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Warpriest 9;Init +2; Perception +10; AC 20/20/18, HP 84/84









About Chandi

Female samsaran warpriest (sacred fist) of Irori 9 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 60, 130, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 230)
LN Medium humanoid (samsaran)
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +10
AC 20, touch 20, flat-footed 18 (+2 deflection, +2 Dex, +6 untyped bonus)
AC (barkskin)22, touch 20, flat-footed 20
AC (barkskin and snapping turtle)23, touch 21, flat-footed 20
AC (barkskin and ki defense)26, touch 24, flat-footed 20
AC (bark plus ki plus st)27, touch 24, flat-footed 20
hp 75 (9d8+36)
Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +12; +2 vs. death effects, negative energy effects, negative levels, +2 trait bonus vs. charm and compulson
Defensive Abilities lifebound
Speed 30 ft.
Melee(base) unarmed strike +12/+7 (1d10+5) or
. . unarmed strike flurry of blows +10/+10/+5/+5 (1d10+5)
Melee(str surge) unarmed strike +16/+11 (1d10+5) or
. . unarmed strike flurry of blows +14/+14/+9/+9 (1d10+5)
Melee(str surge+vital strike) unarmed strike +16 (2d10+5)
Melee(str surge+power atk) unarmed strike +14/+9 (1d10+10) or
. . unarmed strike flurry of blows +12/+12/+7/+7 (1d10+10)
Melee additions Ki flurry: for 1 ki point, add one flurry at highest bonus. Jabbing Style: add 1d6 to damage if target was struck previously that round with unarmed strike. Hammer the Gap: 1 extra point of damage per previous hit that target has taken.
Ranged shuriken +8/+3 (1d2+4)
Special Attacks blessings 7/day (Healing: powerful healer, Strength: strength surge), channel positive energy 5/day (DC 20, 3d6), fervor 10/day (3d6)
Warpriest (Sacred Fist) Spells Prepared (CL 9th; concentration +15)
. . 3rd—channel vigor, inflict serious wounds (DC 19), prayer, searing light
. . 2nd—aid, calm emotions (DC 18), inflict moderate wounds (DC 18), sound burst (DC 18), status, web shelter[UM]
. . 1st—bane (DC 17), bless, deathwatch, inflict light wounds (DC 17), murderous command[UM] (DC 17), protection from evil, shield of faith
. . 0 (at will)—bleed (DC 16), create water, guidance, light, stabilize
Str 18, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 22, Cha 8
Base Atk +6; CMB +10; CMD 30
Feats Hammer The Gap[UC], Improved Unarmed Strike, Jabbing Style[ACG], Power Attack, Snapping Turtle Style[UC], Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike)
Traits birthmark, bullied
Skills Acrobatics +12, Climb +8, Diplomacy +3, Escape Artist +6, Heal +14, Intimidate +3, Perception +10, Ride +6, Sense Motive +14, Spellcraft +5, Stealth +12; Racial Modifiers +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth
Languages Celestial, Common, Samsaran
SQ blessed fortitude, flurry of blows, ki insight, ki pool (9 points magic), shards of the past (Acrobatics, Stealth)
Combat Gear potion of barkskin +2 (6), potion of barkskin +2, potion of lesser restoration, potion of protection from evil, healer's kit; Other Gear shuriken (5), amulet of mighty fists +1, belt of physical perfection +2, headband of inspired wisdom +4, ring of protection +1, ring of sustenance, stone of alarm, bedroll, belt pouch, bucket, canteen[UE], masterwork backpack[APG], mess kit[UE], tattoo: holy symbol of Irori, back of hand, 23 pp, 5 gp, 2 sp
Special Abilities
Blessings (7/day) (Su) Pool of power used to activate Blessing abilities.
Fervor (3d6, 10/day) (Su) Standard action, touch channels positive/negative energy to heal or harm. Swift to cast spell on self.
Flurry of Blows+4/+4/-1/-1 (Su) You can make a flurry of blows, as the monk.
Hammer the Gap With a full-attack action, each hit against the same opponent deals extra damage
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Jabbing Style +1d6 if you hit target with unarmed strike previously this round.
Ki Insight +1 (Su) Use 1 ki to gain Insight bonus to AC for 1 min.
Ki Pool (9/day) (Su) You have a ki pool equal to 1/2 your monk level + your Wisdom modifier.
Lifebound (Ex) +2 to save vs. death/neg energy/neg levels and Con checks to stabilize.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Miraculous Fortitude (Su) If you succeed at a Fort save for partial effect, take none instead. On fail, halve effect.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Shards of the Past (Acrobatics, Stealth) (Ex) A samsaran’s past lives grant her bonuses on two skills. The samsaran chooses two skills—she gains a +2 racial bonus on both, and they are always class skills for her. Once made, this choice can’t be altered.
Snapping Turtle Style +1 Gain +1 shield bonus to AC when at least one hand is free
Vital Strike Standard action: x2 weapon damage dice.
Warpriest Channel Positive Energy 3d6 (5/day, DC 20) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.

