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Full Name

Chaine Curven


Half Elf


Rogue 1








Chaotic Good


Cayden Cailean




Common, Elven, Goblin


A deceitful and untrustworthy scoundrel some may say...

Strength 14
Dexterity 19
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 10

About Chaine Curven

Current HP:15
AC: 10 + 3 (armor) +4 (dex) = 17, Touch: 14, FF: 13
Init: 4 (dex) + 4 (feat) + 2 (trait) = 10
BAB: 0
CMB: 2
Saves: Fort: 2; Ref: 6; Will: 1
Shortsword (+2, d6+2, crit. 19-20 x2, Piercing)
Composite Shortbow (+5, d6+2, crit. x3, Piercing, +2 STR bonus)
Armor: Studded leather
Feats: Improved Intiative (1st); Lone Wolf (RotRl bonus); Skill Focus (Stealth)- (Half Elf bonus), Armor Proficiency (Light)- (Class granted)
Traits: Reactionary (+2 initiative), Armor Expert (-1 Armor Check Penalty)
Racial Traits: Low Light Vision, Keen Senses, Immune Sleep effects, +2 saves vs. Enchantment spells and effects, Adaptability, +2 bonus 1 ability score (Dex)
Class Abilities: Sneak Attack +d6 (When flanking or opponent Flat Footed, must be within 30'), Rogue Weapons, Trapfinding (Perception skill to find traps DC over 20)
Ranked Skills:
Acrobatics: 8
Appraise: 5
Climb: 6
Disable Device: 8 (10 with MW thieves tools)
Escape Artist: 8
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 5
Perception: 5
Sound Based: 7
Sight Based: 7
Sleight of Hand: 8
Stealth: 11
Swim: 6
Equipment: Backpack, Harpy Musk (x2), Everburning Torch, Masterwork Arrows (x20), Caltrops, Grappling Hook, Silk Rope (50'), Trail Rations (x2 days), Waterskin, Smokestick (x2), Masterwork Thieves Tools
Coins/Gems: 5 gp
Total Weight Carried: 51 lbs (Light)

Background/Appearance: Chaine was born the 8th of 9 children to two human parents in Nybor. While human in appearance to all but the keenest of eye, the tips of his ears come to a telltale point and his eyes are an emerald shade of green, which betrays his hidden elven lineage. As a child, Chaine excelled in athletic sport, mischief and was always the last to be found in a game of hide and seek. As Chaine reached adulthood, his mischievious nature frequently found him his father's ire. Chaine grew tired of his father's rules and at the age of 16, struck out for nearby Magnimar, hoping to find excitement and freedom in the large city. Chaine fell in with the wrong crowd and within weeks was stealing food, coins and grifting susceptible folk whenever he could. Chaine continued on this path for the next few years and proved to be quite gifted in acts of bravery and thievery, which eventually caught the eye of two of the local thieves guilds, the Gargoyles and the Night Scales. Excited to be part of something, Chaine performed various small tasks for both outfits, but was shocked when the Gargoyles asked him to assist in an assassination attempt. Chaine refused and was quickly blacklisted. His first few tasks for the Night Scales seemed more promising and included small capers into a few local tombs and catacombs. After discovering, however, that the Night Scales preyed on common folk on a consistent basis, Chaine grew tired of them as well. His previous relationship with the Gargoyles has recently ran him into a bit of trouble, as he has been fooled into thinking he has fathered a child with one of the guild member's wives (who is actually a prostitute). As such, Chaine is conflicted with thoughts of responsibility and a desire to get back to a simpler, meaningful life. He arrives in Sandpoint with much on his mind...

Chaine prefers dark garb and aside from his slight elven features, is somewhat mundane in appearance. His time on the streets has taught him to always be prepared and as such, he never travels without his weapons (if possible). He also favors scarves and is fascinated with those who use them in battle. Lithe in build and height, Chaine is nonetheless strong and very quick. While not a big conversationalist, Chaine is not afraid to speak his mind when he feels something is not right.