotherapy is likely to be measured in weeks.

I’ve known for a couple of weeks now and I still can’t believe it.

Erick Wujcik is my friend and more.

While I can’t help to feel sad, I realize that it is “my” loss of Erick that tears me up. He has been such a huge part of my life (and so many other people). Yet, at the same time, I also smile every time I think about my dear, dear friend. There are only good memories, and that’s a very good thing, indeed.

Life and death are natural ends of the spectrum. We don’t like that death part, death is seldom welcomed, and often comes calling way too soon. Erick has lived a full, rich life. He’s lived his dreams and has touched the lives of a great many people. To his credit, he has made the lives he has touched that much richer. I can only hope to leave that kind of legacy.

I keep smiling every time I think about my many, many adventures with Erick. Sometimes those smiles are soaked in tears (sorry, Erick), but in the end, I have only the happiest thoughts and warmest regard for my wonderful friend.

Rene Vega, Thom Bartold, Wayne Smith, me and the boys at Palladium all thought we should do something that toasts the triumphant life and works of this rare individual. Dan, Tina, Paul and others agreed. So we’ve created a website (erickwujcik.com) where you can read about and post your own feelings about Erick Wujcik the man, friend, game designer, writer and larger than life force of fun, knowledge and creativity. The site is a work in progress. Most of the hard work was done by Wayne Smith and Thom Bartold. Thanks guys.

Smile Erick, you are loved.

I’m going home now. I'm taking Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Christmas) off. Have a joyous holiday and know that the people in our lives, like Erick Wujcik, are the greatest gifts of all. Make sure you tell them that, too. I’m lucky, there is nothing left unspoken between Erick and I (another rare gift). God bless.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, Artist and Friend

Read more at www.erickwujcik.com

Campaign Log: Anarchy in Argos II
Scenario one: Road Bandits
-Ghoststone and Moisselle are recruited by Ophir's Queen to gather info on Argos and the growing anarchy there.
-As a group of over 150 adventurers marched to the border of Ophir/Argos and encountered a refugee camp
-Attacked on the road while camping by Orc desperados.
-apx.50 adventurers killed by orcs, another 50 quit, and 50 stayed on
-Moisselle and Ghoststone were joined by Renalta(H/E Archer) and Haumgar(H Pikeman), also adventurers on the same mission
-Renalta used to go on vacation in Argos and nows a tunnel system through the border mountains
Scenario two: Old Dwarf Tunnels
-While crossing the tunnels the band fights off orcs and giant spiders
-Haumgar decapitated by an orc
-found remains of a halfling thief
-emerged in Argos
Scenario three: Trouble in Argos
-the band is joined by Kalyrune, a concerned Argossean Druid who tells them of marauding gnolls and orcs in the area
-the band finds the town Clinton's Crossroads pillaged and burned, all residents deceased
-the band next finds the town Henryville occupied by Zingaran soldiers
-Capt. Guapagos of the Zingaran army is hiring gnolls to hunt down orcs
-the gnolls are actually killing argosseans and passing the scalps off as orc-scalps
-the band intercepts the gnolls who ran into some actual orcs and a 3-sided battle ensued
-the band wins and brings proof to Henryville residents of Zingaran duplicity
-the Henryville residents sneak the band into Henryville manor where they battle Despirda(c)
-Despirda escapes and Capt. Guapagos and the Zingarans battle the band in town square
-the adventurers win when Moisselle charms the last Zingaran into surrendering
Scenario Four: On the road again
-Henryville welcomes the adventurers and exiles the last of the Zingarans
-after the heroes cure Sir Medicus (knight-mayor of Henryville) of Despirda's sorcery they hit the road
-the heroes encounter Ramos(H Swordsman) and Gerri (Hf Crossbowma'am), two Zingaran deserters from Henryville's deposed garrison
-the deserters join the heroes while en route to home/Zingara
-Kalyrune finds an old toll house used by deceased orc raiders and rebuilds it, leaving the band
Scenario five: Battle of the Bridge
-the band encounters a carrion crawler laired between two bridge-towers and Gerri gets eaten
-goblin raiders chase the heroes from one bridge-tower to the next
-the heroes find Zingaran soldiers (under Capt. Marigue) living in one tower embattled with goblins living in the other
-the heroes side with Capt. Marigue
-The zingarans launch a two-pronged attack on the goblins, and ghoststone discovers a plot within the zingaran ranks
-Lt. Djue turns on Capt. Marigue mid-battle
-Ghoststone defeats Lt.Djue and an ogre leading the goblins
-the zingarans, the traitors, and the goblins all die in the battle, including Ramos who dies saving ghoststone
Scenario six: Enter RiverTown
-the adventures follow up on clues to the whereabouts of the fleeing zingaran criminal Despirda
-during the adventurers investigation they meet local noble Lord Stryker and his bodyguard Sammel
-Sammel joins the band and leads them to a tavern where Despirda is rumored to be hiding in the basement of
-Moisselle distracts the platoon of zingaran soldiers in the tavern
-Ghoststone, Renalta, Sammel, and Kalyrune fight Despirda and her minions in the tavern basement
-Despirda, losing the battle, flees north. towards zingara
Scenario Seven: Despirda's last stand