I was never more surprised than the day the abbot said visitors had arrived specifically to see me. I am a nobody who has been here most of my life, serving my fellows as well as I may in this distant, windswept retreat.

There was no mistake; the delegation was there for me. The abbot stood by my side as we welcomed the visitors and offered tea.

"We have a proposal for you. A donation to the monastery in exchange for your service."

"What kind of service?" the abbot interjected before I could open my mouth.

"We need a... a shepherd, of sorts. One person to guide a group of lost souls through a task."

A wrinkle marred the serenity of the abbot's brow for a fleeting second, then was gone. "Lost souls?" he pursued, bland as plain rice.

A big, bluff man stood, cutting off the previous spokesman with a wave. "Yes. We have a mission of great importance - I can't say more until you agree, but trust me, it's important. So important that we need people who would do anything, absolutely anything, to succeed. We've picked a crew from the inhabitants of the Black Tower. They need a keeper."

The abbot out-and-out frowned. "And you think Chandi is this keeper? Why would you throw her to a pack of Black Tower wolves?"

The abbot was doing a good job of asking questions, so I kept silent and looked back to the big man. "There will be safeguards. If they harm her, they die. They will know that before the mission. We considered many people, believe me. We need someone balanced. Someone who can handle herself, not be baited by these criminals, and help guide them - even heal them, if need be. With your, erm, nature and training, we think you can keep the big picture in view and not be drawn into their nastiness. Every dealing we have had with this place has gone well. You are honest and faithful folk. We need to administer a few tests, of course, but once Chandi is found suitable, as I am certain she would be, part of the endowment would be paid, with the remainder due upon completion of the mission."

The abbot bowed and drew me aside to speak quietly, privately. "Refuse. We have little need of coin here. Why sully yourself with degenerates from the Black Tower?"

Glimpses of the past flowed through my mind, misted and blurred as always. Moments of kindness, compassion, selfless giving, a friendly hand pulling me up off the dusty road. I pondered, unaware that a great deal of time was passing until the big man suddenly yawned. I turned to the abbot. "I understand your concern, but the sins of these miscreants will carry forward to mar their next lives unless their cycle is broken. Sometimes evil is truly evil, sometimes it is a habit that can be changed. These people chose well. My own soul is in no peril from the contact and theirs may be improved. If I am to fall, I have no parents or siblings to mourn my loss. The monastery will do good work with the coin. No, abbot, I think this is a fine bargain all around. If these poor souls need aid, I can provide it. If they need a firm hand, I can provide that as well. Trust in your own teaching, master."

He sighed, his years abruptly written on his face. "I am your advisor, not your owner. Give them your answer."

I turned to the visitors and bowed. "I will do it."

The big man smiled.